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  1. Naw I do wish we got more kuva though. I rarely have luck getting rivens to roll well. So my kuva supply is often gone. More kuva de. Or better rng on rivens.
  2. Ivara stay in prowl and meele everything to death. Easy win. Loki is also an option but since his ability has a duration you have to be more careful.
  3. Other then umbra the other frames don't have anything left of their former minds. The orokin used the tenno to bring balance to the original frames. And later destroyed said frames. They tried to kill the rebelling tenno but the original lotus saved us by hiding us on the moon in the void. I am not against maybe getting more umbra frames. Maybe a item we can use on a base frame to do a unique story and umbraize it. But i doubt de would do this. And even if they do the only reason umbra is working with us is we are able to use transference to help bring peace to whats left of his mind. Other umbra frames would work the same. Also consider the duviri piradox. That may allow us to age the tenno in the future. At least i hope. As i also don't like the tenno being andrgyness teens.
  4. Not a pvper and having forced pvp is not good. But since the idea allows for opting out i suppose whats the harm. Honestly the game balance isn't good for pvp. Conclave is not something popular as it is.
  5. Theres no good fix. Leaving isn't a real solution and if we could vote kick people out of the group it would be abused. Its unfortunently a unwinnable situation.
  6. Not against it. But we already have difficulty settings as it where. Via sorties, nightmare missions, the bounties being increasing levels, and in endless mission modes the ai will constantly scale up. When we get kuva liches they too scale up as we kill them. I don't think de can actually ever make a challenge mode hardcore players would ever actually be happy with.
  7. Until you start fighting level 80 plus enemies it's not that hard. Set your group settings to public and have random players do missions with you it makes things easier. Even as an average player i don't often have issues. The number 1 rule of warframe is you never hold still. Be in constant motion so your harder to hit. As you build up your operater mode use its powers to your advantage. And use every bit of your surroundings to block enemies fire. Force the ai into choke points and be strategic. We are much faster then the ai. Remember dodge. Learn from gohan and the 4 ds of dodgeball. Dodge, dive, duck, and dodge.
  8. I don't personally hate it and it does have its uses/fun. The problem in my opinion is that the controls are just to overly sensative. It works fine when in an open area. But when your more enclosed the controls are overly touchy. Keep in mind to console controls differ from pc keybaord.
  9. More often then not my purchases are skins, color palletes, slots, stuff you can't directly farm. Since i have all but 2 prime frames and 1 prime weapon its unlikely for me to get unvaults now. Prime access every three months. As far as plat more often then not the plat from prime access is what i use. I hate console typing so i rarely communicate with folks ingame.
  10. So 2 people defend a point and other 2 go and break into vaults etc. Sure why not could be interesting. Have random elite bosses and such spawn as well would be neat.
  11. De is still in business and making new stuff. So its profitable enough. But we'll never get exact numbers.
  12. De makes money via unvault sales, prime access, and plat/cosmetics. So players who have everything probably are not much profit well newer players have more reasons to get the things i mentioned. Also if a player has everything chances are they will stop playing till new content goes live. Unless they are just playing casually for stress relief. The top elite people never seem to be happy with anything de tries to make hard. In my opinion warframe works best if you don't take it seriously. Just pop in play for lolz at your liesure.
  13. I would gamble that railjack will certainly give us hrs of play of various difficulty. And the kuva lich system could in time create powerful foes. But i don't think it's realistic for the hardcore folks to ever be completely satisfied. Give it time they'll still complain that its not hard enough. De is better if aiming mainly at average players then either of the extremes. Whether its hard are not I'll enjoy flying around exploring just for fun. I don't play games for challenge. It's stress relief and a reasonable story I'm after.
  14. Who oberon? He has one thats all plant like. Slap on the butterfly wings and it looks good.
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