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  1. 3rd ability needs to be more relevant. I use Valkyr all the time and I rarely use my 3rd. Just compare its CC potential to Inaros' 1st ability. It's way outclassed. It needs some love. I'd also like the combos on Hysteria to be re-touched tbh. She goes super fast with Warcry / Eternal War, and it makes the combos in Hysteria look all wonky. I get that she's supposed to be a ball of chaos, but sometimes it just looks like a glitchy mess. Also, the visual effects on Valkyr need an overhaul too.I'd love some new effects on her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th abilities.
  2. Maybe try getting off your high horse and realize that none of your responses are adding to a fruitful discourse? Seriously, you've been going on this thread with your faulty reasoning for pages on pages on pages, and the only person who believes you're making any sense is you.
  3. Well... I never thought I'd actually run into someone who'd defend the Gild a weapon challenge tbh. So many people have said their piece on some of those challenges you pointed out that I feel like it's redundant to say any more. One need only look at this forum where there are similar posts arguing against the same set of problematic challenges that keep popping up. You can even look outside this forum. On Reddit you can find thousands of upvotes arguing against the same set of challenges. I'm pretty sure that for your stance on the gild challenge, the forma challenge, and the friend-gated challenges, you're in the minority. The rest of those missions you pointed out are fine though. Always found fishing and mining oddly therapeutic lol.
  4. I'm aware of the fact that it's impossible to please everybody. But some of these challenges are so glaringly problematic that it's obvious what must be done. Less bad challenges = a better experience for everybody. People procrastinating and panicking at the end of the event > people dropping Nightwave altogether because of the fact that they started late and will never hit rank 30. Lesser evil imho.
  5. Rank 30 at last! Here's my review of Nightwave so far. Sure, it's been a grind, but overall I had an enjoyable run. The Saturn Six armor set actually looks fantastic and colors well, and as a fashion-frame-is-endgame guy, this made it worth it for me lmao. Again I do believe the system itself is great, but after going through everything to get to 30, I think DE is a few tweaks away from hitting a home run. Here are some pros and cons I got out of my own Nightwave experience: Pros: 1. The slow drips of lore. I love caring about the game and knowing what I'm doing and why I'm doing things. I love the story of Warframe and I'd love to see more. This is a great way to tell future side-stories to the main cinematic missions. 2. Great high tier rewards. Did I already say that the armor set looks great? It really does tho. 3. Revisiting the star chart. As someone who has long cleared the chart, it was nostalgic going through content that I used to struggle in. 4. A sense of purpose. Well, for the most part. Tons of people on this forum, reddit, twitter, etc. have dubbed Nightwave as Chorewave, and I don't think their complains are unfounded. Some of these challenges just need to be tweaked, and I'm going to get to that in a bit. Cons: 1. Unnecessary challenges. A ton of you have already noted the missions that a lot of us have problems with. [DE]Bear even pointed out a few of the most popular ones at the start of this thread. Inventory checks are always bad. There's no challenge, really. It's less of a can-you-do-this? and more of a but-do-you-have-this-now? type of deal. The weapon gilding challenges were also troublesome. Cost of a weapon slot, standing grind, etc. This is just a hassle if you have nothing you want to gild at the moment. Friend gated challenges again, are also unnecessary. Some people have suggested using the recruit chat to take some randos as friends, but this really is just an unnecessary workaround to achieve the exact same result as entering the a public mission. Also, some people love playing this game solo. Let's not be unfair to them. 2. Imbalanced challenges. Some 3k challenges take 15 minutes to complete. Some of them take more than a day. It shouldn't be this way. A 3k challenge should feel like a 3k challenge across the board. This is why some challenges feel like more of a chore than others. 3. Wolf Creds drip too slow. This is less an argument against the amount you can amass by the end of rank 30, but more an argument against the frequency that you obtain said creds. This is just going by my own feeling here, but they feel too far apart right now. 4. The system punishes late comers. Everybody's personal circumstances are different. Some people can't play when they want to for many understandable reasons. Unfortunately, if you start too late, there's no way you're going to hit rank 30. Well, unless you want to grind the crap out of the Saturn Six escapees. But that's just not something everyone is willing to do. Suggestions: 1. Remove/replace/rework the challenges I've listed above. Now you might see this and say, "But you hit rank 30 doe. What's the problem?" Well the goal here is for every challenge to be enjoyable. "Damn these are all fun. What should I do first?" sounds a lot better than, "This sucks. I'd rather do this instead." Also, less challenges skipped means getting to rank 30 sooner, which means the prestige levels past 30 become more relevant. 