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  1. does the shawzin have a special sound???
  2. but i didnt want the warframe lot abilitys to stack :c
  3. so now we just need to wait for Mother’s Mask to be updated to copy your hair color for its hair color :L
  4. when will we get custom ordering for load out screen also id really love individual toggles for the things creator mode hides because id really like to hide my email without turning creator mode on
  5. oh my god finaly you know how long i have been complaining about this since like 3 months after damage 2.0 came out
  6. no load out dragging and dropping??? also no custom icon?? i really NEED both of these things
  7. 2 things i want to say and i hope someone considers them 1 i would really like the favorites pallet to be on the right side of the same screen as all the colors 2 i would like an option to double or even triple the favorites menu size for platinum or something (without makeing it so that its just a bunch of blank tiles when unpurchased as to avoid annoying people with a wall of checkered squares if they dont want to buy it)
  8. they are going to get rid of channeling soonTM
  9. ah yeah using the shortcut it worked just fine for me with the steam version and overlay on so... idk
  10. check the in game market with discord overlay on
  11. who could possible not be on sp1 i seriously question why anyone wouldn't immediately update to service pack 1 in fact im pretty sure you have to go out of your way to not be on sp1 so what reason could you possibly have to not be on sp1 we better not be losing performance on modern operating systems thanks to this! lol
  12. could we please have a ui element that shows us remaining daily standing for Solaris United and Cetus on there bounty screens
  13. i wish i had a switch and i wish warframe had crossplay
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