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  1. Link is broken. Remove the dash at the end to make it work.
  2. Where did you get that information? I don't see that mentioned anywhere. I would assume that when this update arrives to consoles, we would also have this Bp->built conversion. I don't see why would it be different for us?
  3. @[DE]Rebecca Will consoles also have the BPs turn into fully built archness when we get this update?
  4. Most of the nerfs make sense, but the Stradavar? No one uses that .. unless it was a preemptive nerf due to the Prime version coming out?
  5. It's just a JSON file that you can pull via HTTP. The description of the attributes is on the post. Easy to setup a scheduled job to pull it weekly and use your preferred JSON parser.
  6. 2 players is the simplest scenario. Now imagine a fairly large group ( riven mafia style ) with hundreds of people trading amongst themselves. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but technically I don't see why that wouldn't be possible as a method to game the market.
  7. This is great. One question thou, what stops a riven mafia gang from repeatably trading amongst themselves to influence prices? Most simple scenario, 2 guys keep trading a riven between themselves for 1k plat hundreds of times, wouldn't that influence the metrics? Even harder to track if it's a larger and more organised group.
  8. Because that community event was a failure. Why would DE repeat the same mistake?
  9. Will this update include the Exploiter Orb battle? If not, are we also going to have to scan the thingies on the Vallies and wait 2 weeks to fight the Orb?..
  10. This sounds like a fantastic addition for the toolmakers. As a side note, I hope that DE considers in the future opening up more the API to allow more cool stuff to be done by the community. I can only imagine the kinds of interesting apps being developed by the creative minds within the Warframe community that could be able to extend the game to entirely new levels. Thanks DE!
  11. How long is going to be the lag between PC and consoles for Fortuna 2.0, especially the heist to fight the Orbs?
  12. 😞 😞 Is that how it was with PoE? How long was it before released on PS4?
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