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  1. So I was looking through the changes of melee 3.0 and I found a lot of surprises. For one, all the weapons' stats were buffed, and another is that the War has a higher range than most melees in the game. However, the most noticeable part of melee stats changes is that the Dual Kamas Prime has every single stat inferior to the Nami Skyla prime. If you own these two weapons and compare them, you will find that the Nami Skyla prime outclasses it in every aspect. I even checked for not shown buffs that the Kamas gave, but it didn't have any. So for now, the Dual Kamas Prime is 100% worse in terms of performance.
  2. Willing to buy a Kuva Brakk for 100p. Just talk to me in game with FlibberTigebits. I'll probably be on.
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