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  1. Ikr, they're adding QoL improvements to places nobody wanted but nothing about the damn foundry that everyone uses and really needs a upgrade
  2. Look at every character in the game with a huge butt (almost all of them) and then try to imagine why they didn't try to make it universal lol, also pink Rhinos are too much already
  3. Since Wasp got a unique movement animation it's only fair but idk how they'll make her a unique flying animation when she literally just hovers around
  4. Ahh silly PC peasants crying over a DElayed update I see, remember round 14? Yeah, we're still waiting for the rest of it so stop crying
  5. Ooh ok. Was hoping it was a Easter egg of sorts, thanks for the clarification
  6. I've done a bunch of detection sorties over the months and have never seen what happened today. When I was at 4/5 groups rescued the screen flashed signaling a assassin attack but it was no ordinary one, the Red Veil leader spoke and said something about the defectors followed by "Steel meridian requires a test subject so we are forced to take one step aside tenno" ,then a bunch of Red Veil operatives spawned and attacked the defectors, is this normal and I'm just seeing it for the first time because it's random or is it part of something new? the next Nightwave maybe?
  7. Why even build a solo clan if all you wanted were the blueprints? Just join another clan, get the blueprints and get out it's that simple..
  8. Was in a excavation arbitration when a teammate got killed around the enemy lv100+ mark, we tried to revive but after a good 15 minutes of running around we had exactly 2 out of 5 points with no drones in sight and had to leave so that player could keep his resources, seems silly that we have a option to revive players but can't use it because of the usual bad spawn rates this game is known for
  9. It's just a one time thing to go to your clans research rooms and buy the blueprints and one of the only reasons to even visit said rooms so I personally don't think they should change it
  10. Hope this becomes a thing, sick of seeing low and high levels alike come to ESO with nothing but a lv0 weapon and a random frame like Inaros that helps no-one but themselves and try to leech off the other players, I always leave when I see this but I shouldn't have to quit every other match sometimes during wave 2 because of trash like these
  11. Fast travel to Simaris in any delay and turn right at the entrance, you can train for MR tests as long as you want before doing the actual one
  12. Calling these emotes is a insult to other games emotes, can't wait to see proper ones that players would actually enjoy using after they pass mr2, have you seen how adorable dancing Octavia looks lol
  13. Older frames were made during a different time in Warframe, the game changed but the frames remained the same. Reworks have been promised though for some of the rarely seen frames so let's wait and see how it goes, once the likes of Atlas and Wukong are relevant we might see reworks or buffs for mid tiers like Frost
  14. Lex p is a easily farmable secondary that's precise and deadly enough to do the challenge, all you need are some basic damage mods+ a zoom and suppressor mod, use any archwing on PoE and take your time. For Nova you need negative strength for speed and strength for slow, I use power donation aura+overextended for speed and intensify+power drift for slow
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