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  1. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Nidus Exalted Weapon?

  2. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    The value of the individual

    I like the Idea, but farming would be 2x as frustrating, and AoE abilities like radial javilan won't be as satisfying. If you think about it, you would have to patch 80% of the game.
  3. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    I hace a question

    Reminds me of 343 and Bungie
  4. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Nidus Exalted Weapon?

    When I was about to get Nidus, I thought I was gonna be a ravenous beast. Well, I just felt like a mosquito (parasitic link). If Nidus had an exalted weapon, maybe he would feel ravenous. Something like two giant claws from both arms that classified as Tonfas and had a stance with many flailing mindless strikes. But that's why this is in general discusssion. Because it's too late. Were you expecting something like this? Would you prefer this over any of his abilities?
  5. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Will Blood Rush be still optimal after the Melee Changes... ?

    The only things you have to worry about are maiming strike, range, and channeling
  6. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Something Stealth Players Really Want

    I do roll dodge. But still sometimes I wanna feel cool if you know what I mean
  7. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Grineer Regulators Not Showing up Beyond Earth / Mars

    They don't show up at Uranus.
  8. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Grineer Regulators Not Showing up Beyond Earth / Mars

    I'm guessing to manage misbehaving Grineer or to obedience them.
  9. I'm talking about being able to change the color region's texture. For example, I would have the option to change Excalibur's shoulders (tertiary) to look Metallic. This wouldn't be a tennogen thing, it would be an option available to all players in the game.
  10. When you fall from a certain height, your warframe absorbs the fall. It looks like you're kissing the ground, and it's the loudest sound ever. KER-POW. Louder than Corinth (I've tested). If you're a tank type player, it's probably the most satisfying thing ever (especially with Rhino's passive). But if you're a stealth type gamer, you probably don't enjoy it. Right before a mission, you know that cinematic where you jump out of your ship? That landing is so ninja like, and stealthy. So could stealth frames and light frames (low armor rating) have that same animation when falling from a height? Because when I run spy missions with Ash or Loki, I don't feel like a space ninja.
  11. Which one? 1st, 2nd? OR BOTH!?
  12. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Sancti Weapons

    New Loka is the Syndicate that doesn't use technology to "preserve" life. Well, why do they use the Sancti Castanas / Tigris? The Sancti Castanas, remotely detonated shock-traps. OBVIOUSLY technology, and highly advanced. Something that would make more sense would be something like a Sancti Spira. The Sancti Tigris. Gunpowder has been used for ages, so I guess it isn't that advanced for technology. But still, something like a Sancti Daikyu would be more New Loka-ish. If it's a lore thing where the New Loka are frauds or something, plez let me know, 'cause this topic would just be embarrassing.
  13. Being able to texture a color region. So you could make a certain color region (Primary, Secondery, Tertiary, etc.) Metallic, Leather, Plastic, and Rubber-ish. Another thing. I'm not sure if this is just a rumor that was thrown out there, or if you are actually working on this. But just in case; having a slider bar that determines the darkness / lightness of a certain color region.
  14. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Crafting ?

    Each planet has different resources (click the drone in the bottom right corner), and they're dropped from enemies and crates.
  15. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Formas as reward

    1. Probably because they already have that frame, mastered it, or don't want to go through the trouble of farming for the rest of the parts. 2. So the title color represents the reward rarity. You can sell prime parts / blue prints (but not forma blueprints) for ducats at any relay to trade with Baro Ki'teer. Their rarity determines how many ducats you get for them, so bronze (common) is worth 15, silver (uncommon) is worth 45, and gold (rare) is worth 65. They can be the same part with different rarity's when in different relics.