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  1. Noticed it on ESO, when leveling up, the Tab screen will often show incorrect progress towards the next level, as in the progress bar for the weapon/Warframe is 100% filled. If you go to the static screen (default P), XP will be counted correctly. I think it may only happen if you level up a ton of levels at once, making it so you're getting multiple levels from the bonus affinity.
  2. Wanted to get the 6 bounties in 60 minutes achievement, did the first bounty, quick stealth, works just fine. Then, I go to the Orb Vallis agent, repeat the mission and all of the sudden I can't hack the console, thus failing the bounty. Thought this was a one time bug, so I took the second tier bounty. This one gave me the second stealth location, and it worked just fine. However, after trying to repeat it, this location broke as well. It's really annoying if you want to farm bounties, please fix it. Steps to reproduce: Go into Vallis Take a bounty with a stealth mission from
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