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  1. Chuck norris memes are forever. Just like ultra instinct shaggy or shaggy ball z.
  2. The implied idea that de is still working on will be the actual new war and duviri paradox. Demios and the tempistare are just an inbetween.
  3. From a simple google search of some fan done designs i really like these. https://www.deviantart.com/chickendrawsdogs/art/WARFRAME-Gara-Skin-2-764248377 And https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VdlmZ4 I would love these to be ingame. How about you guys?
  4. Well yea but it hasn't been changed often. Assumming they stick to the pattern gara should be next.
  5. De has said all will be primed eventually. Theres a general 3 month order to it. 2 males then 2 females. We got our 2 males. And octis female. So garas the next female. Followed by nidus and harrow.
  6. Im really just hoping the visual design will be something really cool. As i found octi prime ugky. And hoping for the weapons to have something unique. After octis pa being really lackluster dspite her unique theme i would love something to really knock my socks off.
  7. So given the general time frame for new primes. Maybe the end of the month? I personally hope to see garas prime be something really awesome. Fashion wise i mean. I personally found octis pa to be very whelming and the last few deluxes to be very ugly. Whats everyone elses thoughts/hopes? Doing a google search theres some really nice concept designs done by fans for gara prime.
  8. From war within its clear the tenno has suppressed memories and powers. It stands to reason as the lore goes on more stuff will get unlocked. The duviri paradox seems to point to things like. Time travel, alternate/paradoxical realities, the multiverse theory , etc. Think about what transference is after war within. And how the tenno gains a hige power boost. Growing up in the context of the game means the tenno gaining back memories and gaining more control over our void powers. We went from kaoken to super saiyen. Come duviri paradox maybe we'll go mystic.
  9. Don't get me wrong. I'd love to have cross save. But its very unlikely for it to happen. And crossplay / migration is just not possible. Whst sre you playing on and where do you wanna go? And why?
  10. Never gonna happen. Cross save is possible. But its on the to do list for years. So don't hold your breath. Choose a main platform and roll with it.
  11. Why act big and tuff with real life sjw talk on the interwebs. When this is about video game lore/mechanics?
  12. Im not really dodge rolling. Rather I'm constantly moving or using objects on the map to soak up bullets. The ai are not that smart or fast. We can out manuever them easily. And varazin void dash grants immunity and heals. I see no logical value in smacking away at super high level enemies. I have most everything ingame. They dont give me anything i don't already have. Most frames have at least 1 defensive ability to that helps us stay alive.
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