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  1. If I remember correctly one thing the pet stasis revamp is waiting on is the arsenal ui being updated and that's kind of a monster of a ui to tackle
  2. All explosive weapons have this issue. If you have punchthrough the explosive goes partially into the ground and a chunk of the explosion is now underground.
  3. With this kind of issue your best bet is probably going to be warframe support.
  4. I feel like it is worth the effort, however I acknowledge that the warframe app as it stands is very vestigial to the core game. Player made apps supply many of the options that are missing from the official warframe app while also being incapable of supplying some features exclusive to the app. As warframe gets larger, more spread out and harder to keep of track of the app could and in my opinion should become a pocket method of maintaining our accounts. The one thing I can unequivocally say is that Hands down Destiny has the superior third party apps for managing gear, tracking events, and looking up lore. If you don't know, you can allow destiny apps access to your bungie account which lets you: Look up lore you've uncovered, look at your collections, your triumphs, move equipment between storage and characters, check vendor items, see if transient vendors are around, get notifications on special events and more. DE clearly don't feel comfortable allowing that kind of access to third party apps, which is fine but it means that if we want those kinds of options for warframe it has to come from the official app. The first step on that road is making it more useful and wider used, to that end if we could be logged into both we could continue to access our foundry and extractors without having to return to our ship.
  5. you saw a work in progress rework with new not completed animations that is all still subject to change and unable to actually be tested by players to see the effectiveness of the abilities. You might be jumping the gun a little
  6. Pyroclastic Flow is already a warframe mod
  7. Sorry what I said was a bit confusing, I didn't mean there are 3 profiles for specifically warframe just that you have 3 profiles you can set up on your mouse. So for example I have a profile set up for the game Nox which is older and requires a much slower mouse and another set up for warframe which I use a much higher dpi with.
  8. I have this mouse. A workaround would be to go into your logitech gaming software use one of the three mouse profiles for warframe and rebind the left and right scroll to keyboard buttons. A lot of programs simply do not recognize left and right scroll, it happens with the 502 as well as the 3 previous logitech mice I have used that had those buttons. I don't think the issue is on logitech's end. I think games just don't support them because left and right scroll never became universal buttons.
  9. Drasiel

    Market stuff

    Yup this always annoyed me. It happens in the codex, market, and look link. Just let me control what I'm looking at please
  10. if you are ever confused about the drop tables use this: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
  11. You have at least partially misunderstood this. They are not just talking about the in game chat filter they are also talking about the forum filter which you can't turn off. Personally I would rather see stuff like -scoom- or -clem- to replace swears on the forums than what we have now which always makes me think someone rolled a cat across their number keys while holding shift.
  12. I complained about this at the launch of the baruuk bundle. A purely cosmetic item like that should either be purchasable alone or purchasable in a cosmetic only bundle. I don't want to buy frames and guns because that takes away gameplay I could play through.
  13. as far as I'm aware the only "rotation saves" in the game are for bounties and arbitration
  14. Okay those aren't stalkers those are special assassins from nightwave. You have to down all three to kill them permanently then you get some nightwave cred
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