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  1. Thank you! Please add an option to edit or delete transporters from the transporter menu itself. This is to alleviate the bug that puts your transporter in an unobtainable location after renaming it.
  2. TYPE: Clan Dojo DESCRIPTION: Renaming Transporter teleports it into the void VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Just rename a transporter EXPECTED RESULT: A simple rename OBSERVED RESULT: Transporter renamed, then it appeared out of bounds in a irretrievable area REPRODUCTION RATE: It happened twice. I had 2 transporters in my observatory. One in the observatory itself and one on top. I thought the bug wouldn't replicate itself the 2nd time but it did lol now I'm stuck with 2 broken transporters that I can't move or delete. EDIT: FIXED by following these s
  3. I'm just going to echo this because I didn't even know how to access the new content until I was unwillingly dragged into an hour long mission lol
  4. I want to be able to reduce my FOV to mitigate that fish eye effect, but sometimes I feel that on lower FOV settings the character model is too close to the screen. A distance slider would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 500P for both of them. Negotiable. Willing to sell separately too.
  6. I was thinking this as well! Would be really cool tbh
  7. I want to see a lot of fixes and changes for customization that people have been asking for: Coloring armor pieces individually, adjusting armor/syandana placement, less restrictions on sigil placement and scaling, etc.
  8. Imagine discovering a rift in the void that brings you back in time (much like the rifts in the old derelict spy vaults that bring you back in time). The rift brings you back to a time where the Orokin were at their peak, and the open world is a sprawling Orokin metropolis. Streets would be bustling, prominent skylines as far as the eye can see, large golden landscapes everywhere, and of course, primed Orokin security hunting you down. The story would take you to the events that would lead to the downfall of the Orokin, and you would get to witness for yourself the massacre and downfall of the
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