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  1. Maybe it's an optimisation problem from the game, who knows...
  2. I believe it's a laptop issue, years ago when I used to play on a desktop I never had an issue. It's just sad because my laptop has good specs that can run with ease many demanding games while warframe doesn't seem to be working on it.
  3. I've been having problems like you do on my laptop for so long as well, but no one seemed to care about it. Sometimes, a restart is fixing it, another user on reddit told me to turn off shader cache. I think it improved the whole experience a bit ,but it introduced stuttering. It used to happen after 1-2 hours of gameplay but since the latest update it has become so random, and it seems to be specific things that trigger it. From my understanding, it happens when looking at some certain tiles/objects, frametime goes up but go back to normal when you don't look at it. Edit: And it looks th
  4. I noticed that when you're on a lobby and someone leaves, your archweapon doesn't apply mods after host migration. Works fine while using the archweapon with a warframe though.
  5. Hello, I began playing the game after a yearlong break and I've been getting a very annoying issue which you can witness on the video. While I can maintain on the highest settings stable 144 fps after sometime or at specific places my FPS are getting massacred. I'm playing on a DELL G5 laptop with an i7 9750h, NVIDIA RTX 2070maxQ and 16GB RAM. I tried verifying and optimising from the launcher with no luck. My nvidia drivers are 457.09. Is there a fix or something to help me with this problem? Video Edit: I disabled steam overlay and MSI afterburner, ran the same mission and it
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