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  1. I need to clean my eyes with kuva, ew
  2. Some frames are allowed to be broken op, others remain weak/useless/boring and de seems hellbent on keeping it this way. Welcome to wf
  3. Same here with ceti lacera, but in my case i hated the event so bad I didn't bother farming enough points for it
  4. I fell in love with this game, but lately i realised destiny respects my time far more
  5. After putting 3k hours into warframe, i can honestly say it wasn't worth it, I agree with your take. Here's a common misconception tho, DE isn't some unknown small indie team. In fact they earn just as much as bungie, they get away with any false promises and micro transactions for which other companies this big would be roasted alive for. The problem lies with the community, like LOR said you get waves of new players with tonnes of stuff to do, that lead nowhere. They turn into so called 'vets' that complain about lack of difficulty and engame, but get shut down by the influx of new
  6. At this point it's not even warframe, just a S#&$ty 'animal' hunting simulator
  7. Im kinda pissed about all the pain we had to go through to get neberous ephemera and now its just given away for nothing
  8. Sorry to bother anyone coming across this, but on market there's an active sale and i can't find anything that it applies to; can't find answers on google either. Anyone mind enlightening me?
  9. Infested charger, it was the first pet i ever got in wf
  10. Just give up they probably forgot already
  11. Condemn, harrows sub. One press of a button for free shield gate
  12. Probably best for defence and interception tilesets, lots of nice open space
  13. Or when i transfer back to umbra i loose control and the game kinda plays itself. Unable to do anything and always have to do a hard reset
  14. Yeah i get that in orb vallis, limbo is just useless for me there
  15. Who cares tbh, any frame is now viable.
  16. Using a non nuke volt and having other nuke frames intentionally go up to me, 'look' me in the face and spam their nuke. Mostly Saryns or Equinoxes. And calling me toxic for calling them out on ruining fun
  17. Speed volt+ eternal warcry. My hand are tired from spamming B
  18. Bruh de could cut these ppls legs off and they'd thank em for loosing weight. Don't expect anyone to take your suggestion seriously
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