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  1. TL;DR: “Equinox Prime doesn’t live up to my expectations, DE do better.” Edit: I stand corrected. 😋
  2. Just in case you haven't gotten it already:
  3. I had the worst time trying to farm base Trinity (came back to the game in the beginning of 2018, she was moved to Hades, Pluto in March). Finally got her systems to drop between 35-40 runs of Ambulas. Would rather farm Harrow/Nidus/Ivara altogether again before I ever had to farm Trinity again. Glad you finally got the Brakk Barrell! Never give up. 😊
  4. Considering Mend is mostly an “Oh $#!@“ button, because it’s a burst heal, I would rather not have to build it back up (completely, from zero). Without the use of Energy Transfer, it’s a little unreliable unless you’re a rare Equinox who’s always in Night. She should be able to adapt to the situation naturally, but not without some sort of adjustment to energy cost or something. I don’t want to be OP, I just want to be more fluid. Diminishing the charge but not completely removing it is an interesting idea. Hmm.
  5. Know the feeling. Our Clan is a Storm Clan, recently upgraded from Ghost because we finished our blueprints research. The only thing we don’t have is the Ignis Wraith, because we’re a semi-new Clan (mid-2018). We’re still farming pigments but... we’re always happy to have new Tenno join us. Just thought we would offer. 😊
  6. Didn’t DE say they couldn’t make changes to season 1 because the challenges were already set in stone? This week’s are a lot better than last week’s, in our opinion anyway. 🤔
  7. Mistakes are lessons, learn from them. 😊
  8. Seen him once, in the second day of the first week. Haven’t seen him since.
  9. Conflicted how we feel about this. On one hand, skepticism is good and never hurt anyone. This is the internet after all, and this is absolutely okay. On the other hand, ouch. This is something we’ve dealt with since we were 13. We were absolutely serious and it’s not something we take lightly. I’ll try to help her not take it so personally, it’s important in order to achieve a better understanding of the world and those around us. Thank you for your input. One of our favorites. 😊
  10. Interesting, we'll reflect on that. 😊
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