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  1. Steve is my favorite! He has such a passion for Warframe that it makes me feel happy every time he talks about it. He and the rest of the team love Warframe so much and it does show.
  2. Bulle jumping came from a major bug that flung you across the room.
  3. Except this isn't Nightwaves fault. Not every game can conform to your schedule. To be honest if that was my schedule I probably wouldn't make gaming a hobby of mine. Not enough time to play. Even then, night wave is not hard. I'm already on rank 6 and I've only done half the weeks objectives. Get people to help you complete them so you can get caught up for when you do have time to play.
  4. No offence dude, I completed over half of the weekly missions in just about an hour of play. And I have a full time job, parents and a house to take care of. If you complete all the challenges the previous week's ones come back. This isn't about Nightwave, it's about you and not scheduling right.
  5. If you know what you're doing this takes about 15 minutes to complete. Look up guides on how to complete it.
  6. You mean use just one one the many hundreds of specters I have? Yeah that's really hurting me.
  7. I'll have to watch this later. I really enjoyed the first one.
  8. This is not true. You should have an archwing by the time you hit MR3. What might be better is limiting when you can do Railjack missions. Like you can't do Railjack until after the War Within quest. Something along that nature. It is high level enemies.
  9. Maybe it's because only you are having these issues.
  10. They had six months to fill it out. Lol Since console gets the Railjack update then I'm sure Nightwave season 3 will be released.
  11. You will have to contact support. Nobody here on the forums can do anything about this.
  12. Looking at your thread you may want to consider your own advice.
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