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  1. I watch it n my mixer was link i didn't get anything
  2. My clan is not enterin this time but wish everyone lucky
  3. Good luck to who all the people enterin. I'm not doin anymore contest just goin focus levelin n try to enjoy the game
  4. Clan name:Ultra_Instinct Clan tier:Shadow Clan Clan platform:Xbox One Your Clan role:Warlord Battle Cave:Keepin dojo safe Trade n Battle Frost's Garden Upstair Observatory Altas and Inaros Relax Room(In progress) Octavia's Sound Room Nidus's Research Lab Water fountain(In progress) Equinox's Garden Chili Lounge Epic Battle New moon Hydriod's Underwater Room Inside the moon Umbra's quite place Corpus Antenna Tower Kuva Fortress Battle of the Clem Nef's Body Statue(in progress) Eidolon Teralyst gettin punch Battle of the clem Titania's Shrine Camp Hotspring Garden I wanted each room unique n catch people eyes. Some of the room are still in working progress while other I'll b adding on to. I gave all my member permission to decorate the dojo because there is no I in team. I redo n decorate the dojoby myself, but had a few helper JeTT aToMiC, Alanda, and SupahSuperGee
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