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  1. My Helios Prime somehow got turned into a thrall by my lich. I got killed by lich Tonkor splash damage, and one of my converted liches (Somobom Horiz, radiation Tonkor) spawned in and started a Tonkor v Tonkor battle. I got splashed a few more times before I kept my distance and waited for him to leave. I noticed my Helios Prime had glitched, showing the thrall icon on the mini map, wrong health bar on the right, and once visible only showing its core floating above my frame. I have occasionally/rarely seen my sentinel's showing up as a red/enemy dot on the mini map. I don't use sentinel weapons, so I don't know if it is actually hostile.
  2. Found a visual glitch with the new kuva bramma bow on the lich screen. The arrow is being held 'inappropriately', at about 90 degrees off from the bow.
  3. Was doing a solo Anomaly mission with a grinner hanger asteroid to clear, and while fighting outside in my Amesha some avionics and a wreckage/blueprint spawned inside the hanger asteroid, inaccessible. After clearing enemies, I tried recovering them without success with my Archwing; but was able to get the avionics with my Railjack. The wreckage/blueprint was unrecoverable. I wasted about 15 minutes trying to get it from every angle, even tried going inside the hanger, without luck and had to abandon it. Please stop being so stingy with the archwing/railjack vacuum range, it is a major design pain point in railjack missions. Also, please move relics to the bonus reward pool instead of the main railjack mission reward pool. Spending the time soloing Veil missions and just getting a relic as the "BIG" reward is extremely disappointing given the time/effort requirements of the missions.
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