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  1. I'm expecting the usual community divide, where some will cry about how easy and boring it is, while others will complain about being too hard and annoying. I just hope that it comes with a good story behind, a battle that has some logic to it rather than just shoot the thing ( like they did with the Exploiter ), and a interesting reward pool/points that allows it to be repeatable and fun.
  2. So .. either DE staff that replied to the support ticket don't know that Main Coone is a cat breed, or they do and decided to keep the 2-week ban anyways and redirect the player to the forums? I don't get the logic.
  3. You lose the mark if you kill them? I've actually been hunting G3 to finish my Brakk. Last time I killed them, the death mark didn't go away, so I assumed that it only goes away if we die. I guess not? Edit: I guess probably some other squad mate had the mark, and that was the one that was consumed.
  4. A little off topic, but considering that Wolf doesn't spawn if another Assassin does ( Stalker, Zanuka, G3, .. ), one thing that may affect the drop chances is players in the squad that are marked by other assassins. So.. maybe we should let ourselves get killed by the other Assassins to clear the death mark and raise the chance of the Wolf showing up? 😛
  5. Yup. This was the conversation I remember hearing on the Devstream, thanks for sharing, I wasn't sure which devstream was it. Some key takeaways from that conversation: 1) It's possible and they have been thinking about it 2) They don't have anything planned at the moment 3) It would imply taking a big risk associated with contracts renegotiations ( doubt we will ever know what they actually mean with this ) 4) It would be a big technical challenge for DE to maintain synchronised versions across all platforms Yes, of course that it would imply renegotiation of contracts. But going from there to "DE wants to do it but can't do it because Microsoft and Sony don't let them" is a big stretch, which is what I'm disagreeing on this thread. The assumption that DE isn't doing it because Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo are blocking it, is incorrect IMHO. They didn't mention any of that, which is not surprising since the process hasn't even started yet ( read 1,2 ).
  6. Again, you are mixing two different topics. Account migration is not the same as cross platform/progression. But that's fine, we can agree to disagree on that, no point keep going in circles.
  7. The only thing I've heard from DE in regards to cross platform/progression was "we're thinking about it". Not aware of them taking any actionable steps beyond just brainstorming the idea. Like, say, actually committing to work on it, or let us know that they are working on making that a possibility. Nor, for that matter, have I ever heard that platform owners are blocking it ( since they started opening up for cross-* ). Which is why I don't think we should outright blame those platform owners for a process that ( apparently ) hasn't even started from DE's side - AFAIK, happy to be proven wrong. Account migrations is an entirely different thing.
  8. Is this really the case for Wolf? We need to roam around with weak gear to raise the chances of a spawn?
  9. I'm sure they deserve lots of blame for lots of things, but I think that if DE really wanted to make this a priority, they would, it's on them to make that step imho. The assumption that *Warframe* can't be cross platform/progress because of Microsoft/Sony/etc is just guess work. Do we actually know this to be true on the case of Warframe? Because so far, I haven't seen anything or heard anything from DE that supports this assumption. Happy to be proven wrong thou. Personal opinon, I think there's a larger issue at play, which is simply that maybe there is no business case for DE to justify that investment ( which is probably quite a lot ) as a priority at the moment. I can understand that, if it's the case. Cross platform/progress isn't necessarily going to result in more players/revenue.
  10. I don't argue any of that, only with what you mentioned about: .. which is implying that what is blocking the adoption of cross platform / progression is the platform owners agreeing with it. I don't have any evidence thou, just going by what we've seen with other games that are way more relevant than Warframe. Happy to be proven wrong if you have any information that you can share.
  11. I don't buy this argument that seems to push blame to platform owners, when we all know they are doing that with other f2p games driven by in game purchases, way bigger than Warframe. Like, say, Fortnite. Yes, I'm sure there are hurdles. But if DE *really* wanted to push this, they would do it. It's on them to make that step, IMHO.
  12. Thanks. Just figured that out by myself. Should have checked the Arca Plasmor wiki first instead of the Damage page 😉
  13. As title says, I was using a Arca Plasmor modded for radiation only ( no other elementals, no IPS ), yet I'm seeing hits with the impact symbol ( the little hammer thing ). Am I missing something obvious here? Where is that impact damage coming from? Acordingly with the Wiki; Some weapons do however replace physical damage with either an elemental or combo elemental damage type. These do not have physical damage and are not affected by Impact, Puncture, or Slash mods.
  14. Link is broken. Remove the dash at the end to make it work.
  15. I've done this same thing, although on purpose on the same platform. Had a friend that started playing and I wanted to be at his level so I wouldn't ruin the game for him. It was loads of fun. The flow of the game as a new player is completely different. I'd recommend everyone trying that at least once, especially during drought times when there's not much to do.
  16. There are all kinds of interesting things you can do with Ivara on a squad context. The problem is that they are all sort of tactical, whereas the game has evolved towards more of a rush in nuke everything style, where that kind of more strategical game play is rare nowadays.
  17. Completely agree, and I'm also one of those that almost stopped playing her entirely because of this nerf. And, we should call it what it is, a nerf. I'm sorry, but a "bug" that apparently is well known for so long and no one really cared about it, has clearly reached the stage where it was always assumed as part of her behaviour. If anything, the real bug was the fact that this only worked reliable for hosts or solo players. That's what they should have fixed. It's also important to consider that Warframe has evolved to be a super fast paced game and that Ivara has no survivability. Her invisibility is her defense. This makes using Ivara completely against the current flow of the game. Going in slow mo does't really "fit" anymore. She is completely detached from the current reality, and hardly has any place on a squad.
  18. That can't be the case on the situation I've described, since I don't even have a companion present.
  19. There's no way to please everyone really. Most of the negative feedback that I've seen doesn't really address the design/structure of the event, but rather goes into personal reasons on why "me" (the player) doesn't like/need/want to do xyz, or assumptions on why a certain type of player may not enjoy xyz. DE, of course, needs to cater for everyone, that is a pretty hard balance to get right. That said, one thing they could do is give players the ability to make choices. For example, instead of individual Elite events, each Elite act could be split into 3 optional acts, from which the players could chose which one to do, and only one ( say, choose between ESO, Sorties, Forma ). Another option could be instead of doing one Elite event, the player could choose to do 5x "normal" events, which would amount to the same rep. This would likely make it more flexible and attractive for some players that don't want to feel like they are being forced to do xyz.
  20. No it doesn't. They were able to change Nightwave buggy events on the fly last week. There was no patch/hotfix, all done server side.
  21. If that's the case, then something changed, because red crits on this loadout is news to me. AFAIK, combo only affects damage multiplier and not Crit Chance.
  22. Just added another example, basically 2 shooting a Gantulyst with big red crits
  23. The post below describes having impossible red crits that shouldn't really be happening with the load out I'm using. Videos on that post with both examples and the builds I'm using.
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