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  1. Can't you press the Reave ability again to stop the animation mid way?
  2. His 1 buff is exactly what he needed, but it needs a bit more changes. Here is what I'm proposing: Change the single target cast of Enthrall to an aoe that affects enemies close by. This is what I feel should be done: 1) Change the generic "Arm reaches out" animation that a lot of other first abilities have and turn it into a fist pump motion. 2) Have energy cost determined by how many enemies you enthrall. I.E Enthralling one enemy is 5 energy, 2 is 10 energy, and so on. 3) Have the Revenant effect be a way a circular pulse wave when he does the fist pump motion. This fixes several things with Revanant overall: 1) He'll have a reliable and efficient way to affect multiple targets with enthrall. 2) It allows for more active and engaging gameplay, as Revenant will have to get close to turn enemies. He no longer just pokes one enemy in a mundane fashion. 3) With an increased Cap and these new changes, allied players will be hard pressed to kill enthralled enemies if a cap of 7 are affected, unless they use room clearing abilities. I'm quite happy with everything else concerning Revenant. However THIS is what I'm looking for the next time Revenant is changed. He needs a reliable and consistent way to turn enemies that is enjoyable to play.
  3. Thinking about it more, I really don't like how Reave is like Hydroids second ability, tidal surge. It makes the ability stiff. On top of this, the animation in the beginning really hampers the "emergency! Move!" use of the ability. I wish it was more like Undertow where you can go into the mist like state and after moving a certain distance you switch back to your regular form.
  4. Threw him into some areas and it seems like my main issues stem around his 1st ability. Just to summerize it: 1. Four Enthralled enemies is too low Having four enemies enthralled not only severly limits one of the main features of the ability (Enthralled enemies can enthrall other enemies), but barely leaves an impact in the overall scope of large fights. Increase the cap to at least 8 or 10. Even if you enthrall one, powerful enemy, it'll leave room for the ability to work its magic and hopefully enthrall others. 2. Teammates can kill enthralled enemies too quickly Probably the biggest reason why Enthrall is so ineffective right now. Teammates will kill enthralled enemies faster than Revenant can make any use of them. Give them some form of damage resistance when enthralled. EDIT: Scratch this, I have a better idea of how Enthrall works. Enthralled enemies are not meant to last, but should be killed or used as fast as possible to reap benefits (From regular means for damage pillar, additional lifesteal from 3, or overcharge shields from 4) 3. Targeting one enemy at a time is still insanely boring For such a defining ability, it is always such an annoyance to pick one enemy at a time to enthrall. I've been through this with Nekros, Limbo(You guys made strives to improve this, I will admit), and now Revanant. It's just not fun. Have Revanant shoot a small projectile, that creates a small aoe, to enthrall enemies. Make it moderately fast with a straight line to still allow room for aiming.
  5. Liking the aerial combos for melee, but I was wondering if there will be a launcher attack for melee weapons to lift enemies into the air to compliment that.
  6. Liking the aerial combos for melee, but I was wondering if there will be a launcher attack for melee weapons to lift enemies into the air to compliment that.
  7. As a melee oriented frame, Excalibur has long since had a warframe ability that strays from the core of his theme: Radial Javelin. More ranged projectiles than anything else, I was hoping that there were plans to look into this ability and change it to compliment the new melee rework. Is there or will there ever be plans in the future to look into Radial Javelin?
  8. Yikes...all of those augments sound pretty rad. Time to do some syndicate missions.
  9. Please don't release this update on Friday. I really don't like it when something wrong happens and we have to wait till the late hours of a Saturday for something to be fixed since there will be almost no one around.
  10. I'm happy with almost all of these changes. Chroma in particular, as its Vex calculation was a long time coming and I'm glad Spectral Scream will work with Vex armor, at the very least giving the ability some flexibility and much needed damage. Atlas is another one I have to commend you guys on. However, Atlas's Landslide augment will circumvent a lot of the synergistic changes to petrify(Not that that's a bad thing.) A bit confused as to why you didn't do anything more for Ember though. I'm pretty sure the reason WoF is used so much, and in early-mid game missions, is due to how lacking all of her other abilities are. Especially her first, as it doesn't do nearly as much. With this nerf, I'm pretty sure the usage of Ember is going to drop dramatically, even in early-mid game missions. She needs buffs of offset this change. Good to see Volt finally being unleashed. Ash changes will finally allow me to play him a bit more, as Bladestorm currently never sat well with me. Can't comment on the rest as I don't play them nearly as much, but I'm glad you guys are finally sinking your teeth into frames that desperately needed changes. Now I'll just hope they are executed well.
  11. In regards to PoE, do you have any additional objectives being added to the bounty objectives to remove the tedium and mix up bounty play?
  12. Wow the feedback is brutal in this discussion. XD Seems like they were only trying a promotional deal with Twitch to amp up the viewer counts for their game while getting Twitch viewers to try the game out. I don't really see how any of this threatens the current game or indicates a change of their marketing practices.
  13. I look foward to purchasing that Chroma deluxe skin after you do something about his first and fourth ability.
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