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  1. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Are simple Macros acceptable?

    This is the closest I've seen to anything "official" ( Warframe partner ): Do keep in mind that it's not the macro itself that can be a problem, but rather how and for what are you using it.
  2. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Cephalon Jizo Deserves A Medal

    Of course I'm speculating, I said exactly that. Read above. I also mentioned worst case scenario, in case you missed it. I don't agree that there will be no competition, this is a really naive assumption based only on the fact that Warframe is F2P.
  3. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Cephalon Jizo Deserves A Medal

    The assumption that Warframe will forever dominate the looter/shooter RPG genre and that there's never anything to worry about is a bit naive, and even risky for DE to assume that. They need to be constantly innovating. If not Anthem, something else will eventually come up and try to capture the player base. The question is, how much of that player base will be lost if Anthem turns out to be awesome? This was mentioned by DE staff ( I think Rebecca, but not sure ) on a lengthy documentary about DE and Warframe. I don't remember all details, but if you haven't watched that documentary, I'd recommend it, it's pretty interesting. True. They will play whatever brings them views/subs/likes/etc. As much as they may really love Warframe ( and some really do ), at the end of the day they need to make a living, and if a fresh game appears within the same genre that shows potential and will appeal to the same player base ( which will typically be their own viewers/subs as well ), then they might focus on that game rather than creating Warframe content when there isn't really much to cover or talk about in "drought" periods. If that has any tangible impact on Warframe .. I doubt it, but can't rule that out as a worst case scenario as said before.
  4. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Cephalon Jizo Deserves A Medal

    It's a cheap way to promote the game. DE doesn't pay those content creators / streamers, with the exception of the occasional sponsorship. Plenty of people watch Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators ( by the large millions ). It's a way to bring new and old players to the game without spending ludicrous amounts of money on marketing campaigns. The point that he, and others, are trying to make is that things are changing. With Anthem, and possibly other future titles, that follow the same game philosophy and borrowing the best that other games have ( including Warframe ), there will be heated competition fighting for the same loyal player base that Warframe has. If these new titles are successful and indeed appeal to the same user base ( we will have to wait and see ), we could potentially see a mass exodus ( yeah, worst case scenario ) of vets that will prefer to try something new rather than sitting on their Orbiter all day. Needless to say, the content creators that are a huge part of how DE promotes Warframe via the community, are also generally Vets - and they do this for a living. They may eventually decide to try out other games/content, which could be bad for DE. ( yes, highly speculative worst case scenario, just making a point )
  5. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Cephalon Jizo Deserves A Medal

    No one noticed how he complained about having everything and nothing to do, and then suggesting "sustainable" content with the same rewards that .. you guessed it.. he already has and doesn't need more ? 😛
  6. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Tennobaum and bad plat?

    Thanks @GnarlsDarkley, I totally missed that option somehow.
  7. Sometimes the green extract marker on the map doesn't show up because there's a yellow extractor mark on top of it. Try to go to the yellow map marker and see if it shows up.
  8. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Tennobaum and bad plat?

    Someone was saying that during Tennobaum players risk having their accounts banned if they happen to receive gifts from someone that has "bad plat". Is this really a thing? If so, how do I make sure no one can send me gifts? Or am I safe since I'm on a console? I always assumed this was a PC problem, but saw some posts of PS4 players being banned for bad plat not long ago, so I don't know anymore if that is still the case.
  9. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Vallis “wanted” level mechanics

    This sounds interesting. I will try it, thanks.
  10. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Vallis “wanted” level mechanics

    That's a different scenario I think. The one I'm talking about isn't related to the beacons, since the wanted level is already maxed out and doesn't drop. Or am I missing something here? Is there a different relation between number of beacons on the map vs. wanted level?
  11. There is a noticeable difference in how enemies spawn and scale when going to farm Toroids solo, depending on which frame I bring. If I go with my Nekros, where I mainly use melee coupled with weapons to help with shields and armor striping, I get swarmed pretty quickly and it doesn’t take long at all for enemies to reach level >100, which is awesome fun and I’ve been having a blast with it. If, however, I bring my Mesa, the way spawns occur and enemies scale up seems to be very different. It’s almost like I’m killing them too fast ( you know .. Mesa.. can’t help it ) and the result is that it takes wayyyy longer to reach high level enemies, if at all ( sometimes I just get bored waiting and go do something else ) The same thing happens with Ivara. I usually bring her to fish and mine, and sometimes I finding myself close to a Toroid farm place and figure why not go there and farm for a bit. With Ivara I use my operator to annoy the corpus and get the wanted level maxed, and then I switch back to the frame to kill them all safely. As with the Mesa example above, the spawns rate is slow and the enemies take a long time to scale up to “interesting” levels, comparing with what I see with Nekros. I’m basically trying to figure out why the differences, as I would prefer to get more spawns and higher enemy levels quicker regardless of the frame of choice. Any ideas? Needless to say, all the above examples are with maxed wanted level at the 3 known Toroid farm locTions.
  12. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Newish to the game, is this AoE "meta" the norm?

    You started a few days ago and you are playing with your high level friends. That is the worst thing you can do in this game. I really recommend you either play with people at your level, or better yet try to finish the star chart and quests on your own. Your friends, as helpful as they may seem, are going to ruin your experience by carrying you all the way.
  13. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Tridolon experience

    You can try: a) Post on recruit chat that you are looking for a casual/chill Tridolon. Try to be specific about what you are using ( frame, focus school ) b) Join public groups and use that to raise your cap level so you can increase you chances to get on groups later on This worked ok-ish for me for a time, but ultimately I ended up just doing tridolon solo.
  14. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Mesa’s syndicate mods.

    You can roll before hitting the ground and not get staggered.
  15. (PS4)xtharbadx

    Minor quality of life suggestions

    That is not being AFK thou. The OP is describing issues with AFK players. No idea how much of an issue AFK players are, I've never noticed that myself.