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  1. Managed to get up to 7.7k with a couple clan-mates and a friend last night. Magus Lockdown and Exodia Epidemic work on the Demolysts to keep them in place. Focus on one conduit at a time on later rounds because Demolysts get pretty tanky and things can become hectic. Our team comp was Equinox/Wisp/Mesa/Hildryn, will probably try again later tonight with a different comp after reading some comments in this thread. Gotta get that gold somehow, good luck guys!
  2. I lol’d. It probably has to do with melee stances since they have their own animations, might be more difficult to incorporate her movement with them.
  3. I would go on a personal crusade if this were to happen tbh.
  4. For those asking, Duality is not necessary. Go to Captura or just be in-mission and equip a Codex/Simaris Scanner to see the full idle animation. If you're in your orbiter or a relay, both "copies" will be combined. In-mission/Captura shows her forms split, as being in those instances has you start out as your "base" form (depending your energy color).
  5. ...totally not my favorite part of the update.
  6. Equinox >>>>> Limbo > Trinity My three favorite Warframes. Primary: Stradavar Prime / Astilla / Corinth Secondary: Pyrana Prime / Akbolto Prime / Stug Melee: Tipedo Prime / Dark Split-Sword / Nikana Prime / Kogake Prime / Mios
  7. Dark Split-Sword was my favorite melee for the longest, but mine hasn’t seen much use since Tipedo Prime was released. I really don’t venture into guns much, but Astilla and Stug are neat.
  8. The pinnacle of Operator fashionframe.
  9. Nope, can’t be me then haha. My mom wants me to start a sleeve, next one I’m getting isn’t part of that just quite yet... but in the future, definitely. Also, I wish I were still a teenager. I love cats! Unfortunately our house is a dog house, so we don’t own any. They’re still adorable though.
  10. I aim to be. Going back on the 25th to get my first Warframe related tattoo, will post results when the time is right. 😋
  11. Hiya Tenno, been a fair little bit since I posted here. Hope all of you are doing well! This was before my tattoo appointment yesterday. 👀 And these are the red, bruised results. Worth.
  12. I am rather jealous of those capture targets, they are one of the few that can actually melt me. Wish I could make my Glaxion hit like a truck. 😂
  13. I wish more Tenno shared this mentality, but everyone is different. Part of the fun for me is finding my own “meta”, you can do so many fun/silly/unique things with builds. Some Nightwave challeges have been a blessing in disguise for me, like finding all caches in three missions or finding syndicate medallions. I’ve forgotten how neat some of the tilesets actually are because nine times out of ten, everyone wants to get things done and rush to extract. Melee changes were hard for me to get used to at first, but I adjusted and feel like I’m doing better for it. Feel like it’ll be smoother once 3.0 is rolled out all the way, stance changes and whatnot. Out of all the negativity I’ve seen in General Discussion lately, which is fine because criticism/feedback is how things are improved, this thread is a breath of fresh air. All in all, I’m pretty excited for the future of Warframe considering The New War and Railjack are on the way. 2019 seems kinda hype. Not to mention Equinox Prime Access just began a few days ago? My life is complete, I am that easy to please. Thanks for sharing!
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