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  1. All right. So I booted up steam warframe and using controller opened chat and pulled up the window to type a message in. Then I typed out doom on my keyboard and hit enter. It sent fine, simply switching from controller to M+kb because I pressed the buttons on the keyboard. So my question is are there any other extraneous bits of information that could be pertinent to reproducing this? Are you using something like steam big picture maybe?
  2. I'd suggest using the teleporting object to make quick easy teleporters to all the "important" rooms for your members. Our dojo is kind of confusing because it has sections from the original dojo tiles. Teleporters get around the issue of navigation easily.
  3. There's one thing I can do: complain about it 🙃 This explains all the stories about people trying to force liches early on in their playtime to get a weapon they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near. Yeah it's not the weapons fault but it's still a huge disappointment that it's apparently the complete opposite of what it's mechanics suggested to me.
  4. Here's something to help I made a spreadsheet of the fish, where they spawn, if they need bait you can save a copy for yourself if you want to edit it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mqx7CpUFtuDvdSaIQdAq2h9tbIWSE7bajs39xSh5Bs8/edit?usp=sharing
  5. so the system only checks on build and trade then (which kuva weapons get around by being traded via lich? Do lich trades have a mastery on lock on them?). That's.... that's seven kinds of stupid. It's not like it takes up inventory space in the foundry, if you aren't' going to allow people to build or trade weapons with higher mastery than you have, it shouldn't allow you to claim them from the foundry either.
  6. One thing that would help immensely is if the "reduce teammates effects" toggle reduced them further, Like I'd really like a slider there. I'm not sure if it affects only other players warframe powers or their weapons as well (looking at you ignis and explosives) but if it does affect weapon effects it's not doing anywhere near enough.
  7. I'm sorry I wanted a precision rifle instead of yet another aim at the floor explosive weapon. I figured with a 50% bonus to headshots and the small size of the aoe that's what the gun should be used for rather than as a discount bramma. The last gun I got to really enjoy using was the Aklex Prime. So yeah I expected something based on the behaviour of the weapon. Everyone else seems fine to use it as is. I'm not though, if I want high crit and slash procs I'll just use a glaive, It works better at that job than the gun anyway. If I want an explosive I'll use an actual explosive weapon for more damage and bigger aoe. Since I want a precision weapon I'll have to look somewhere else. I think it's at least reasonable to understand why I would be disappointed and suggest the changes I did? why the #*!% do kuva weapons ignore mastery gating? I honestly didn't know this, I was already above mastery 20 when all of these came out.
  8. it's not when it's a mr 15 weapon.
  9. yes but it hasn't happened yet and continues to leave a void in recruiting options.
  10. It behaves like a sniper because: it uses special ammo, it has an added bonus on headshot, it has very slow fire rate, it has an incredibly slow reload, it has a very small ammo pool, very high recoil, and it has very high crit. You all keep declaring balance but it's unusual for a weapon with this high of mastery level to suffer from 3 very present and very large QOL negatives in the ammo pool type/size, being a projectile, and it's very slow reload without being more powerful than it is. I know how to lead a target it doesn't help when the AI in warframe will derp out and swivel around for no logical reason. Look everyone keeps saying this guns is really powerful, but I've never seen it in the wild and using it myself it's only "extremely powerful" when compared to other semi auto rifles. How the "proper use" has been described in this thread is using it like a short to mid range launcher and ignoring the headshot bonus. It's negatives certainly put it squarely in line with negatives that launchers and sniper rifles traditionally have but it under performs in both damage and aoe radius when compared to them. Any way you have all convinced me this isn't the weapon for me and the people that use it now don't want it to change so I'll just shelve it cut my losses and look for something else.
