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  1. Any RNG stats on rare drops are...more often a source of resigned depression than proud elation. But fixed RNG stats on rare drops are literally the worst thing added to the game yet (and I've solo researched hema).Go the riven route and let us re-roll stats on these things using dirac; we have enough of it with no other purpose. Go a variant of the kuva weapon route and let us dissolve a lesser version of a component into a preferred version of the same component, yielding a guaranteed (+RNG amount, +fixed amount, whatever...just guaranteed) buff to the preferred version (e.g., dissolve a 30/10 vidar mk III into a 80/20 vidar mk III for a 90/40 vidar mk III or something). At least that way every rare drop will offer some positive feedback. Let us blend up 4 reactors, guns, shields, or engines of any house into a random *new* item of the same type (and add some transmutation core type drops for locking in the house type while you're at it).Just. Fix. This. Grind.
  2. The consistency with which you guys miss the point is exceeded only by such misses' magnitude; both boggle the mind.
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