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  1. spy mission already sort of do this. If you raise in alarms in 2/3 or more often 3/3 spy vaults lotus will change it to an exterminate with a unique vo about getting rid of all the witnesses Lotus: "We cannot let enemy command know we were here. Eliminate everyone." Lotus: "We've set off too many alarms. Eliminate all remaining enemies so that news of our infiltration does not reach high command."
  2. I dislike solo unfriendly game modes so: Disruption Defection Interception Then there are game modes I just find boring Excavation - it's just endless mobile defence the only thing that keeps mobile defence off this list that it's only 3 consoles Hijack Then there is the one game mode I will never play because if I wanted to defend a suicidal lunatic I would work in a crisis call centre. Operative Defence
  3. There is no way for me to answer that without making a new account. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just know it's in there now. If you can't buy it before getting it as a log in reward that sucks.
  4. Some ayatans are just meant more as decorations rather than as endo rewards. The one in the arbitration store is the same way.
  5. Yeah I tried that, I said so in my reply. It still didn't hit a single one of the dropships. Anything on the horizontal plane absolutely destroyed as soon as it surpasses a 50 degree angle nothing regardless of compensation attempts for arcing.
  6. Yes. Crosshairs directly over the corpus crewships on orb vallis as they hovered stationary and not a single shot hit them. I wondered if maybe the shots were lobbed or had a curved trajectory (bows) so tried aiming higher than the ships in case that was problem and still no damage. Even tried lower just because. Either they can't hit things above them properly or have ridiculously short falloff for what's essentially a mortor.
  7. You missed one it can't aim up to hit dropship.
  8. You did this right :) There's a lot of us in the Warframe community who have a special place in our heart for the game. When I could barely walk, Warfame gave me the ability to run. I can only hope that you make it through what's going on and I'm glad Warframe gives you solace.
  9. I bought the flox syandana because I thought it looked awesome open. I assumed that it would open on parkour like every other opening syandana. Nope, only when you take damage..... I play mostly rhino, so you can imagine how well that has worked out for me.
  10. Let me shoot out the god dammned legs of the necramech to slow it for a period so I can hit the tiny impossible weakpoints.
  11. Fighting necramechs are the worst fight in the game now with infinite punchthrough and weakpoint latching weaponry no longer functioning. They are the trifecta of defences that should be reserved for end of planet bosses not mini bosses. Necramechs are harder to fight than every other boss in the game. necramechs are High mobility with tiny weakpoints (including a turn speed that isn't affected by slows), High health, and High DR. These defences should be like the Fast, cheap, good triangle, you only get 2 choices off it for miniboss. the necramech weakpoints are too small. It's actually
  12. bug: Cryptlex's uncommon and rare form are not tied to vome or fass. Unless they are and the information is missing from the codex.
  13. The latest conservation changes for deimos are great and I really hope that the plains and orb vallis get uncommon/rare also tied to their day/night hot/cold cycle as well That said the number of scans required to learn the codex number of enemies should be severely reduced. With the bonus tags on perfect capture I now have around 50 ish tags of one animal type while still needing to scan 15 more of them. The required codex scans are out of line now with the added tag acquisition method (it's even worse if you have a booster).
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