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  1. Yeah, regional prices have been increased as that was their intention. The support representative that replied to my ticket mentioned that they couldn't increase it while Wukong PA was running. Hence, when Wukong PA ended and Atlas PA launched, that's when they finally had the opportunity to make the regional price adjustments.
  2. I got a response from DE support and they clarified that there were indeed regional price increases and that they had adjusted the Atlas Prime Access packs to reflect it.
  3. I'm from the Philippines and also noticed a price increase on the Tectonics, and Rumblers packs after a few hours. I posted a question asking for some clarity on the change in their announcement post:
  4. Question for DE: When Atlas Prime access launched, it wasn't immediately available on Steam. After an hour or so it was made available on Steam but I observed that the price for the Tectonics, and the Rumblers packs were more expensive in Steam that what were listed in the Warframe Prime Access store page. The prices listed for Atlas Prime Access packs in the Waframe PA store page were identical to the previous Wukong Prime Access packs. Now upon checking after a few hours have passed, I noticed that the prices listed for the Tectonics, and the Rumblers packs in the Warframe PA store page have increased - and are now identical to the previously, more expensive listings in the Steam store page. Was this price increase correct? Was the adjustment made only for regionally priced store pages? I hail from Philippines so I see the regional prices on both Steam and Warframe store pages. I saw another user (hailing from Malaysia) ask about a similar price increase observed for the packs here:
  5. Wukong Prime Access still up in Warframe Steam store page instead of Atlas Prime Access. What's the release schedule for this on Steam?
  6. Why not just bring back the option for a "Full Melee Mode" as a manual toggle like before? This way the default mode is the new, quick firearm-to-melee and vice-versa (not the old "quick melee"), and then the old "full melee mode" which is purely melee that has manual blocking and doesn't switch out to primary/secondary weapons automatically. The latter lead to the loss of controlled aerial blocking with melee weapons unless you went in mission having only a melee weapon equipped. It's been 6 months since this gameplay change was implemented and no further concrete plans seem to have been given in response to the feedback in this thread. Hopefully something before this year ends?
  7. Awesome. I was afraid that the required amount of codex scans for the new boss was an oversight when the update rolled out. Looking forward to more QoL changes!
  8. Hmm. Ok. IMO, it's still a big difference compared to other bosses' amount of scans to complete their codex entries. They should at least put up some flavor text on that new boss, given that the new zealot enemy and this new zealot boss have the same character model.
  9. So, the new Nightwave assassination mission has 2 new enemies for codex: 1 mob, 1 boss However, both of them require *30* (that's right *thirty*) scans to complete their codex entries. I know this game is grindy but 30 scans to complete the codex entry for a boss that only appears when the timed assassination mission is present?
  10. I think this is how to reproduce the bug of not being able to see the crafting materials in Foundry: 1. Open the app 2. Browse any section (Activities, Codex, etc) except Foundry. 3. Access Foundry. 4. Try to tap on any blueprint - it will register the "tap" but will not open the blueprint showing the materials. This is how I am able to view the crafting materials in Foundry: 1. Open the app. 2. Go directly to Foundry - do not try to access any other section. 3. Try to tap on any blueprint - it will open the blueprint and show the materials.
  11. Actually, that's how this unvaulting pack is - it does not seem to have regional pricing configured. Since this unvault is identical to the same set of bundles as last year, it has the same non-regional pricing "issue". I bought this pack last year and found out back then that the price listed was actually ALWAYS in "USD" even if it said "PHP". The Prime access packs, and other unvaulting bundles that came after it had proper regional pricing. As you can see, this one doesn't have it again.
  12. This is literally an identical unvaulting of the same bundle as last year, after Tennocon. Even the store page has the same non-regional pricing listed in contrast to other unvaultings that were offered with proper regional pricing after this bundle last year.
