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  1. Could we get this added to the per-character loadout configs? It'd make swapping between activities, seemingly what loadouts are supposed to be for, a hell of a lot quicker and easier to manage.
  2. Ahh of course, Ivara the tree frog... war... bird? It looks decent but it doesn't look right for Ivara
  3. Reinstalled. 7 Armaros runs later I have the blueprint. That feels better.
  4. Have quit until problems like these get fixed
  5. Still no resolution to this bug. Please fix.
  6. Still no resolution to this bug. Please fix.
  7. I've lost count of how many juggernauts I've killed. Fortunately I counted a lot of them, so far up to 56 killed with no blueprint. That's less than a 0.3% chance to have NOT seen the blueprint drop. I tried submitting a bug report ticket but was given the same copy/paste reply twice and was told to post about it here if I want to contact developers.... This is utterly ridiculous. I see people have had the exact same issue and magically find a blueprint after they make a post here so here's hoping the magic response is a lot better than the support line (Sorry Jahn, you suck)
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