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  1. Honestly i don't think the grind is even worth it. You can make amps using the quil parts and the other stuff you can mostly obtain other ways. Once you get the archgun launcher ability. Let vox solaris rot.
  2. The system of farming toroids sucks. Only way to do it well is form a squad specifically to farm and just kill for hrs. To hell with vox solaris its the one rep i give up on. They should have set it up like ediolons and the quills.
  3. It'll come around again eventually. Honestly it was only buggy for a week. It perfectly reasonable after that. I managed to get both weapons and s few arcanes with minimal effort on both ps4 and pc.
  4. Ehh its not like slots are expensive. Srll prime junk. Or grab pa every three months for the plst for slots and tennogen. I hold onto just about everything.
  5. We are parrying and dodging bullets matrix style well break dancing on our heads and bouncing off walls. We do not need a cover system. You can move behind things and use them as cover already. Gohan learn to DODGE! Poster needs lessons from piccolo. Examples of dodge training. If you dodge a rench you can dodge a ball.
  6. Humans are not inherently good and you are on the interwebs. What do you expect? Define toxic? Or is anyone not in agreement with you toxic in your book?
  7. Agteed the way we do the grind with quils and ediolons is a good system that works. The toroids and vox solaris blows. I will never get the rep grinded. The way to grind the normal toriods is a massive pain. The bosses should be like ediolons. Kill it get a variety of toroids for standing and to rank up. Not kill boss spider get toroids only good for rep. Useless i need the other toroids for ranks. Not raw standing.
  8. Over the weekend i and others got the staff skin and hydroid prime. And an extra pistol to. It seems that de had issues getting stuff out.
  9. How rffective you are depends heavily on your gear and equipment. Your actual skill at playing a frame well, setting up good builds, or synergizing with your team. That's to a lesser extent skill. Warframe pvp is awful not eorth doing. A new player will have neither the gear or skills to do an ediolon fight, a lich, level 100 plus enemies, etc. I'd say its 90% gear and 10% actual knowledge/skill.
  10. Personally loathe first person games. So no thanks. I like being able to see around me and my sick fashionframes. But if it was a option then all the more power to player choice.
  11. I believe you can change 1 ability. Only certain stuff an be learned. No signature or ultimates. I think some abilitues we can learn will just be useless. Like volts shock is meh. But wukongs clone xould be great.
  12. I mean it would be nice to get the staff skin. I already hsve a hydroid p from b4. It is what it is.
  13. Go to youtube and checkout the parody video "nezha is not a girl". It gave me a chuckle. Also here u go for lolz. Heck watch some abridged anime or parodies they can probably make you lol.
  14. Still only have the pistol no hydroid or staff skin. Its not a big deal though.
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