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  1. warframe is not cross platform. PC members cannot play with xbox nor ps4 and vise versa
  2. The only thing I personally wish would change is that self damage projectiles should not have clipping on other players. I view all other deaths as user error but you absolutely cannot control other players and their inclination to dive directly in front of you. Flame blades, pop up defenses, enemies around a blind corner? That's my fault for not having situarional awareness. Other players popping up like wack a moles in front of you? There's nothing a player can do about that.
  3. Optional mod for a feature I never liked? Sure I'm on board. I never liked the ragdoll but lots of people did so this seems like the perfect middle ground.
  4. Prime time is an hour long, expecting someone to watch through the whole thing to find what you are referring to is ludicrous. I don't have patience left for people posting 20 minute plus videos with no basic summary or timestamps that reference what the heck they are talking about. You've now added a link via edit to a page with a bunch of tennogen without bothering to mention which one. Atleast in your opening post you stated syandana and sentient so I only have to look through 3 different links instead of an hour of video. This is the new Syandana Posted15 Aug, 2019 @ 1:25pm Updated 5 Feb @ 5:16am This is the Volt skin that was refused previously Posted 30 Mar, 2019 @ 1:44pm Updated 9 Aug, 2019 @ 2:24pm This is the style Guide update on 9 Aug 2019 This is the Faction Guide for sentients I'll highlight in red what I personally see that doesn't fit for the volt skin There I did the leg work for you.
  5. no I'm clearly a figment of your imagination. If you don't have the time to make it easy for people to understand what you are trying to communicate then why should they expend the time and effort to find your point for you.
  6. you just posted the entirety of the prime time as evidence, you didn't even bother to give the timestamp of the info you are trying to show us. Ain't nobody who didn't watch it already gonna wade through an hour of video for the one thing you are trying to tell us.
  7. I would be 100% fine with this but only if enemies dropped loot before they were finishered because as bursa hacking taught us, people won't wait around for the loot.
  8. That's fun for you not so much for others though. The whole point of the mod is to negate self damage. Ergo it should work on everything that does self damage. I also believe that the explosive specific mods like firestorm should work on the bow explosives as well because again there is an explosion.
  9. It has been a long time since the assassin weapons were released (Brak, Detron, Dread, Hate, Despair) and most of them have been powercreeped on so hard or have superior versions that they are no longer a prestige weapon merely a tick box in the RNG fill out your arsenal form. Not only that but more recent additions to the assassins are tradeable. War parts, ship parts they're tradeable. Please allow us to trade assassin weapon blueprints and components.
  10. I've been finding that it is normally a specific node or node mutator that causes the spawn issues for excavation. There was a specific excavation on I think neptune that used to have guaranteed spawn issues. So it's a good idea to keep track of where you encounter spawn troubles take a pic with f6 (cuz it saves important metadata that level designers can use to pinpoint the oroblem) and if happens repeatedly make a support ticket and upload the screen cap directly into the ticket.
  11. Dark split sword (if only dual sword weapon skins worked on them T-T) Tatsu Sepfhan nikana
  12. Kuva weapons need to be formaed 5 times to count for mastery as does the paracesis. Other commonly missed items are operator amp lenses , kdrive boards, and any modular items need to be gilded and releveled to count for mastery which includes Amps, moas, kitguns, and zaws.
  13. If I remember right that is an archwing weapon, have you checked your archwing weapons?
  14. you didn't lose the Grendel part because you died. You lost the Grendel part because you were dead long enough for the afk timer to kick in. This happened when I first ran them too and it sucks. Because it's a key mission where you keep the key if you abort I feel the afk timer should just be disabled specifically for grendel missions.
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