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  1. a charge within the disc system that is remotely detonated by your warframe
  2. just remember to not damage your ship cause you know part are hard to come by. but ya most likely an error
  3. last time there was a problem like this the refunded the time the game was down. Once the extended it by 5 days.
  4. wow wow the games is in beta it still has not hit full release, as of yet. they don't need to compensate us, but they do as a good jester thats all
  5. most likely and error but you can get boar prime a slightly stronger version
  6. probably there going to do a patch so they took it down, maybe cause of its size?
  7. Worst case, just put him or her in stasis pod when you not using him or her. problem solved
  8. oh so the moved the drop rate there thanks i'll go look this up. It is the last resource i need to complete the last gun.
  9. I've been playing on Ceres and on Saturn played both bosses and they don't seem to drop 1 to 3 cells like they used to per kill. Even in the dark sectors survival and defense i would usually get 1 to 8 cells if someone had nekros, but getting nothing lately. Is it just me or other people experience this too? well went and played interception missions and the drop is in thoes game played 3 games and gotten 9 cells with 2 nekros thanks for the help.
  10. I can't invite anyone to my game, did the update break the invite system?
  11. that is what i though they would do since ordis is not too thrilled about having them on the ship.
  12. so we can have 2 accounts on warframe with the same information at all times? one on PS4 and one on PC?
  13. you do realize it could just be a hype page for the upcoming update at a later date. Technically they would be true to their word since they delivered the 14 update just as a webpage and information since it was never announced that it was for the game.
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