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  1. Also the order of your precepts matter. If a skill isn't keying as often as you like you may need to up it in priority. The four corner slots represent the order in which you want your kubrow or sentinel to perform their skills. Top left is 1 top right is 2 bottom left is 3 bottom right is 4 I normally organise mine as vaccum, shield restore (if available), special move, attack (if available). If you put a skill in any other mod slot it will come after those 4.
  2. Just... All aoe they just need to be immune to all aoe sentinels too.
  3. Man I really want a lower back or hip quiver. Moar holsters for great justice.
  4. You have to be careful about using some variations of enemies because unlike shadow of war different subsets of enemies can have different stats, they aren't just reskins. Plains and vallis units are the easiest example they end up substantially stronger than others.
  5. Most of those I definitely agree with but syndicate and kuva missions are already in our quick navigation bar, search parameters for them seems unneccesary.
  6. No it doesn't bother me at all because it prevents all the bugs that would prevent me from finishing extirminates for literal years.
  7. I'm a collector. I keep everything. However this means I need to farm a second copy of all my frames. I'm fine with this, been playing for like 8 years, there was no way to know this was coming and it gives me another goal. I'm like a third done already.
  8. You don't get a glyph from the trivia contest unless you finish in the top 1000. The item everyone gets for participating is a display.
  9. For as long as those warframes have energy they will prevent other players from gaining energy from kills for the entire starchart. Unless you completely cripple their own energy economy which isn't a fair trade off. When nova primes enemies with her 4th the only player that gets counted for the kills of all the explosions is the one that triggers it, again if energy is regained via kills that screws over the other players.
  10. definitely want loyalty gone, it's a just a chore that makes keeping a kubrow out a hassle.
  11. So what I always felt Kdrives were missing was a niche. Archwings are faster for travel so that's out but my idea was to make them the looters choice of travel on open worlds. As soon as you step on your kdrive you lose all ability to "detect" things on the map but if you didn't kdrives would become the go to travel method for mining, hunting, and collecting open world resources. add kdrive mods that: add enemy radar add loot radar add mining node sensors add animal tracking sensors.
  12. Saryns, volts, novas, baruuks, swooshcaliburs will null energy gain for anyone else grouped up with them. As much as this could be an interesting idea it just doesn't work with the way some warframe powers behave.
  13. glass is the slang for cephalons. The partial cephalized people we run into with glassmaker are a form of partial cephalons. Gara's glass is creepy space void magic. Different glass.
  14. You misunderstand me. When you play solo the spawns are still set as if there are 4 people in the game. People have been arguing that this is simply how steel path is meant to be played and its not unfair to solo players. If that were the case then with 4 players the spawns should be treated like there Are 8 players or more in the mission. That would be "fair".
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