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  1. Oh the irony. And now what is a reasonable standard you would say people need to be disabled to have a right to use macros. And this standard is proven how exactly? I do, but when I meet one, I don't mind telling them. I do not see how I would be illogical in my stance to not ban them, when I'm saying not to ban them, they are useful for multiple reasons. Well this is the message what you were sending, you said that you understand that people have conditions that might need this and still said that it needs to be out right banned. I do not know how I can assume something else when you say this?
  2. You clearly hate people with disabilities or/and illnesses. And also you seem to hate people who do not wish the get injuries from this spammy af game. Do you even think before you write? Do you even know what medical conditions are and how they can affect people? I have not seen this, but I do believe this exist. But with this nice strawman argument here you can nicely avoid all real arguments about the matter. And I can finally see where the "illogical" part in your name comes from. So people who have or are developing health issues are not allowed to play or need to be in great disadvantage because that makes sense? You will probably not like mine either but this attitude deserve it. And without explanation we cannot know, this is why this comment sounds really narrow minded where you just want those with disabilities and such not to be able to play even close to how others can. But please do tell me how you want your game to look so pretty with nice shaders, that is the most important part. (Even tho I do not disagree, I still think there are more important matters than nice shaders)
  3. Have you ever played nidus in long survival, he gets 15 stacks back under 20sec. And yes loki needs to hide his decoy (so? tactical thinking is required oh no!) and has cooldown, just like oberon has cooldown. So taking these into account, wukong could also have cooldown. And what is this about armor now, you do know that oberon also increases armor and can be turned into umbral oberon as well... so whats the point and oberon is famous by the fact that he has ABSOLUTELY NO HEALING ABILITIES... seriously. And what comes to he djinn, it also has cooldown YES, but the crying was about the amount off revives, so with djinn the amount of revives would be infinite. So now that out of the way, what was the point? I said they need to buff it to same lvl as other abilities that does the same thing. In this case cooldown based passive could work. Or make it based on death LIKE OTHER REVIVE ABILITIES, oberon and loki. Or make it so you can get monkey charges back LIKE NIDUS. But the point is that the way it is now makes it one time use ability which is not the point of passive abilities because it stops working after you use it.
  4. I agree that it as the game is right now, nuke frames are too powerful, not because they kill too fast, but because number of enemies is way too low for 4 players and because game is so heavily focused on kills alone. I think there should be some sort of rebalance so support and cc frames would be more useful. I do not know how exactly this should be done, but I would rater increase complexity of missions and higher amount of enemies and well as more enemies that can take heavy punishment from aoe abilities (like nox). For example making game mode like defense duration based instead of kill all enemies would make cc frames much more useful. This also means that there should be more noticeable difficulty curve in missions the further you move in starchart. For example when you start doing t2 in starchar maybe if we take the defense example waves could be time based and moving that to t3 maps the amount and frequency of enemy spawn would increase and maybe add a mini boss every x waves and that to dark sector and t4 map, there could be real bosses added as well. That just on top of my head, sound reasonable? And what comes to specters, last time I checked you need to have all 3 weapons equipped to craft specter, this was when I tried to make secondary only specter 3 months ago.
  5. This is already a thing. It's already a company policy that no fun allowed, why you want to enforce this? This as well, everything has to be done slowly and in game that only has one game mode which is kill everything? But I agree with other points, I would also like to add that more customization for specters so players can choose which abilities specters would use, or which weapon (I have never over the years seen any specter use secondary) And more life support drops for survival missions, survival should be about managing to survive enemies not trying to find enemies which are bugged half map away and don't drop you life support when you find them. (I know this can be countered with enemy radar mods, but forcing ppl to use these without even telling that this help enemy path finding is lame.)
  6. OP? You do realize there are frames like nidus who has infinite revives? Or oberon who has cd on his rev? Lokis savior decoy is also cd ability which saves from death. And the way it is now means its not passive, its 1 time use ability, thats not how passive ability should work. Edit, also by that logic, djinn + sacrifice + the one mod that revive djinn after few mins means infinite revives as well, should that be removed?
  7. This passive suck, it should atleast refresh when you die, passive that you use once and its gone for the mission is compleately useless in long runs.
  8. Not sure, but they work for pets, and didnt they say defensive buffs on you work on twin as well?
  9. Still arcanes not working with celestial twin.
  10. Why are arcanes not working on specter is this by design or some bug?
  11. After testing a little I can say I like the rework everything else seems to be working nicely together but two things I would still change. Defy dmg feel rly low. I know its not ment to be be all kill all ability but still maybe it could scale dmg from iron staff mods? And passive that becomes useless after it procs three times seems kinda useless in long runs, maybe 3 times and then refresh when you die for good?
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