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  1. Okay? And? If you don't want your sentinel to die, don't go in the line of fire. It's as simple as that.
  2. The reason sentinels keep dying so fast is players keep going head first into groups of enemies. Try not engaging in close combat if you can. They'll survive a lot longer than expected.
  3. Yeah you must be new around here cause a good chunk of Tenno would absolutely think they have to complete them all so more would actually be worse.
  4. Depends on how quickly you can get Arcanes from the new Railjack mode. You used the word "personally", others may find it useful. In order to unbind focus skills you need these, they also don't take up your daily cap when you use them.
  5. I mean, they have arcanes, riven transmuters, and shards that you can trade for focus. I think that's a lot.
  6. This took me like less than an hour to do. It's really not that hard. You can spend about an hour playing it, or even skip it cause it doesn't really take that long to rank up in nightwave.
  7. A waste of plat. You can't be on every day of the year. Most of that would go to waste.
  8. As foolish as you just did? Be the better Tenno.
  9. "There is no difference in the regular and prime version except the three that I mentioned"
  10. Pretend this comment is a "haha" reaction to this comment.
  11. It should just be a small hotfic tomorrow, everything is in the game already.
  12. Sounds like you're the one that has issues, bud. A video game should never make you feel this way. I would look into another hobby if this is how you feel.
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