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  1. Shrug. It's their content and their business...if they want us to not play it, they can keep this type of thing right up. No skin off my nose.
  2. Way to punish early adopters, like always. Thanks so much 🙄
  3. Is this that terrible railjack defense mission map? I've honestly forgotten because of how bad and unfun it is to play resulting in almost no playtime devoted to the mission...but if so, yes, everyone hates that poorly thought-out trash.
  4. No arguments here, Warcry Valk P is my most played frame and ate some of my first umbra forma. I don't want any of the new 'mind this meter' BS reworks they've inflicted on some frames, but getting hysteria fixed and her claws in a better place would be really nice.
  5. It's not either-or. With these mods getting nerfed, the justification for keeping them off exalted melees is gone too. WW is apparently OK as-is, meaning it too is fine for inclusion. Exalted weapons either need massive buffs across the board, or to be treated just like normal for modding.
  6. Rest assured, it will be an obnoxious amount of grind.
  7. A 50% drop in a key stat is not ever going to be extremely small. They've knocked the weapon's ability to apply AoE status by roughly half. And we know why they did: they want to further nerf CO. Why is it so difficult for them to be honest about it?
  8. "an extremely small change" is a hilarious way to describe cutting the Kuva Nukor's number of chained beams in half. I am so glad I didn't waste any time or plat on getting a 60% nukor, because of course this is the way DE respects their player's investment.
  9. I certainly won't be surprised if the CorpLich update totally flops, but it seems like we should at least let them release it before deciding.
  10. You can literally turn off other Octavias' songs in Audio Options.
  11. It's rare to see so much [citation required] all at once. Good job! But seriously, you don't have to kill anything to spawn acolytes and can merrily stealth around harming nobody and (absent one of the many spawn bugs for them) they'll still spawn. The timer is also significantly random - sometimes they spawn 2 minutes and change into a round, sometimes the first one only spawns 30 seconds after the start of the second round, etc. That a later spawn happened to coincide with the "exact moment of killing a unit later" means exactly nothing. As you may one day realize, the neither the singula
  12. And they'll spawn on that timer even if you haven't killed anything. Don't spout off without actually being right, it misinforms others and should embarrass you.
  13. Don't worry about it, unless those 300% increases are multiplicative or something, that whole mod concept is completely DOA.
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