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  1. (PS4)xtharbadx

    How to get lenses associated with schools?

    You can get Lens by running bounties in Cetus or Fortuna. Other than that, you can also trade them with other players. It's probably cheap to get them that way since lots of players will have tons of lens around. And btw, none of that is your fault, the game does a terrible job explaining that stuff to begin with. I suggest doing some research in the wiki as that can help you avoid some of those pit falls.
  2. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Leveling Equipment

    Just to clarify, in case it wasn't obvious, that is true only if you want to level up one particular weapon faster. In other words, levelling up 3 weapons ( primary, secondary, melee ) in pararel at the same time, is the same as levelling up one of those weapon at a time in sequence.
  3. (PS4)xtharbadx

    What about player synergy?

    That's exactly what it is. Not sure how you experienced the kind of synergies you mention, but for me that is an extremely rare occasion when playing with randoms. I end up mostly playing just solo by myself, rather than playing solo with others as you describe ( I don't see any advantage on squadding up with randoms unless chasing very specific goals where efficiency makes a big difference, such as XP farming, relic cracking, etc ). The solution to that problem seems to be, well, to make friends. Or use recruitment, which can lead to making friends along the way too. I hope one day DE figures out how to improve match making so that the process of getting into a squad of people that share the same goals and are like minded is easier.
  4. Biz makes money by selling his "conservation" species to Konzu .. you know, for his early lunches. No thanks 😛
  5. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Companion weapon affinity bug?

    As per the wiki, under companion affinity: I just run a mission with a full squad using my new Moa equipped with a new companion weapon from Fortuna, and while the Moa ranked from 0 to 30, the weapon received only a minuscule amount of affinity. Is this a bug or did they change how shared affinity works with companions?
  6. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    There are several secondary weapons that I really like and are fun to use, but I end up not using them precisely because of semi auto. It's way too annoying, specially on a controller. I don't mind if it is on one-shot powerful weapons for particular use cases, but that is generally not always the case for secondaries. Would be awesome if DE addressed this, I'm sure lots of people would use those weapons more ( especially the people on consoles that can't do Macros ). Even if there was a mod that changed semi to auto ... I would probably use it.
  7. (PS4)xtharbadx

    I want to report players for "afk" playing

    I'm confused. Sounds like those players were successfully defending each of their interception points. That's sort of the goal of the mission no? If they move away from their points to yours to help you out, the enemy will capture their points. Seems to me that you just went to the mission unprepared, and while your squad mates managed to protect their interception points, you weren't able. What am I missing here?
  8. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Are simple Macros acceptable?

    This is the closest I've seen to anything "official" ( Warframe partner ): Do keep in mind that it's not the macro itself that can be a problem, but rather how and for what are you using it.
  9. (PS4)xtharbadx

    I lost my platinum!!!

    That's really bad advice. You still keep your previous account as it was, independent from the one on Switch, no reason to do that.
  10. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Wow DE .. just wow ..

    You know that feeling when you look at the time and suddenly you notice that hours have passed without even realising? That was me just now, went to the Vallis on a free roam just to look around and explore. You know, just a few minutes before going to grind some rep. I just extracted. Mission time 3h 45m. w..t..f .. I didn't even do anything productive. Wow. I'm speechless. What you have created with Orb Vallis is amazing, mesmerising even .. I'm blown away with all of it, the environment, the sound, the landscape, *everything*. And those caves, wow.. the caves are just beautiful. Anyways, just wanted to leave here a big THANK YOU to all the team at DE. Keep it coming!
  11. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Devstream 120 Overview!

    How long is going to be the lag between PC and consoles for Fortuna 2.0, especially the heist to fight the Orbs?
  12. (PS4)xtharbadx

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    If you're driving from city A to city B for a meeting on a slow old car, would you leave earlier or arrive late to the meeting and blame it on your slow car? 😛 😛 J/k, love you all 😄
  13. Not Warframe itself. You need some software on your PC to manage that. Sorry I can't help as I don't own a PC, but maybe ask around, many players do this for all kinds of stuff, including auto firing semi auto guns and also melee slide spin2win attacks. I just did a quick Youtube search and this one maybe useful:
  14. If you're on PC you can use Macros for that sort of thing.
  15. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Warframe Prime Time #227: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    What happened to the monster drops?