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  1. they are going to get rid of channeling soonTM
  2. ah yeah using the shortcut it worked just fine for me with the steam version and overlay on so... idk
  3. check the in game market with discord overlay on
  4. who could possible not be on sp1 i seriously question why anyone wouldn't immediately update to service pack 1 in fact im pretty sure you have to go out of your way to not be on sp1 so what reason could you possibly have to not be on sp1 we better not be losing performance on modern operating systems thanks to this! lol
  5. could we please have a ui element that shows us remaining daily standing for Solaris United and Cetus on there bounty screens
  6. i wish i had a switch and i wish warframe had crossplay
  7. its a fair amount of work to maintain this especially since windows 10 no longer carry's a lot of the dx9 libraries
  8. im okay with waiting until tomarrow at this point take you guys time dont worry about it
  9. WHY CONSECUTIVE AGGGHHH cumulative PLEASE its really hard to get twitch to not error out in the middle of the stream >:l
  10. spread out nidus form changes >:l make them farther apart so theres variation in the way he looks after 10 stacks
  11. now if only you could spread out the visual changes so people can actualy see them instead of just getting to 10
  12. so buy it from a player or farm it the current granularity of the pack is juuuust right imo here go nuts https://warframe.market/
  13. the new somachord sacrifice things arnt working as intended
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