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  1. I don't think the duviri paradox will keep us stuck as depowered using conventional stuff forever. I think it will be used as a way to power up the tenno. By fusing the two paradoxical selves we'd be new beings with new powers and weapon. If you haven't read my full speculation above.
  2. The duviri paradox is a great way for them to overhaul operaters and give us a counter to the weird mind control lotus seems to have. It doesn't have to be the whole thing involved. A linear quest driven instance of teasing duviri could be used. Similar to the war within Yes I know the sentients are after the kuva to heal. Cetus is their focus. But it makes sense to create chaos and disarray by hitting everything . For all we know the kuva vault can only be opened by us. So even with the tower wrecked at the start. The vault may be sealed in tact. They could be drawing us into a trap.
  3. The duviri trailer seems to imply no powers and us using conventional weapons. Perhaps after we DBZ fuse into our new more powerful selves our amps will become more akin to guns. How neat would it be to have void energy melee weapons. Have the tenno operate like the teshin trailer. But we just have to wait and see.
  4. My assumption is that we need a way to break lotuses mind control. The duviri paradox and adult tenno fits the narrative. Even if my guesses are kinda right. They could do a isolated bunch of duviri quest missions to sample duviri and fit the story. The full open world could come later.
  5. So considering the trailer, the demo,the new war cinematics, duviri, what transference is, Wallie and the morality system. I have one big pretty radical speculation. We know the sentients want to kill or enslave everyone. That lotus has the ability to control us somehow. And era in the demo seemed to be mind controller others with the red eyes "don't be afraid"thing. The corpus have been infiltrated skynet style. And the grinneer are outgunned. We also know cetus is the main goal. Specifically the last orokin tower with kuva that can heal the sentients. The new war starts and everything is being hit. Teshin does what he can but he's alone. The grinneer are being pushed back. Cetus is under heavy siege. The corpus are in chaos as the amalgums turn on them. We land on cetus as the last bastion assigned to reach the towers kuva vault no matter the cost. If it falls the sentients heal replicate and kill us all. We fight through waves with corpus, grinneer, and teshin as they one by one fall or push us forward well they hold the line. We eventually meet lotus at the top. After teshin is the last to close a door as he stands against impossible odds. We get ready to fight lotus but she triggers her mind control. As we are ripped from our frames. We struggle as she uses us to break open the vault. The sentients nab the kuva we have failed. Cetus and our allies get overrun and killed or worse as lotus realeses us as we watch in horror. We are forced to run. The orbiter gets crushed ordis dies as we fall back to the railjack as the sentients Persue us as our ship is getting wrecked and the system is being crushed. A void storm nails our ship bring us into the duviri paradox. We awaken as our paradox adult selves with a system more similar to the teshin gameplay. Que void space horse and whatever rules duviri. After a quest chain with a more lore dump we get to DBZ fuse our normal selves and paradox selves into a new being. New skills, weapons, a actual character creator, etc. In comes tutorial chain and a hallow self mini boss based on our moral choices. We beat it and with our new reality breaking powers we go back in time to stop the fall of the kuva vault. We warp in stop the sentients after our past selfs ran. Reseal the vault. Lotuses mind control no longer works. Enter boss fight as our ssj selves. At half hp lotus goes immune and acts as support as we get our frames ack and fight era. We beat era back to lotus. At 25% ballas enters the fight. We beat him and finish off lotus. She's knocked out or laying crippled on the ground. Enter whatever ballas really is (wallies true form). Lore dump. We fight the void god and our unlikely allies break through seeing we won we decide let's all lick our wounds and fight another day. We get to choose how handle lotus. Fin. We now have better operates in every way. And a new world to explore. These are my guesses.
  6. I have not had an issue. Cc them with khora beat them up well they are stunned. Mission accomplished.
  7. That stinks. There was something you could have done though. Next time. Start the twitch stream and just let it run well your afk. I have let mine run well doing yard work before.
  8. It's doomsday the sentients want us all dead. Infightings not a good idea.
  9. Did you notice during the cinematics that ballas has one weird void red eye. That the words of ballas and era suggest something is off. And lotus says she knows she killed era. My guess is era's not real. Ballas may actually be wally or some other entity. And to some extent lotus may be getting used. In the final cinematic she is straight shoved into a machine by era. And ballas seems very suspect. Even in the demo the weird red eyes "dont be afraid" is coming off as sinister and like some sort of mind control. Affecting the cetus child and the grinneer soldier. Perhaps lotus can brainwash others? Or is being used somehow to do so. I like the idea that wally is our inner demon trying to take control. That our light and shadow choices have created that demon. Its like hallow ichigo in bleach. The hallow is there waiting for a moment to take control.
  10. We beat them all. And if spacemom can flip a switch and mc us she can wreck them to. As for vor he's a being of the void now. No matter how many times he dies his body can come back. He's not grineer anymore. The whole point of the sentients coming in full force on us and taking cetus is doomsday for everyone.
  11. Watch the demo. The grineer are getting wrecked. The corpus have been infiltrated. S#&$ has hit the fan.
  12. Happy you enjoyed it. Im hoping the new war and duviri will be really cool. The demo definently impressed me.
  13. Get a team use khora to cc the enemy and profit.
  14. Its possible. But the thing i notice with eras eyes or even those affected eyes is the same red eyed brainwashed looking eyes we see in the new war cinematics when lotus was puppeting us. The cinematics tell us straight up. Lotus can sense us and has some sort of power over us. When all the other forces in the system fall. And we are the last defense. What happens when lotus flips a switch and brainwashes us? My guess is we will lose. Cetus will fall. The duviri paradox starts off with the tenno getting hit by a void storm on the railjack. What if after lotus activates her trump card we run get smacked by a void storm. Awaken as our paradoxical adult selves. Then we fo a quest that further explains the void, our pasts, wally, etc. At the end the 2 paradoxical tennos dbz fuse into one new more powerful being that lotus can't control. We now have better tenno with better everything. We use our reality breaking powers to go back in time to face lotus right after our past selves ran. We stop them, save cetus and then decide what to do with her. Thats my guess where we are heading.
  15. Think about it. From the demo and new war cinematics. The sentients are here to kill everyone take the kuva from cetus and go home. The amalgums use sentient tech given by spacemom well she was in disguise. The corpus rely on thier machines. The machines will turn on them like skynet in terminator. The grineer are too weak to win. And cetus is under siege. S#&$ has hit the fan everywhere. The warframes are the last stand and last hope. But notice the weird red eye mind control happening in the demo. And lotus controlling us in the cinematics. Theres something up. A mcguffin that will allow the sentients to beat us. Which in turn will probably open the way to duviri. Which i hope will link to the adult operaters and a hige overhaul of the tenno. Don't be afraid
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