  13. Just to revisit this question for DE with additional information: I haven't changed my DirectX settings on the launcher and it has always been set to DirectX 11. I've always had Ambient Occlusion enabled in the in-game Display options Is this option being deprecated as of Update 25, or removed in a future update? On a different note, I noticed that turning Color Correction ON or OFF does not seem to do anything after Update 25 - whether in Orbiter, missions, relays, etc. Additionally, I've noticed that since the "lighting update" in Update 25 everything else seems darker. I've always had my Brightness and Contrast in-game Display options set to 50 and 50 (default values) respectively. After Update 25, I had to adjust my Brightness to at least 65 to lessen the overly dark shade and lighting. I also observed that increasing Contrast from my default setting of 50, even by little increments, result in very dark shades and lighting close to the point of mostly black/burnt out colors. These observations have persisted since the release of Update 25, up to the latest hotfix to date.
  14. Ticket #1751150: Map/tileset glitch in mission - Adaro, Sedna
  15. I just noticed that the option to toggle Ambient Occlusion is disabled - it is always set to ON/ENABLED. Was this an intentional change with the latest update?
  16. Given the quirk with auto-blocking, and the loss of air-gliding (it switches to your guns and performs an aim-glide instead), when having primary/secondary weapons equipped aside from a melee weapon, why not just give an option (or bring back the option) to have a toggle for FULL-melee mode. Manual blocking with melee is possible only when you don't have other weapons equipped - which DE had introduced in a patch after the introduction of the melee phase 1 change. However, auto-blocking becomes disruptive for players who prefer to have not just a melee-weapon equipped - especially if the melee weapon has a useful charge attack mechanic. The auto-block just outright interrupts the charge attack. Keep the melee/gun free-flow switch mechanic - it was a good QoL change, imo. However, please re-introduce the FULL-melee toggle back into the game to allow players to have control of their melee options (manual blocking, air gliding with melee - not suddenly switching to an aim glide, etc) when you have primary/secondary weapons in your loadout.
  17. Great. I'll check it out. Thanks! EDIT: I was able to successfully purchase the pack as a DLC through the game's store page in Steam, and was able to redeem the associated items in-game. One odd thing to note though is that when I look at the list of DLC's attached to Warframe in my steam game library, the Tennocon 2019 Digital Pack is still not listed (contrary to having successfully purchased and redeemed as mentioned). All other packs are there. Should I file a ticket for this to your support (as your team had coordinated with Steam with an earlier store error)? Probably Steam's end still not fully recognizing the DLC that you had published on the game's storepage? Just a minor gripe considering the pack's items have been delivered as mentioned, but an oddity nontheless.
  18. Is the Tennocon 2019 Digital Pack also going to be available as a "DLC" package in Warframe's Steam storepage? I don't see it listed in the game's storepage. I was thinking it would be similar to how the Tennocon 2018 Digital Pack was available (also like Prime Access packs) and are linked to the Steam library.
  19. Hi. Still no fix for the broken textures (and/or lighting?) for beast (kubrow/kavat) companions. This has been the issue since the Chimera update.
  20. Hi. Good day. I just found this thread so I'm posting here instead the questions I raised in one of the Chimera patch threads. I have a couple of questions for DE regarding 2 Factor Authentication (2FA): Will 2FA be required/mandatory when the Fortuna update is released? Will 2FA be required for Steam-linked accounts? Steam already has the option of 2FA. If 2FA is enabled, then is there a way to disable it? Most game and online services have the option to disable 2FA after it is enabled. I've did some searching onilne and found numerous threads about Warframe's 2FA being permanent with no option of being disabled even after contacting your support - this effectively locks a player out of their account should they lose access to the initial email address used. I've also seen threads that mention that since 2FA sends the code via email, there are cases where it is delayed thus the code itself is already expired upon use. Additionally, as many others have pointed out - why not implement 2FA integration with existing providers such as Google, etc? I do appreciate the intent of implementing 2FA for securing our player accounts. However, I am concerned that any outstanding issues with its implementation will actually be detrimental to the players who have it enabled. I hope for responses to the above mentioned concerns, and that we players are provided adequate and clear information regarding its implementation of 2 Factor Authentication. Cheers.
  21. #1457886: Jack-o-naut stuck in tree - Earth tileset
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