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  1. Her best ability is being given away with the Helmnith Chrysalis System. Yes, Hysteria is pretty great, but Warcry paired with Eternal War is hands down her most significant ability. That's a huge armor and attack speed boost, and it's going to be available for every other melee centric frame. With the state of the rest of her kit, I imagine Valkyr is just going to be sacrificed by a majority of the community to extract Warcry. Valkyr is my most used frame, and I never use her 3rd ability. Her 1st ability I use occasionally, but it's still pretty much a meme. If you're not running a Hysteria build, her 1st and 3rd abilities need significant changes to justify keeping Valkyr around.
  2. Stop nerfing my Dokrahm. Every riven update my attack speed gets slower and slower 😞
  3. I thought primed weapons were supposed to be the perfected versions of the gear we have. Not really a fan of them having the scratched-off paint look. Inaros looks dope tho!
  4. What used to be white is now this weird spotty gray and brown texture. This can't be intentional, right?
  5. It did! Sadly, it's still nowhere good enough to select over the other primary kitguns. But hey at least they gave it a slight bump up, so at least we know they're looking at it.
  6. I knew ahead that it was the worst primary kitgun out of all the other options, but I built it anyway because Tremor + Catchmoon was the most aesthetically pleasing kitgun lmao. So yes I kept expectations low, but even then I was disappointed. The secondary Catchmoon outperforms its primary counterpart in almost every conceivable way. That just can't be right. Maybe change it so that it takes in Assault Rifle mods? Idk anything but this.
  7. Lmao at people who think equal rights is political. Basic human rights for all. Salute, DE. #BlackLivesMatter
  8. How about a 4th ability where brokenframe enters an exalted state where the frame is essentially "fixed", thus giving it incredible heightened senses and power? Maybe all his weapons have auto targetting and infinite ammo and his melee range and attack speed are buffed?
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