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  1. I built one with Tremor grip as well and can confirm what @corallein said. It seems to be a hair less than 20m but chaining length seems good. Keep in mind it takes a second or two for the tendrils to reach their max length.
  2. Yeah it would be nice if we could have our warframe pushed closer to the side of the screen or something to that effect. View obstruction is a real problem with certain weapons and frames.
  3. I have only received one Damaged Weapon part, as opposed to dozens of the Necramech parts. I eventually gave up on the Cortege grind because of the archwing bug after deploying Necramech. I'll resume once the whole convoluted mess of acquiring the Sporothrix and Arnum Spinosa gets worked out. Getting those things is definitely far from straightforward.
  4. The first two people I spoke to about Genshin Impact mentioned that it was a Gacha game and said if I have any type of gambling/addiction issues, to stay away. And I have major addiction issues. So after hearing twice, I decided that Genshin Impact is a game I will never play (along with any other Gacha game). The monetization of Warframe is big factor in my loyalty to this game. I've got caught in loot box mobile games before, so I have a ton of respect for a company like DE who doesn't put crap like that in their game. Plus, I still have a ton of fun every single night after 2500 h
  5. I thought the same thing. Strange how the most common ranged weapon in the game is the Kuva Nukor. There are people that will scream that Primaries are stronger than Secondaries. While I'll admit there are more viable Primaries than Secondaries, the strongest Primaries can't keep up with the strongest Secondaries
  6. Except that the Kuva Nukor is the strongest ranged weapon. And dual pistols are generally stronger than automatic rifles.
  7. Umm not sure if you've played much but Primaries need a little love with respect to secondaries
  8. To be frank, I'd be happy if they just lifted the cap on Kuva Floods. If we could run all the Kuva Siphons as Kuva Floods, that would be nice. I've still been playing Kuva Floods throughout this whole Steel Essence farm mainly because they are fun. They're always populated with players and I like the enemies being level ~100. It would give those of us a different option that don't want to run Kuva Survival or Disruption. (Kuva Disruption would be much betfer if Kuva rates were comparable to Survival)
  9. Ahh, I actually haven't had my K Drive in my gear til a few weeks ago, so I never tried that. It occurred to me to try after the fact, but by that time I had already stopped playing. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind when Deimos: Arcana drops.
  10. Agreed. I have no desire to wear a metal backpack from The Next Generation on my Warframe's back.
  11. I stopped over a month ago after they finished hotfixing it. They still haven't fixed the Archwing bug after deploying the Necramech. The only reason I had to keep playing was to farm Necramech mods and Cortege parts, and to level the Necramech. But I can't even use the Necramech without losing Archwing for the duration of the mission. Having to void dash and run across the open world is tediously slow. So I found myself trying to farm Necramech mods for a Necramech I wasn't using (because not having Archwing in an open world is a huge QoL loss). And I haven't been back since.
  12. I agree with this, particularly with the Flox Syandana (it is the box Syandana witht the same aesthetic as the Exergis). The Flox Syandana is supposed to open when the player takes damage. Since I mainly use Garuda, I figured it would be open most of the time since her bloodletting sacrifices health for energy. Not only does it not synergize with this ability, I can't seem to get it to open at all. So allowing me to toggle it open would be very nice
  13. It was so long ago that I cant remember Intermission 1's length, but I do remember it only having 15 tiers. Was it only a month long?
  14. This means that Intermission 3 will likely not start til February-ish. Edit: Rebecca's post said they'll be swapping to Intermission 3 in January 2021 Intermission 3 will likely last 6 months, if we are to base the estimate on previous iterations. So that would imply Intermission 3 won't end until August. Edit: July if starting in January So the next Nightwave won't start for just under a year? Edit: ~8 months That seems a tad disappointing if that's the case. (I understand there's a lot of assumptions in this line of thought) Here's to hoping Intermission 3 is no
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