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  1. As a melee fanatic, I dig this. Are there nerfs inbound? Probably. But anything to make the gameplay less braindead ez with melee is good by me. It was too ridiculous and the game needed some semblance of balance.
  2. Fhan'epak protrudes a bit too much on Valk Graxx. Any chance this can get fixed? Or is she forever cursed with wonky attachment points?
  3. Excited to get those chest pieces! Grats to all the creators!
  4. Idk if this has already been asked, but are you amenable to making a landing craft skin? I'd love to see a Graxx line of those
  5. That chest piece looks amazing! Can't wait to see it on Valkyr Graxx 💯
  6. Plz be in full Lili and Chandra cosplay for this one
  7. Thank you! Thought of tons of customizations ever since it first popped up in the workshop. Happy to finally be able to do it ❤️
  8. Leonessa was worth the long wait. You killed it man.
  9. LEONESSA IS HERE ❤️❤️❤️
  10. Congrats on getting that beautiful Valkyr skin accepted! My wallet is ready and willing hahaha
  11. Was hoping to win a prime access or vault giveaway lol BUT REAL HYPED FOR VALKYR SKINS THO ❤️
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