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  1. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    How Could the Tenno Forget?

    That's fine, there's no way to make everyone happy. I was just thinking, if it were me, I would be crying, especially at this age. Also the quest would be after second dream, before Ballas or Lotus leaving. And the quest starts on your first void mission, so it would have to be before COH (must complete MOT to start).
  2. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Latron Wraith worth investing in?

    6 hehe. Too many primed mods, but it deserves credit
  3. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    How Could the Tenno Forget?

    They had normal lives going, probably enjoying their teen-hood. Suddenly, they're sent away on a ship. This sounds like a great trip, especially with Mum and Pap with you. But wait, they're acting funny. Before you can understand what's going on, they perish from Void's energy. pretty soon the Tenno become warriors and get involved in the largest war the universe has ever seen. After the war, the system is somewhat dormant (balance of powers I mean), with the Tenno keeping that in check. Things are pretty laid back (keeping in mind that the Tenno don't know that there will be a "New War", the player does). And you tell me that they don't even think about their parents? How about a mini-quest, that's about the Tenno going through memories of their parents? You would be able to play the quest after the Second Dream, because you just woke up, and there's not much to worry about (Lotus hasn't left us yet). TO START THE QUEST: The next Void mission you play after completing the Second Dream will seem like any other, however you realize that there aren't any enemies, or an objective. There's no music, and the lighting begins to darken. After roaming around, you come up to a mirror. (CINEMATIC SCENE) You walk up to the mirror, and just like in Harry Potter, you see to shadowed figures in the mirror, a Man, and a Woman. Suddenly you wake up, you're on Lua. You notice a Man and a Woman, holding hands, walking away at a distance. You chase after them. The rest of the story I haven't come up with, I was going to leave that to DE. AFTER QUEST: You get a statue ("noggle"), with your parents, plated in gold, standing on a marble base holding hands. Lotus gives you comforting words, like how much they loved you. But not in an inbox message, that's just stupid. An actual dialogue of Lotus comforting you. This is obviously unfinished, so feel free to add anything!
  4. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Latron Wraith worth investing in?

    Everyone says the Veldt sucks. I have a great build going and it's so damn satisfying. You can hear every single mechanism.
  5. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Latron Wraith worth investing in?

    Latron Wraith is great, it can take 155. You just need a high crit chance/damage as well as max multishot (split chamber and vigilante arnaments) as well as Hunter Munitions.
  6. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    1 Shot Daikyu Build

    I love the Daikyu, it's big, beautiful, and has pretty good stats. I have an OK build running now, with a crit/hunter munitions build (not effective on bosses however). I wanted to make my Daikyu more effective. Got any good builds? I have 3 forma running, and I'm willing to put 5 more on if that's what it takes. It would also be nicer if it was effective for all factions (I don't like switching builds). Thanks!
  7. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Weapon Mods That Should Exist

    1. Damage Conversion Mods: These mods already exist in conclave, but not in PVE. Basically they convert a % of base damage into a specific damage type. Except it would be nicer if it were 60% or 40%. These mods apply to ALL weapons. So can we have these in PVE and not just conclave? 2. Dual Stat Mods: But with physical damage. E.G.: +60% slash, +60% status chance, but it would be better if it were more like +120% (physical damage type), +60% status chance. 3. Custom Mod: (For Primary) ON HEAD SHOT +100% crit chance, -100% status chance for 10 sec. 4. Hunter Munitions: A version that applies to melee as well. However melee 3.0 might disagree. 5. Custom Mod: (For all weapons) ON IMPACT PROC all damage is dealt as raw damage for the duration of the proc (3 sec). 6. Custom Mod: (For all weapons) ON PUNCTURE PROC +80% crit damage for the duration of the proc (30 sec).
  8. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Tenno, how do you deal with toxic players?

    Mime! You're back!
  9. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Wasted time on Cetus

    The host is the one who streams all of the game's data for the squad. It would be easier if all members did this. E.g. : The Bus is the game, the bus driver is the host, and the passengers are the squad members.
  10. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Wasted time on Cetus

    Is there a way to make everyone the host? Sounds like a child's dream.
  11. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Change suggestions/buffs for a few things

    What? I'm just adding a polarity, how is it affected by affinity?
  12. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Change suggestions/buffs for a few things

    I'm talking about after you've ranked the weapon to max. Then when you put a forma on, it will be faster. Especially for something like the... I guess. But their mods are barely effective. All of the Cernos family is status, except Rakta, it's more of a hybrid. Daikyu just doesn't hit as hard as it looks it would, with one shot I mean.
  13. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Change suggestions/buffs for a few things

    They're going to make archwing weapons able to use on ground, at least the primaries.
  14. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Kubrow Fur Looks Weird.

    I' saying DE is discovering new ways to make different textures; it'll get better, soon.
  15. (XB1)oOJeshuanOo

    Kubrow Fur Looks Weird.

    DE is also discovering how to "make fire". No seriously, look at Revenant's arm, it's not quite there.