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  1. This game is made in such a way that it's impossible to give veterans a challenge without stripping away all our mods and making us use MK1 weapons and regular Warframes to play the missions, but even then players will find ways to cheese it lol. Only way to give a challenge is to make a new game without mods and have better enemy variety and scaling so we can't just "press 4 to win" everything but ofcourse that'll never happen.
  2. Well the Corpus and Grineer are as old as the Orokin and Tenno and probably know a lot about the Warframes and their origins, and since the majority of them are just robots or clones with little brain functionality they probably don't give two damns about our power. Civilians on the other hand probably treat the Tenno and Warframes as guardians and demigods because we're always there to help them out when nobody else would, the people of Cetus are a good example. As for a cult worshipping us there's technically the Arbiters and the Veil, even though they like sending hit squads at us without hesitation they still see the Warframe and Rell as some kind of higher beings i think
  3. Nope, it's in the world state window to the left of sorties in the syndicate mission tab
  4. But so is Sanctuary Onslaught but we get a shortcut to that. There's literally no excuse for them to not allow this imo
  5. Yeah their reasoning for not adding this much requested QoL is pretty stupid as well, if relays won't be used if access to the simulacrum was put elsewhere then they need to give them actual damn reasons to visit like adding more activities and shops and stuff, also make each relay hold one syndicate each so we won't use one relay to visit them all, would make more sense lore wise as well
  6. Yeah I haven't touched sorties in a LONG time for this exact reason. The item shop is a nice idea for a possible fix to the anasa plague
  7. Are you playing in a squad together or joining Maroo's separately?
  8. Sharkwing is a nightmare in regular water, imagine how awful it'll be if they force us to use it in the coolant at some point lol
  9. True, link mods exist but the frame you're using isn't always the best 'host' so it would be nice if the pets shared the buffs when we pick them up or if they run through the reservoirs
  10. Adaptation and umbral mods aren't necessary for a good Nova build tbh. I personally use, Growing power aura, primed continuity, narrow minded, molecular fission, constitution, power drift, intensify, augur message, vitality and speed drift for my slow build. Power donation aura, and replace the strength mods with overextended and enemy sense for my speed build. Enemy sense and speed drift and such are personal preference so you can swap for something else if you want, these builds only cost me three forma to get and they give the 90% DR and 96.8m range to her 4. You can also use the speed build as a portal Nova for teleporting stuff on the plains or whatever.
  11. I see many of the complaints here is about not being able to kill stuff in the rift, but doesn't Warframe abilities bypass it though? And Saryn happens to be a popular pick in kuvival. But a tip for Limbo is to run max duration and negative range with the help of narrow minded, the bubble is still big enough to cover the extractor and doesn't get in the way of your trigger happy teammates either. Also use black as a energy colour for everyone's sake, you aren't dazzling anyone with that bright pink bubble, same can be said about people's weapons but that's another topic
  12. My neighbor called and asked why there are letters coming through my wall into his garden...
  13. Just bring a max duration Loki and a AOE like Amprex or Catchmoom and keep an eye on your cooldown, not that difficult
  14. If there's a full team you can have about three of those defector groups spawn back to back iirc (bought him with a coupon so I've only played the mode for sorties), I'd recommend going with a bless Trinity and hard hitting aoe weapons to clean up enemies faster, also bring a spectre if you insist on going solo
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