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  1. Agree the operater wardrobes not very good. Heck i hope duviri will overhwul operaters completely. I want dliders and the ability to choose my tennos age.
  2. In my opinion the mod is worth 50 plat at best. It is functionally just not that good. The rarity doesn't matter to me in the least. And as someone who only uses sniper rifles for specific boss or riven challenges only. I just don't care. Its not worth the ducats/credits. It's not worth hundreds of plat. I hope its market price gets destroyed.
  3. i think in the second page i put up a wiki link talking about nezhas mythology. Thats just one of many sources with hrs of information. So if anyones really is into mythology you can read alot about nezha.
  4. True. Though looking around the world and all the different gods of mythology nezha is not the first/only young child/teen god. Look at the olympian gods often taking many human or animal forms at will. Norse gods like loki has a few stories of taking on animal forms and having snu snu. Even nezha himself has multiple origins from different cultures and multiple gods named nezha as was pointed out earlier. Christianity has jesus that was born and grew into an adult right. So he was god but also gods son at the same time if you believe that.
  5. Hes small, has a nice butt, has girly ribbon twin tails and a houla hoop, and his description says neither gender but says this like playful. He falls into the trope often used in anime where you have a cute loli character that may be the opposite gender. Or maybe the god/inhuman character thats centuries old but looks like a child. Alstalfo from fate stay night. Rory mercury from gate. A cat guy character from another fate stay night. The younger dragon girl from dragon maid. Etc. There are tons of characters in anime and manga.
  6. Titania is likely sometime in march then 3 months later probably nezha unless they swap him with inaros. They have time to come up with a design.
  7. I suppose slot of deluxes are themed around something. Not sure what de eould go for with hildryn. Given shes a body builder kinda character. Im gonna google to see if anyone has done any fan hildryn deluxe concepts.
  8. Heres a better pic of overwatches zarya in a bikini showing off her lady bits but lifting weights. https://www.deviantart.com/dandonfuga/art/Zarya-631122267 It completely reminds me of hildryn. Especially with the helmet thst has hair like ponytails. If you color hildryn you can really make her lady bits stand out. Behold hatsune miku nezha. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/3x5bt1/hatsune_nezha/ Lol. He looks really good.
  9. Like i saw hildryn and saw zarya https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z9AJ1 Lol yep.
  10. Aye. From a simple google search there was another 4 wikis for nezha.
  11. Even nezhas deluxe skin still has a petite feeling and shapley butt. Yea he has a more male upper body. But depending on your fashion frame it can still come off as female. Which is fine.
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nezha Thats just one link of many different origins for nezha. Seems he's been in many cultures depicted as a male child or male teenager with femanine traits. The statue from earlier is probably just another rendition. And as you point out there seems to be multiple gods or merging of deities. Theres a lot of information and designs.
  13. Ill look around to see what the oldest statue/depiction of nezha is that i can find i guess. What is the oldest historical thing you've seen?
  14. When i first saw hildryn i saw the chaingun wielding russain chick from overwatch and knew it was a girl. Mesa i just saw a loneranger looking guy wrapped up in cloth covered in ammo pouches. Outside of mesa prime and deluxe theres no butt or bossom to be had to me. Nezha comes off to me as a cute loli girl the second i saw him. Despite knowing the name of the deity and having a ruff idea of its source. Hell when i was a newer player the nezha quest seed like lotus was saying dhe piloted the frame and its name was naata. Only figured out the reality after doing extra digging.
  15. I know nezha is male child like deity. The age of the statue i'm not sure. Not really a historian by any means. Doing a general google search gives you all sorts of designs. And nezha is used as a character in other games/shows as well. I'd probably be fine with whatever design de goes with. Honestly.
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