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  1. Yeah, I know this this old tips in loading screen, but still, in another thread they changed the info about paladino in the hotfix, to not confuse the players...
  2. Too much care thet they not checked the nekros abilities in conclave, he not even have shadows in conclave... Anyway, they need fix the arca plasmor bugs in PVE and should disable for PVP until be fixed...
  3. After skips the lua transition in plato, the lua transition animation never was stopped:
  4. Leoffta

    Another conclave post - rewards locked behind dead mode

    Just in NA, try find a match going in SA server.
  5. Arca plasmor got a lot bugs and buffs in PVE, and for sure a lots bugs in PVP... But just a monority play the PVP, and for sure they not care about this mode, because is unfun and hard to balance...
  6. Leoffta

    Another conclave post - rewards locked behind dead mode

    Funny, We can't farm... in a farming game... Anyway, who will report if nobody play the mode?
  7. Leoffta

    Another conclave post - rewards locked behind dead mode

    Great idea, thanks 😄
  8. Leoffta

    Another conclave post - rewards locked behind dead mode

    Only have people in NA server and play a pvp with 400 ping with try-hard with 50 and veteran is waste of time, 0 kill gives very low rep zzz
  9. Leoffta

    John Prodman Killing himself

    Weird, because enemies always teleport when touch the invisible insta-kill hit-box in the cliff... he probably not touch it and got stuck in above the index tile set (Is possible get below the index tile-set, I reported but DE not care...)
  10. Leoffta

    Miscommunication on leaving an Arbitration

    You only not get the resourse that you picked in the mission, but still get all drop rewards (Credits, Arbitrations mods, endo, Ayatan Sculpture), the only problem is that mission log is bugged and show no reward...
  11. Leoffta

    Octavia and Spy missions... WDF!?!

    In inside enemy mind: "Oh my god, conga!"
  12. Leoffta

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

    Why adaptation now grants damage resistance to the enemy instead for me?
  13. Nah, before get broken mods I died with 8 specters, arcane guardian and with full Shield/HP with Mirage Prime (Who not get the buff of 300% strength of mirage in arbitrations), and all specters just vanish if happen a host migration... But if I get control of my clem specter after dead for sure this will be OP... And Air support sucks, and I not have xiphos like the 1000 logins guys...