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  1. How, if at all, is the Mod Drop Chance booster planned to interact with endo drops (endo being treated as a mod for drop tables and existing resource boosters)?
  2. No. Put all this in the vitus essence shop where it belongs.
  3. You have no personal knowledge as to what DE intended; claiming you do suggests the rest of your point is similarly baseless. We do know DE (a) intended for rivens to be tradeable between players for plat, because that's the system DE implemented; and (b) knew rivens would have a huge impact on endgame play, because they've spent significant amount of time and resources on balancing rivens on an ongoing basis. You cannot seriously suggest DE thought anything would happen with rivens other than players grinding for the most desirable rivens/stats, and those in turn becoming a significant portion of the player economy that is facilitated almost exclusively by purchased plat (non-purchased plat not being tradeable, and few trades being item/mod bartered for item/mod). Accordingly, the most reasonable reading of DE's intention w/r/t rivens is they would -- whatever else they added to the game -- increase plat purchases, being the biggest (albeit indirect, as they're not sold by DE) P2W aspect of Warframe and players thus wanting to be able to buy them from other players. If DE wanted rivens to not become the dominant force in the plat-facilitated player economy that they so obviously are, DE would have made them like Umbral mods -- untradeable.
  4. Thank you for confirming I should not be buying plat.
  5. Yeah, this is trash. And of course no mention of such a change in the notes or otherwise.
  6. It's not either/or. Uncovering this stuff day-of is pathetic, unprofessional half-assedness even if the event is bugged for every platform under the sun. Delaying platform X because of an issue/delay exclusive to platform Y is also unacceptable, but for different reasons.
  7. You'll forgive me if I assume that's BS, specifics-free ***-covering by a community manager desperate to quell community outrage a bit, given the earlier clear, specific statements this was an Xbox issue. But whatever makes you feel better 🙂
  8. Great! DE didn't feel like sharing that information with us, but maybe you'll deign to?
  9. The feeling is mutual, "fam"...kindly feel free to stay there.
  10. And if this was a bug affecting the PC build, you'd have a point. It isn't; you don't.
  11. True, but it would be nice to be able to have various ranks of each.
  12. Revive tokens apparently reset to their former drop locations after a host migration, so if you're planning to stay solo after the rest of the team extracts, you'll quickly become covered with them and unable to get rid of them. Very poorly considered mechanic.
  13. Yet another person here who had a perfectly functional Xbox One controller earlier today, and now cannot use the controller at all following the patch.
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