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  1. I see the word "competition" being used a lot here. Destiny 2 has close to 1 million daily PvE active players ( that's not counting with PvP ), while Warframe sits currently under 50k on Steam, maybe something like 120k across all platforms. What exactly do people mean with competition? Is this even comparable in any way? I've never played Destiny, but will sure give it a try, now that I can spend some time playing to see if its for me, instead of paying just to try it out. And then decide later if I want to invest on it. Surely the money I've spend on Prime Access packs would give me DLC's for years to come, considering the price point they are aiming for. Sources: https://destinytracker.com https://steamcharts.com/app/230410
  2. Maybe for the same reason that our Operator on mission still goes like "For the Lotus!!"
  3. I'm confused. So if a team finds the ideal strategy to tackle a challenge, by using weapons/abilities/whatnot the way they have always worked, but since it gives them an advantage over everyone else who doesn't know about it, that team is abusing an exploit? Where do you draw the line? Did Eidolon speed runners abuse "exploits" when they first found out the most efficient meta? Or because it's not a competitive environment, it doesn't matter?
  4. Funny how people value rivens so much to the point of paying thousands, on a game that is so brain dead easy already without any Riven.
  5. I'm expecting the usual community divide, where some will cry about how easy and boring it is, while others will complain about being too hard and annoying. I just hope that it comes with a good story behind, a battle that has some logic to it rather than just shoot the thing ( like they did with the Exploiter ), and a interesting reward pool/points that allows it to be repeatable and fun.
  6. Yup. This was the conversation I remember hearing on the Devstream, thanks for sharing, I wasn't sure which devstream was it. Some key takeaways from that conversation: 1) It's possible and they have been thinking about it 2) They don't have anything planned at the moment 3) It would imply taking a big risk associated with contracts renegotiations ( doubt we will ever know what they actually mean with this ) 4) It would be a big technical challenge for DE to maintain synchronised versions across all platforms Yes, of course that it would imply renegotiation of contracts. But going from there to "DE wants to do it but can't do it because Microsoft and Sony don't let them" is a big stretch, which is what I'm disagreeing on this thread. The assumption that DE isn't doing it because Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo are blocking it, is incorrect IMHO. They didn't mention any of that, which is not surprising since the process hasn't even started yet ( read 1,2 ).
  7. Again, you are mixing two different topics. Account migration is not the same as cross platform/progression. But that's fine, we can agree to disagree on that, no point keep going in circles.
  8. The only thing I've heard from DE in regards to cross platform/progression was "we're thinking about it". Not aware of them taking any actionable steps beyond just brainstorming the idea. Like, say, actually committing to work on it, or let us know that they are working on making that a possibility. Nor, for that matter, have I ever heard that platform owners are blocking it ( since they started opening up for cross-* ). Which is why I don't think we should outright blame those platform owners for a process that ( apparently ) hasn't even started from DE's side - AFAIK, happy to be proven wrong. Account migrations is an entirely different thing.
  9. I'm sure they deserve lots of blame for lots of things, but I think that if DE really wanted to make this a priority, they would, it's on them to make that step imho. The assumption that *Warframe* can't be cross platform/progress because of Microsoft/Sony/etc is just guess work. Do we actually know this to be true on the case of Warframe? Because so far, I haven't seen anything or heard anything from DE that supports this assumption. Happy to be proven wrong thou. Personal opinon, I think there's a larger issue at play, which is simply that maybe there is no business case for DE to justify that investment ( which is probably quite a lot ) as a priority at the moment. I can understand that, if it's the case. Cross platform/progress isn't necessarily going to result in more players/revenue.
  10. I don't argue any of that, only with what you mentioned about: .. which is implying that what is blocking the adoption of cross platform / progression is the platform owners agreeing with it. I don't have any evidence thou, just going by what we've seen with other games that are way more relevant than Warframe. Happy to be proven wrong if you have any information that you can share.
  11. I don't buy this argument that seems to push blame to platform owners, when we all know they are doing that with other f2p games driven by in game purchases, way bigger than Warframe. Like, say, Fortnite. Yes, I'm sure there are hurdles. But if DE *really* wanted to push this, they would do it. It's on them to make that step, IMHO.
  12. Link is broken. Remove the dash at the end to make it work.
  13. Where did you get that information? I don't see that mentioned anywhere. I would assume that when this update arrives to consoles, we would also have this Bp->built conversion. I don't see why would it be different for us?
  14. @[DE]Rebecca Will consoles also have the BPs turn into fully built archness when we get this update?
  15. Maybe it would make more sense to add interesting rewards to the Arbiters of Hexis shop instead of diluting the drop table. This way people would instead play for the Vitus Essence and then buy what they want from the shop. Even if that would cost dozens of Vital Essence, at least it's a goal that we can more or less control. Edit: NVM.. I was thinking about Arbys whereas the topic is ESO 😛
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