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  1. Where i can report the bugs, or problems of this update?? Its ingame problem The shi shoulder plate(left), doesnt apear in his place with the warframe Mag the 100% of the times, for some reason apears in the air, so high... i dont see this problems with other frames.
  2. TYPE: in Game DESCRIPTION: The ability menu dont apear and cant be used in control Xbox(in xbox console), when its on LB button Visual: No need REPRODUCTION: first assign Focus and tranferencs to another button(that dont be Lb) , second one assign the ability menu in LB button, go to everymision day or railjack, and try to use it. EXPECTED RESULT: the ability menu dont apear and cant use the abilitys. OBSERVED RESULT: the abilitys are imposible to use in every mision. REPRODUCTION RATE: ALWAYS 100% this apear in the recently xbox update of today may 12
  3. where i can report a bug, i have a problem with the ability menu. i cant use it with the LB
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