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  1. That sucks but Stalker drops are far from the rarest items in the game. Just buy a few stalker beacons and farm them, or add me I'll use mine, don't have any use for them since I got the ephemera
  2. Feel free to correct me if you're 100% certain I'm wrong, but I remember DE themselves saying Nightwave was meant for veterans before everyone came to cry on the forums about how they didn't get showered in rewards for doing barely anything most of the time. And again, one of my suggestions is a choice between regular and hard so he's players can still farm their auras and Nitains while anyone like myself who wants a challenge can get one
  3. Wouldn't that lead to a farming meta where everyone farms whatever gives the most xp and finishes the Nightwave within a week or so before completing about burnout on the forums? Whatever the reason, casual is casual and no one part of the community should be abandoned for the sake of another, which is why I also suggested the one where we get to choose a difficulty so it's entirely up to the players on wether or not they want to grind for their rewards. I'm also basically a casual, I don't go over an hour in any endurance and usually play a hour or two per day but I hate how they're nerfing the challenges that imo weren't even that difficult except for the ones where we had to gild stuff, everything else were things we did quite regularly including quests with friends
  4. From what I've heard the next Nightwave is going to cater to the casuals who are only willing to put in a few hours a week but want everything the rest of us spend months to get, that isn't a good step forward, remember that the casuals aren't the ones who keep your game relevant, it's those who are willing to put the time and effort into it for meaningful rewards. So what I propose is to either A -have a Nightwave that scales with player level, meaning a lv5 will get a objective to play survival for 10 minutes and get 100 endo while a of 25 will get a objective to play a 1 hour survival but will get 1000 endo as a reward. These are just placeholders so don't think I'm saying 1k endo is enough to justify a 1 hour survival but you get the idea. or B -have two tracks that players can choose from and will be locked into and can't opt out of later on, and it works similar to the above suggestion but instead of level based quests and rewards you can choose one depending on how much time you have to spare.
  5. So we're still doing the "ooh, piece of candy" thing with the tennogen huh *Sad noises*
  6. Oh they spawn there? I heard it's a survival but never actually did it
  7. I'll try there, any idea how long before they spawn? Bought Harrow with a coupon so I've never farmed that mission besides for sorties
  8. So I finally got smoking body ephemera but of course you need a part from arguably the hardest frame to farm in order to build it, and I have his chassis and neuroptics but not the part I need,I tried doing Opella Uranus but didn't see anyone even after 20 minutes. Is there any node that guarantees a Manic spawn that I can farm? Hopefully something that doesn't take an hour to spawn them, thanks
  9. Hey while we're at it let's enable friendly fire across the board so players can 'accidentally' kill their teammates for no good reason specially on high level missions like Arbitrations, would be fun right?
  10. *looks at 75% coupon* Yeah it was a easy grind tbh, took like two button presses to get her idk what all the fuss was about
  11. You need to equip one in game and log out of the forums and log back in to see it, look around for Glyph codes, there are a few posts here and there with plenty of partner glyphs
  12. Haven't tried her yet (obviously) but I don't see how they can be compared, one is a support/defence frame and the other is a DPS right?
  13. Personally didn't mind doing a few chores once in a while and imo the reason players got burnt out was because there was no end date for Nightwave at the time so everyone was panic grinding to not miss out on the forma. Imo what would make Nightwave desirable is to make a bunch of very difficult yet possible objectives and reward players with unique weapons and gear for completing them instead of the usual stuff we already have in abundance, so many other games have these things known as exotics but all Warframe has are recolours of existing stuff like vandals and wraiths and such, gimme a damn Ace of spades already :(
  14. Ikr, they're adding QoL improvements to places nobody wanted but nothing about the damn foundry that everyone uses and really needs a upgrade
  15. Look at every character in the game with a huge butt (almost all of them) and then try to imagine why they didn't try to make it universal lol, also pink Rhinos are too much already
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