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  1. Hey you wanna go on a date with me at mot or Ani restaurant, at void street
  2. NAME: stalker NICKNAME : papa OCCUPATION: assassination status : single age ; immortal location : even i don't know , but some where in space ABOUT ME: like i said i love hunting and assassinating tenno's that went against the rules. with out asking why . because am bored , yeah really , all i do is to stay in middle of no where waiting for tenno to kill a boss . but no one do that any more, since they have prime part to farm, really DE you got to do something about my situation. well am looking for mama stalker who will sharpen my sword and be therewhen i come back from killing tenno. that been said, i don't want a partner in crime, i commit all my crimes on my own. i would never drag you to that. i floss. that's how responsible i am if you love killing tenno's and watching them while they run around farming prime part, i'm down for whatever you are. contact me by killing the jackal
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