2. Have a clear distinction between elite weekly challenges and regular weekly challenges. What do I mean by this? Some weekly challenges are equal, if not greater, than elite weekly challenges in terms of time to complete. I shouldn't be progressing a weekly challenge longer than an elite weekly challenge. Additionally, I think regular weekly challenges should be more passive, and things you can complete just by playing the game. You can have more challenging tasks, and those time locked challenges like doing multiple sorties and whatnot, as elite weekly challenges. Maybe even increase the available elite weekly challenges from 3 to 5 to give more room for the devs to be creative. I'd like to have more passive weekly challenges, and at the same time, I'd like for them to ramp up the creativity and challenge of the elite weekly challenges. 2. Increase the frequency of attaining Wolf Creds. This system is supposed to be an alert replacement. Faster access to the cred offering store, where all the old alert rewards are, should be a primary focus. 3. Have the weeks stay and accumulate and expire when the event ends instead of having them expire week after week. Late comers should be able to choose which week of the series to set active, and clear them at their own pace to catch up. My idea of having the weeks still expire after the event is over (counter to some suggestions to have the whole thing stay forever), is to retain the special aspect of receiving a limited time item at the end of the event. This scheme gives enough time for people to catch up without degrading the value of the high end rewards. 4. An option to turn off Nora Night transmissions. Imagine someone going through the Second Dream. He's clearly invested and is completely absorbed in the events unfolding before him, then suddenly, out of nowhere, a woman calls him a badass. Breaks immersion. Overall I DO like this system. But there is definitely a ton of room for improvement. It's got lore, rewards, challenges, etc. Really, it has a lot to offer. It just needs some fine tuning.
  6. Warframe has consistently been in Steams top 10 games by current player count on the strength of its PvE co-op content. It's primarily a PvE co-op game, and I see nothing wrong with this. PvE/Conclave is niche for a reason.
  7. Yeah, they promoted them as being merit-based. Like something you can be proud of. Right now, these ones are rng + grind. I guess there's still that feeling of pride after going through that grind, but it isn't the same as the original concept. Fortunately though, they did say the later ephemeras they're releasing (like the sentient one they showed off in the latest stream) will be merit-based as originally promised, so that's cool.
  8. Agreed. The build time is 3 whole days too. The drop, given the low chance of such, should be an instant reward.
  9. Here's a comment from another reddit thread made when the 40 defense wave challenge was swapped to the kill 100 eximus challenge: "ITT: People losing their minds over the "DE can't change challenges mid-season". Let's not jump on a hate bandwagon too quickly here folks. Nightwave is synced across all platforms. Changing how a challenge works is probably an extensive programming task. Hence it would need to go through the cert process for consoles even if PC has to wait for it. Changing which challenge is active in the current rotation is probably just a database entry swap out. You could probably google "how to SQL" and do this change easily yourself within a couple of hours, granted you have access to DE's related data storage." Sadly this is an issue because of how they wanted Nightwave's release to be simultaneous with consoles
  10. I'm seeing a lot of people frustrated that DE hasn't listened to the feedback/haven't made any changes over similar issues. Here's an explanation why we're going to see our feedback come into play in series 2, and not the current series: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/aygl2h/just_incase_people_missed_it_de_are_unable_to/ But srsly tho stop these inventory checks huhu
  11. LMAO of course we get a polarize challenge after I polarize all my sentinels to fit Primed Animal Instinct. Thanks, DE hahahahuhu
  12. Fantastic update! Small note though, the secondary Energy on Valkyr is too dominant. All I see on her Hysteria claws are the 2nd energy color.
  13. Here's a suggestion. As it stands now, the reload button does absolutely nothing while in melee mode. Why not use it for melee too? Going by the default keybindings, hitting E could be your regular hack and slash combo, and hitting R could trigger what used to be your blocking/right-mouse-button combos. This breaks the monotony of just spamming E at different intervals. You could even make up more combos now that you have two buttons to work with. Heck, make it so that holding R in mid air triggers melee glide. Everyone wins lol. All the gunplay is mapped to your mouse, and all the melee is mapped to your keyboard. I think this would be great.
  14. As per Steve on Twitter, the next mainline update is coming this week. With all the changes/fixes that come with mainline, I and many others would love to finally have the ability to color armor pieces individually. This has been requested for a while now and it'd be really nice if they could sneak this in for the coming update. I mean, it's great timing and all with a whole new asymmetrically colored prime armor set coming out. Pls DE!
  15. 10/10 idea there are so many benefits pls DE
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