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  1. My guess is that we will get the Tennogen with the next mainline, like usually. The anticipation!
  2. Great, hopefully it will be done without longer delays so I can enjoy the next mainline before school starts again.
  3. Well, if they only have 5 hours left, I wouldnt have much hope for today's release. See you on Steve's stream tomorrow.
  4. Dont mind me, I'm just reading the thread like:
  5. I started playing TQ last week when they said they might release the update. I finished the Greek part, now I'm in Egypt and I really take my time with it. I almost finished it yesterday. By the time DE releases this update so I can play Warframe, I will finish Ragnarok. 🤗
  6. Doubt we will get the update today. Tomorrow is more realistic, and I'm honestly hyped for it.
  7. Any news about Tennogen 16? Will it come shortly after this update?
  8. I'm not really the befriending type, so I doubt I will get anything, but I sure will going to give the few people I have something, especially since one of them is too young to be able to purchase anything in Warframe. Happy Tennobaum!
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