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  1. I disagree, I'm MR26 and haven't done all the new Amps from little duck so this benefits me.
  2. Except, what if the aura you wanted showed up at 2am when you were asleep. You missed it and you don't know when it will come back. Yeah this may take longer but it is more reliable than alerts.
  3. I guess I just don't understand what's the big deal when it comes to that. If you really really want those rewards, you have to put in effort to get them. Not everything will be handed to you.
  4. Perhaps it never made you happy to begin with. Happiness and fun is subjective. It's only asking you to do what is part of the game already.
  5. Yes I do. It means that you need to do Fortuna content so you can complete the challenge next time it comes up.
  6. But that doesn't make any sense, you can easily get a toxin mod or trade for it. I think people should just put the time they're putting into complaining and put it towards advancing in the game.
  7. Because it's an elite challenge and skipping it is not going to hurt you getting all the rewards, just you won't get them as fast. This could be a good opportunity for you guys to get to the point to do these elite challenges. You guys complain you're getting locked out of content but aren't even playing the content you are given. Go rank up with SU And show those Orb mothers who's boss! 😄
  8. You can download the companion app and build while you are away from the game. That's how I build my arcanes while I'm at work.
  9. If you want to make sure your team mates stay for a specific amount of time, recruitment chat is the only way to do that. It's not hard, plus you might meet new friends who have similar goals such as yourself. You won't get that if you just go public. You never did before this update either. Also the five minute limit to join is that so you can't join a game and get the C rotation reward and then leave.
  10. Not when you're looking at it from people who still haven't done the second dream. Compare the normal alert rewards in a given week vs the nighwave challenges and then scrap elite weeklys and even some normal ones because you aren't near or at endgame. Except some of the alerts appeared on nodes on planet's that new players haven't unlocked yet either, so I don't know how this is any different. Yeah you may be unlocking things a little slower but in the end you're able to see and pick what you like.
  11. You can turn down or turn off a lot of these effects in your options menu.
  12. For the type of game Warframe is, which is a fast pace kill everything game, I would say no, since that is the objective. Now I agree it's no fun when everyone else is doing the killing and you're at that point really just a spectator, so in that case I'd go to recruiting, find someone around your same level and play some missions with them.
  13. I think you're kind of grasping at straws now. Aura mods are not mandatory. They're certainly helpful with mod capacity but you can play the game with out them. Also the aura mods are cheap if I recall, so you should get at least two when you hit rank 3. Which for newer player may take them some time to get there, but it's something they can work towards. And the game does, albeit poorly, tell the playing in the upgrade screen how to get the damage types and where to find duel stat mods in the codex. I guess I just don't understand why everyone is in such a hurry to get everything right away. Things always comes back around, so if you missed it the first time it will be available again later.
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