  11. Projectile would be fun if the AI didn't derp out and spin in circles for no reason. Like in other games where the ai is more reliable sure, in warframe projectile is frustrating for the wrong reasons. I'm not trying to strawman you I've encountered multiple players using wuclone as a reason that a gun is excellent. Telling me how good a gun performs in the hands of an AI isn't of interest to me to offer rebuttals on. I don't know how many times I have to say this in this thread but not landing headshots with it seriously curbs it's damage potential and projectile weapons allow the ai to derp out with one of it's janky no-logic movements. That is ridiculously punishing on this gun because it's QOL is so far in the ground that it pops out the other side of the planet. *** Fine I give up. Every one else can enjoy Their mastery 15 mess with massive negative QOL, not strong enough to compete with launchers but with all of the downside of them rifle and I'll just shelve it and move on. For it's mastery, it's difficulty in using, it's difficulty in obtaining, and it's obnoxious reload; firer ate; and ammo pool I expected more, I'll find something else.
  12. this actually explains a test I did. I started putting on the mods you had equipped starting with multishot. I shot the tonkor and it only travelled a few feet. I took the mod off and it was normal, I put the mod back on and it was normal. I thought I must have just aimed the first test poorly because I could not get it reproduced. I have a suspicion that the first time you put on multishot it might mess up the flight speed for reasons I can't comprehend.
  13. I've used flight speed with the Daikyu, I've only used the lanka for headless opponents that don't have damage caps like the orphix'. I'm still a couple forma away from getting flight speed on the thing, the ammo and reload problem are the first up for quality of life mods. The daikyu doesn't suffer as much from a non headshot as the chakkhurr does, losing that additional 50% bonus damage on headshot hurts. There aren't a lot of precision weapons to move on to sadly. The chakkhurr was the first one in a long time that felt like it had potential to be something fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately for me the projectile just ruins it. The last precision gun I had a lot of fun with was the aklex prime. warframes recent design philosophy for secret damage caps on the enemies it makes the most sense to bring slow heavy single hit weapons to bear on has been a major bummer. What the design of the gun tells me is : it's intended to be a headshot focused because you get 50% extra damage on a headshot built into the gun. The slow firerate and long reload say it's supposed to focus on accuracy. The fact that it's a long barrel causing a substantial dead zone in front of you says it's medium to long range. At medium to long range the projectile speed will become a problem when the ai derps out which is often. Even shunting it's purpose down to only mid/close range and ignoring the massive bonus from headshots the gun has too many rough points. It's the first gun where it feels like it desperately needs the 3 major QOL mods: relaod/holster reload, flight speed, and ammo mutation. It's almost painful when there are so many other weapons that outpace it in ease of use, convenience, and performance.
  14. you're on xbox so you have in built recording software and can upload it to your one drive from the xbox (if I remember right) would it be possible to grab a video of this happening?
  15. I honestly can't say for certain. I've been sure with some body shots that there isn't an explosion but it's possible the enemies are just outside of the explosion range. It seems to be more consistent that I 100% get explosions when I also get headshots, I've never noticed a headshot not triggering an explosion. Saying the weapon performs best in the hands of an aimbot AI isn't the best recommendation for it remaining as is. Couple that with the fact that AI doesn't reload and just stops firing every once in a while, has infinite ammo, and quite often ignores a weapons firerate, you're essentially handing wuclone a much better gun than you get to use. No I wasn't, just the base damage. The chakkhurr is in such a weird place. Has all a snipers negatives none of the positives. Can behave as a launcher but it's damage is too low to be considered in that category while still suffering the severely diminished ammo pool of the class. Has the worst quality of life stats of the entire semi auto rifle line but is still a better option than 90% them. Designed for precision yet projectile. I can understand and respect why someone would find the projectile enjoyable but I will never like it. The fact that the ai will inconsistently just do 180 degree turns for no reason even to the point of spinning in a circle is absolutely infuriating when it turns what should have been a headshot into a shoulder shot or a miss. The only thing that gets around the behaviour is hitscan. This happens with unalerted enemies and it doesn't matter if you lead the shot when they abruptly and with no logic spaz out. I would be a lot more forgiving of this quirk of the ai and the projectile nature of the chakkhurr if the reload, ammo type, and the fire rate weren't so punishing for a missed shot.
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