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  1. Because it was a choice that was then available. I was still going to choose Smeeta 100% of the time, but there was a choice to be made. Now there's not.
  2. Pubs are free for all's. You're free to be slow, they're free to yell at you for it, and you're free to ignore them and/or yell back.
  3. Even that's a stretch. Just because the game doesn't expressly spoon-feed players the information doesn't mean it was "unintended" that those paying attention to the game's mechanics understand how they work and play accordingly.
  4. The drone is still spawning at one of its DE-determined spawn points, so it's hard to see how this is a problem.
  5. No, I said I don't even have to pick. That was a dumb change and I'm not going to stop making fun of it any chance I get.
  6. You could have just said that, to yourself, and skipped this whole post. Smeeta wins because a chance at more loot is better than...literally anything else on tap. I don't need energy, ammo, pocket desecrate, more reliable crit buffs, plant scanning, or any of the other various options. Since they nerfed Deconstructor synergy, I don't even have to pick between better loot and better melee. I can do all that some other way, and do it better. What I can't do any other way is double, quadruple, or once in a blue moon even more almost any drop I'm playing the game to collect. It's too late for them to remove or nerf Charm - a lot of us already are right at the line of f@#$ my time investment, this game and this company suck - but there's literally nothing else they can add that can compete with it. It's the one thing we have no other way to accomplish.
  7. Any melee frame + crit/status CO viral polearm + status spreader of your choice. If you want to farm SE easily, grineer survival is the way to go (Corpus has nullies and infested has too many eximus effects).
  8. You can see the hound's head, body, legs, and tail in the codex. I agree it doesn't make much sense that they're not explicitly named in there, too, but DE's terrible UI philosophy is what it is.
  9. Doing lich spawn runs anything but solo seems pretty braindead, but whatever floats your boat. This whole thread of delicious salt does make me want to go dust off my nuke Saryn tho, so thanks for that.
  10. No, it was a good direction a month ago. Now it's just too little too late.
  11. This is incorrect. The reason AoE primary weapons are so effective right now is because they're finally benefiting from that same positive feedback loop as melee. Slot in your kill-conditional arcane and mods, kill stuff to spool up, then use/maintain it by Zarring everything in sight. The Kuva Zarr would still be good without the merciless arcane and galv mods, of course, but it wouldn't have the amazing burst damage you're whining about.
  12. All you're proving is that we used to be able to farm eximus for SE super easy. For once, DE decided to screw the late adopters rather than the early adopters.
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