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  1. There's no way to please everyone really. Most of the negative feedback that I've seen doesn't really address the design/structure of the event, but rather goes into personal reasons on why "me" (the player) doesn't like/need/want to do xyz, or assumptions on why a certain type of player may not enjoy xyz. DE, of course, needs to cater for everyone, that is a pretty hard balance to get right. That said, one thing they could do is give players the ability to make choices. For example, instead of individual Elite events, each Elite act could be split into 3 optional acts, from which th
  2. You just described most of what Warframe consists in. Do X n times hoping to get Y. Of course the difference is that we don't need to spend real money to pull the proverbial lever. What I hate most about Rivens is that you're limited to one per day ( if you're lucky to even get one, and if you're lucky to get one for a weapon you care about ). Unless of course you buy them from others, which sort of breaks the purpose of accomplishing something by yourself. At least re-rolling Rivens is sort of under our control. Put more effort into farming Kuva, and you can keep trying as man
  3. I did talk about some issues with host migrations, was there something more specific you're thinking of? I must be blind because I'm not seeing it. Nvm then, need more coffee I guess. I was talking specifically about the situation where a host migration occurs and then the game fails to connect to the new host, resulting on the player being returned to his ship and losing all loot.
  4. I'm surprised that broken host migration issues aren't listed, probably the worst bug there is.
  5. One variable that is missing in this discussion is basically: why would DE be motivated to invest on a system like this. I don't know how the player base is split nowadays, but based on how DE has been doing things, it's probably safe to say that new/mid tier players are more important to DE than vets. This could be because they are the majority ( if I had to guess, id' say >70% of the player base is low/mid tier with a high churn rate ), or because new/mid tier players spend money whereas vets not so much. Maybe a combination of both. This is to say, it's easy for us to keep aski
  6. You're on PS4, and we have Plague Star event running. I suggest focusing on farming Plague Star so you can stock pile tons of Forma. That's what I've been doing ..
  7. Yes, but like I mentioned, Shade's behaviour seems to be inconsistent regardless of the range difference. I found it completely unreliable, because he seems to cloak/decloak arbitrarily, not really following what the precept says it should be doing.
  8. I recently got my Huras Kubrow ( finally! ) and have been playing with it since last night. Even thou the Huras and the Shade *should* in theory do roughly the same thing with cloaking, except with different radius ranges, I found that the Huras is waaaaaayy more reliable, regardless of the range. Shade sort of cloaks/decloaks arbitrarily, doesn't really work as I would expect it to work, but Huras seems to do it pretty well and consistently. Is it possible that Shade is buggy somehow? Or am I not understanding exactly how it should work?
  9. Considering that you would have to wait a long time to try to get that mod later on, I think you really should get it .. just sell prime non vaulted stuff that you know you can farm again at your own pace.
  10. I bit reversing the topic here, but I want to share this small story about one of the nicest things someone did to me, which for some reason I'll never forget. A bit of context here: I had barely started playing, was maybe a couple days warframe-old, certainly less than a week and little to no knowledge about what the game was about, etc. Eventually I found myself on the Plains of Eidolon. I don't remember what I was doing there, but I assume a bounty (or maybe incursion, was some sort of mission not just free roaming). With me, there was an experienced player that in my ey
  11. I did the exact same thing including asking to pay it forward to someone else in need when he reaches a stage where he can afford it. Didn’t max it thou, me Endo poor 😆
  12. I did it in PoE, but it only worked when they were in the air. Shooting them while they are in the ground didn't do anything.
  13. I used to be alone most of the time, and then I switched regions from Europe to US. Made a huge difference.
  14. I'm not sure if this applies on all cases. I think that the certification process is needed when there are larger content updates, and not necessary for every tiny "hotfix" they need to push to fix a few bugs. I could be wrong, maybe someone knows about this process in more detail that could chime in. Also, consoles get small updates already that aren't subject to certification, like for example the one we got last night when Chroma Prime arrived. Also, a bit unrelated but I thought I'd mention ( again ), the certification process, from what I've seen since I've been
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