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  1. The song on the intro is a slightly modified version of "sleeping in the cold below" from the Call of the Tempestarii Quest Here is the ambient no lyrics 1h version I found that matches up with the intro music Edit: if you don't want spoilers don't look up the version with lyrics.
  2. 10 steel essence is all 3 dailies and one accolyte kill. Or 3 rounds of infested steel path defense with a booster. That's way easier and faster than some riven challenges for me. I appreciate y'all offering me advice on how to do the riven challenge I physically struggle with but I'm still probably going to use riven cyphers if they're cheap enough. It's really not worth the struggle and frustration on my end for a mod that 90% of the time isn't something I'd use. :)
  3. simpler solution: let relics be sold for 10-15 ducats. Same or less value than the common prime part drop, no need to physically run them.
  4. I'm glad it seems easy to you but you've kind of missed the point. Skill and ability level vary widely mechanically difficult challenges are a hard stopping point for a lot of people, especially people with disabilities. For us the sp grind is the easier and more attainable solution than just getting a "dead riven" because we can't complete the challenge. You were wondering who the people were who would prefer the sp grind, well I'm one of them, that was the point.
  5. Sp isn't mechanically hard it's numbers hard. You have the right gear and right builds and it's easy. A number of riven challenges are mechanically hard, requiring speed and precision. You know what challenge I can't complete no matter how hard I try? the catch a fish, kill a dude and mine a rock within 10 seconds challenge. It's too much stuff too quickly for my crippled self to handle. Know what I can do though? solo steel path nodes.
  6. riven challenges are kind of a hard issue to address due the playerbase's wide spread of skill, determination, or willingness to waste their own time. An item to skip challenges is probably the most elegant solution for this issue because the other option is removing challenges which the harder core of the community will start screeching about as if they were pterodactyls being murdered. Granted it doesn't affect what people consider the other issues with rivens but riven challenges that suck have been a recurring feedback item as well.
  7. Exilus adapters, catalysts and reactors are in a way better place than forma as you only ever need 1 per weapon at most and more often than not you don't even have to bother. If you are putting forma into an item you're gonna use at least 3 in the majority of cases often more. Side note about exilus adapters they actually end up costing 3 forma every time because you need 2 to build them and one to fix the starting polarity because it's always wrong for god only knows what reason. I've posted other topics before about how the way forma is handled in the game long ago passed out of viabili
  8. Void storms are new, and have the bonus of having side farmable items, however they're just fissures with extra steps. Which isn't a bad thing and I'm glad it changes it up for you, I just really want an option that gets me away from the whole fissure effects, behaviour, reactant, and faction.
  9. yeah just giving them a not even fancy border would really help. there's nothing like the bad luck of getting credits endo so many times in a row you start to question if you are actually getting the rewards from caches, bonus dungions, etc.
  10. Can be fun is the operative portion of that sentence. There are several challenges that just aren't worth the effort or challenge. Since riven transmuters are still only available from eidolons, an awful challenge is just a dead riven to a lot of people, sold for scraps, given away, or burnt for endo.
  11. with how common forma requirements have become to the game that's not really a good suggestion. Potatoes? Slots? great one to one return always feels like it's worth spending money and supporting the game. Forma? You need it for dojos, you need it for building weapons, you need it for Greater lenses, you need it for exilus adapters (weapon and warframe), you need it for mastering weapons, you need it for endgame builds. Even if you don't play the game like it's your job there is one single source for forma. You play that one thing long enough and it doesn't matter what it started out
  12. With corpus Queenpins on the horizon and more Lich weapons coming, I'm losing motivation to play. I need forma but I loathe the thought of playing another fissure mission. I'm sick of the gottagofast explosion and power spam of pub fissures, I'm tired of the massive decrease in efficiency if you play them solo, I'm sick of the corrupted, I'm exhausted by the bright void flashes. I'm begging you please give me another method for getting forma we need so much now just to master or build weapons. Cycle it through steel path, arbitration, or nightwave stores. Let plague star return. Just give me s
  13. Neat. I'll save this build for when harrow prime comes out. Honestly kinda just expected a warframe music video but got a short to the point build video instead.
  14. not all, in many mobile games clans serve as little more than an extra login bonus and some special daily missions. Even so they present a much easier to access and use interface. Warframe could do a lot worse than copying them.
  15. I too was utterly disappointed by the Flox syandana although I have no one to blame but myself. I assumed it work like every single other folding syandana and open when you parkoured and bullet jumped and stuff but no, it's only damage taken and I play mostly rhino -_-'
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