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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question about daily tribute's when given the choice between prime sure footed primed shred & another prime mod at the time I chose prime sure footed because I was tired of the enemy knocking me down etc. My question is will prime shred be offered along the way again especially since we can't by it?
  2. Several of us have been unable to trade blueprint's due to a glitch in the game saying that we're not high enough mastery rank I'm mr 24 they're mr 15 it said mr 8 & higher so what's going on with this??
  3. Thanks so much going to try this again & he's rank 30. Have a blessed evening.
  4. Thanks for taking care of that & 1 question pls? When I equip Ash Prime & go into Leverian to grab his Prex Card it doesn't show up. Ivara Prime also. Pls fix these thanks so much. Pls stay safe.
  5. Hello we didn't get Protea this update, when will she be available for us?
  6. Good morning Danielle how are you doing amistad this crazy virus mess? I 'm just wondering if there are any plans to fix the glitch of our gear wheel for example when we select something & it throws out something else.
  7. How about a mummy themed warframe? Changeable colors for his layers of their wraping. Also have a unique head dressing where we're able to colorize those layers, it would totally be great fun & creativity will go through the roof.
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