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  1. There is a issue with the skin Deluxe of mirage at the moment to cast eclipse ability. It's always appear the same, change the texture or the order of the texture in Mirage Skin, always her clones/doppelganger too, this is a Xbox One Issue
  2. In Game bug The Oneiro Skin Failure/deformation while use the third ability (Eclipse), and her first ability too, her doppelgangers have the same texture failure. This always happen, every time that you cast the ability. Image: [.img] https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhkIF5ZeTZ8Lyx1wHBbStH9w2xFu [./img]
  3. I know, that me question its gona soundslike a Joke but, You have plans to introduce Clem like a member of the Crew?? an other Cuestion. Are you gona add some Railjack misions to sorties??? in the next update or in future update????
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