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  1. There are some people that take video games way too seriously.
  2. How though? This is an opt in mechanic. If your warframes are already powerful enough then you don't need it and don't have to use it.
  3. No this one is no longer redeemable. However if you go to Warframe's main website and log in, you can go to warframe.com/promocode and type it in there and get it.
  4. You can also put in codes via the website as well. You don't need to be ingame for it.
  5. There's also recruit chat that you can ask people if they are willing to open a specific relic.
  6. Recruit chat is your friend. Invite others. Bam, always host.
  7. Oh no, the humanity of pressing five links a month. The horror...
  8. Sounds like you had a bad connection, try adjusting your ping limit.
  9. Did you only purchase the accessories pack or did you buy both of them?
  10. How about you be patient and read up about timezones in the meantime.
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