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  1. Would be real nice if they added this as an option, with only shooting bringing you back to gun mode. Would definitely feel more seamless.
  2. DE should really just let us fix attachment points in game. Would be really nice
  3. The annoying Eternal War bug is still a thing. This is when your duration reaches a number close to 0, but then you kill a dude to increase duration, but for some reason the attack speed buff is gone despite the visual indicators (effects and buff icon) saying otherwise. I was hoping this would be fixed last year, but it still persists. Also, her 1st and 3rd abilities need buffs or changes. She literally has 2 great abilities, and not much else. Maybe make the Eternal War augment inherent in her kit? Idk but forreal Valkyr needs some love. - A concerned Valkyr main
  4. Tying the alternate combos to the same button that has you aim down sights with your primary can be really jarring, especially if you're using a sniper. I think it'd be great to have an option to bind the alternate melee combo button to something else. Tiny thing, but I feel like people would appreciate an option like this. Yes, I know this problem can be avoided by just going full melee, but sometimes it's just great going back and forth with the shooting and the hacking. It's a ton of fun, but I just can't help but feel that it can feel clunky with the whole aim-down-sights-with-your-primary-to-execute-more-combos-with-your-melee thing. Really gets in the way of a seamless experience.
  5. People like Graxx skins. Thus, they get put into the game. That's it. All this speculation about faven being given priority is baseless. Speaking of lukinu_u, there was a round where a ton of his stuff made it in, and people were saying the same thing: "wtf lukinu_u got priority.." "damn give other artists a chance..." "why is this the lukinu_u round lol..." It isn't some sort of special priority that dictates which piece gets in or not, but it's a set of guidelines that artists have to follow. It just so happened that lukinu_u's skin had to undergo some revisions this time, and faven's didn't.
  6. My only wish is 6 million creds to build my own ship hahahahuhuhu
  7. The tracing for the Elemental FX of the Kav'r skin on the heavy blade zaw still traces the scythe: Also this is an old issue but here goes. When you walk with a heavy blade zaw, your frame "lets go" of his left hand grip:
  8. On Zaw skins: First of all, I am over the moon that we're finally able to apply Tennogen on our Zaws! However there are a few weird things: 1. When you apply greatsword skins on the heavy blade Zaw, your frame ends up holding it as if it's still a big scythe. Maybe we can change how they grip the weapon based on the skin? 2. The Zaw links are still visible when you equip skins. They end up looking like random floaty bits next to your skin. 3. Turning on elemental FX while having a Zaw skin equipped is weird, as the effects still trace where the original blade should be, and not the blade of the skin.
  9. Resolution issue is still prevalent. I still have to Alt tab out and back in to reset the resolution to my preferred settings.
  10. Resolution problem is still an issue. The game still launches at a resolution lower than my preferred settings (max resolution possible). I still have to change the settings back to my preferred resolution, or alt tab out and return to get the resolution up to max again. It's been like this for a couple of updates now.
  11. Bump Side note, alt tabbing in and out of the game seems to be a quick workaround
  12. Hotfix gave me back the error that my resolution automatically goes down when i log in. The previous update fixed that.
  13. Tempo Royale's stationary E combo and E plus forward combo feel like they need to be interchanged. Standing still while doing the badass summersault swing doesn't feel as satistfying stationary as it did when moving forward.
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