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  1. @(PS4)AbBaNdOn_ I missed the initial farm waves because of irl stuff, then tried to solo farm but barely got past the first few minutes in a survival or whatever before leaving the mission. @Haldos I help others quite a bit actually, not with hard carrying them through missions but with information or mods and such if I have some to spare, it's nice to do so because I spent most of my early weeks running around wondering what this is and what that is and it almost made me leave lol @kapn655321 I definitely play to get everything the game has, it's the only option I have because most of my clanmates are asleep when I log in because of different timezones and all that nonsense, so unless I stay up late at night I miss them for days at a time which leaves me with nothing but farming to do. Anyway thanks for your time guys, I'll delete the game next time I log on and go play Borderlands 3 or something for a while, maybe the next cinematic quest will be worth returning to, happy farming all .
  2. I've got a problem I could use some opinions on. With over a year of grinding and farming under my belt which is far more than I've given other games of the type, I've finally hit a burn out that doesn't seem to go away, haven't played much since Gauss released, only reason I got him or Grendel was because I didn't have anything to do with the 75% coupons I get (have another one wasting away right now), haven't even gotten that melee weapon from the Thumpers in POE let alone anything that came after it, haven't farmed Atlas prime or Ivara prime yet either, which brings me to my problem. I'm tired of the same old RNG heavy grind this game has but I've put too much of my life into this game to just walk away. MR27 with so many frames, weapons, cosmetics and mods that I put so much time and effort into getting, all the fun I've had and friends I've made, all of that can't just be forgotten right? To be honest I don't WANT to leave either, but right now all I do is log in, wander aimlessly around the orbiter for a bit and go play something else, tried to get myself hyped for Railjack by after building the first part of the ship I lost interest in that as well. Should I just let it go, or keep trying to play even though I no longer enjoy it? I know there are players here who've been around for much longer than me, how do you guys keep playing after so long? Is there something I missed or are you just hanging around because you invested money into it? Thanks for any advice
  3. Considering they already moved onto Railjack before giving Liches any meaningful updates shows how much they aren't interested in listening to feedback and fixing their half baked stuff, still haven't beaten my first Lich because I'm sitting on about five failed attempts and I can't seem to find squads to farm more mods with because everyone has moved on to Railjack, and doing it solo is just so.damn.boring!! They're seriously incapable of making anything even remotely fun in this game smh
  4. Would be nice if those dupes were simply converted to NW credits for anyone who already has them
  5. Why do you feel the need to criticize everything? Don't we have enough people like you already? You're obviously not planning on improving on his ideas or adding your own so why waste your time here? This idea was something I heard a certain YouTuber bring up as well so go harass him too maybe if you feel so offended about it..
  6. Aw man that sucks, I haven't been paying much attention to the game lately so I missed this, only reason I built Ash prime even lol
  7. You can instakill any level with a covert lethality build on Ash/ Ivara/ Equinox etc, or bring high damage weapons like the Tigris prime, or a high status melee even, lv100 aren't that hard if your mods are maxed out. Check channels like "Grind hard squad" on YouTube for some decent builds
  8. Oh ok I'll try to hand it over to someone who hasn't bought it yet, thanks mate
  9. Hey all, I bought two of the three Grendel part keys before getting a 75% coupon and buying him for plat, but now I can't seem to get rid of the missions his parts drop from without completing them, I checked my inventory but didn't find any keys or anything to sell, any idea how to remove them? Thanks
  10. What do you mean no incentive? You don't like seeing your little angel come up in the world? How cruel..
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