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  1. As title says. Mercury and venus and mercury are full cleared what am i missing here?
  2. So i cleared each node in venus and mercury and half in earth in hard mode. The game is not letting me go past the cetus node. Am i running into a bug? help?
  3. Rhino iron skin at the start or ivara in prowl. Your choice.
  4. I would love another say 6 or more instruments more lines to the mandochord. Have the accessory pack really focus on better song creation. Maybe even let us input a song and have the system translate it into the mandochord.
  5. Wow just got an expac and been playing black desert alot myself.
  6. Octi prime needs a dubstep gun with a base cannon rpg. And for acessories prime musical notes, more song slots, upgraded manfovhord with additional lines, and dong themed ephemera.
  7. Why can't the necroechs actually look cool and be more like a gundam.
  8. Exploding present rpg and candycane melee weapons. Cand cookie and candy themed weapon skins.
  9. To be fair graavarg. Online interactions are not rated. The responsibility lies not with government or companies or folks online to censor or sugar coat. Its up to parents to moderate their kids within their own home. Without the parent to provide the machine and internet junior isn't getting a thing. Remember the rating system and warning labels are just there as advice. Individuals choose to ignore the warnings. Children shouldn't be playing games like warframe in the first place.
  10. Growing up did no one see the word be used as saying something sucks. For example that song gay. Aka that song dtinks/sucks. Context is everything. Sure the ban is silly but no need to discuss our love lifes in region chat.
  11. It would be nice if the lich was better explained for new players. But spawning it is optional. You didn't have to stab the larva. Just set the gsme to public and let pugs help u kill it.
  12. Like any word. The meaning can change based context alone. There are times i use the word to essentially say something sucks or is bad. But that has nothing to do with romance or snu snu. Why does your private love life need to be discussed in the first place? Thats not really our bussiness. I see no logic in caring about or persueing romance personally.
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