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  1. Devstream said it's a bug so hopefully fixed soon.
  2. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Low we are in the time of darkness.
  3. man I would use that feature to gift clanmates copies of mods whenever I had extra's. I'm sad that's gone 😞
  4. It's not that it "can't be better" it's that it "doesn't need to be better". Rhino is intended to tank through iron skin that is the entire point of the ability, as an added bonus this provides protection from all status effects which other tanks either require a separate skill for or have no counter play too. You want to use rage with rhino? utilize the iron shrapnel mod to blow off iron skin when it's low let enemies shoot you a bit and turn iron skin back on. If you really desperately need more armour on rhino use steel fibre and a set or 2 of guardian arcanes. This has the added bonus of also increasing how much iron skin you have.
  5. don't forget the new chesa-crate ability on the chesa kubrow, it helps too.
  6. most of those sound more like they should be augments. Of all the frames rhino is in the least need of improvements to his base kit and if you utilize his augments and ironskin charging mechanics He's one hell of a tank.
  7. What? These were not fan created they were created for a steam summer sale. You had to trade summer sale cards in to get them. I would love more rubedo and phased skins so long as we don't have to go through a steam summer sale to get them
  8. Resources should never be tradeable thats how you get "gold farmers"
  9. you could try asking support but the answer is probably no
  10. On a devstream I believe they said they tested this and it was terrible they were constantly smashing into stuff.
  11. It's like if wolf was a skeleton with armour covering all the bones. Has a very strong skivy feeling.
  12. Those acts are a needless resource sink that just act as an item check rather than a challenge. I see no reason they should be included in nightwave. Gilding specifically I take extreme umbrage at. You both need to make and level the thing to 30. It's a waste of time, effort, and annoying weapon slot squatter. Then you realize you need to do it 3 times. Forma I'm not a fan of either that's 72 hours of crafting for one act if you have the bps lying around.
  13. You are right they weren't designed to cater to gun only they were designed to cater to tanky endurance style builds. Which is the other half of my play style I mentioned with: There is a light focus on guns for arbies though. The power immune drones need to be taken out with weaponry. I agree the intent of the change likely focused on the Host migration issues but the end result still allows squishier frames to enter the mix since they can now be revived. Instead of having to adapt or change their playstyle they can now rely on others to pick them up when they overextend themselves. Perhaps this is an Unintended consequence? The warframe landscape is complicated and sometimes end results don't match with intent. I've been trying to brainstorm ways ESO could be more accommodating Reduce/ giant Tile Size There are several tiles that are unnecessarily massive this spreads out the spawns making group kills harder and causing lots of travel time between enemy clusters draining excess stability Review Multi-level tiles There's a few of these that just end up draining massive stability Some tiles like the kuva ones have complex tunnels to navigate to get to the lower areas where the enemies cluster and the spawns seem to divide themselves between up and down in opposition to wherever you currently are. The Orokin moon tile with the big golden thing in the center spawns most enemies off in a little side room unless you are fighting infested you have to go find that room or you will lose up to 50% of stability. Give Bonus Stability for weapon kills. Right now you have to kill enemies at a rate that is not even sustainable with amprex or Ignis wraith. Giving a bonus to weapon kills would even out the disparity between NLS nukers and shooty shooty bang people. AoE weapons will also be better at group kills and since they can headshot as well there is no point in separately trying to accommodate high accuracy slow fire weapons with a headshot bonus. Reduce the Range of ranged enemies The range parameters for enemies seems to be the same for standard missions where there is a mix of tiles to move through and non-endless spawns, it is easy to be effective both defensively and offensively In this setup. When you are trapped in one tile with endless enemies ranged enemies make survival a bit of a pain unless you are constantly nuking enemies, which further reinforces the power spam meta. Reducing range would also help on the bigger and multi-level tiles. Shorter range means enemies have to come closer bunching up for better group kills and reducing stability wasting travel time. You can get a feel for this when you fight infested in ESO they are the only faction that really comes to you.
  14. While many people claim Warframe has no endgame it does have endgame activities. So we're on the same page here's what I consider endgame activities: Soloable: Sorties Arbitrations Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) Kuva Farm Multiplayer: Orb Fights Eidolons We're only going to be talking about the soloable activities. Right now Sorties and Kuva Farming is accessible to the play styles of both nukers and gun enthusiasts. This is great. However, ESO is so heavily biased that it requires a no line of sight nuking frame in the party, or equipped if you ever intend to solo. This isn't my playstyle I don't like playing that way I enjoy kitting myself out for maximum survival and gunplay, powers are for emergencies. Thus I don't enjoy playing ESO. However, I was okay with this, use the right tool for the job right? learn how to play the opposing playstyle and just grit your teeth and bear it. Then came Arbitrations and I was actually super psyched for them. Finally, a game mode that catered to my kind of play style. Squishier casting frames weren't really able to participate, which was fine because you need to use the right tool for the job, learn how to play the opposing playstyle and just grit your teeth and bear it. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked When the Arbitrations Iteration 1 changes took effect. With permadeath mitigated by the revive towers, this reopened the door to the squishier casters and I was extremely disappointed. Now, this frustration isn't because other people are now enjoying "my activity". My frustration stems from the one item where my playstyle was desired being changed to open it to other build styles while ESO that caters to power spam has not been changed to accommodate players with my or similar playstyles. If Arbitrations get to be opened up to non-tanky frames why can't ESO be adjusted to allow gunplay to get to roundC.
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