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  1. My first question would be why are you using a Detron, especially with Corrosive? Radiation and Corrosive are not at all beneficial against Corpus. Gas is much better. The Detron isnt suited for Corpus with it's innate radiation. The pyrana with gas hybrid crit build is the first non-kitgun that comes to mind. I would personally go with a 100% Status shotgun modded for gas and magnetic, such as the Strun. But I have a neg impact riven for the sobek that's modded for gas and 100% Status so it destroys Corpus. I suggest you go the Simulacrum (provided you have access) and spawn level 136 Corpus Tech Eximus (or as close to that as you can) and try out a lot of different builds. Typically high status Gas and Slash weapons do really well.
  2. z3us32610

    Plz help!!! Urgent

    These posts never get old. LOL. And it's happened to me several times too, so I get it. OMG THEY NERFED (insert favorite weapon here)!!!
  3. I had 7 blueprints before I got a single systems. Even made a post in the forums about it cuz.... Man.... Bad RNG. But I've always liked SO and ESO (mainly ESO), so I finally just played to play and resolved to never ever getting it. Then it dropped. LOL. That's RNG for ya. So many of us understand. Just keep plugging away, you'll get it. Like I said, I had to make a post in here about it to make my feels be better, and it worked. I personally really like Khora. Her kit is fun, especially when her 2nd ability is cast on an enemy and then ya hit em with the whip. If you have high range, it'll pull all the enemies neraby into a tightly grouped mob. And they're all asleep (or stunned). Super fun to play with.
  4. z3us32610

    Sargus Ruk for Sorties is too Difficult

    I use the Vectis - Frost to slow him down. The key is knowing when he is vulnerable and knowing his vulnerabilities. First his shoulder, then his chest, then his back. His weak spot is always vulnerable after he does the pillars of fire and is usually vulnerable after an attack. Also, his weak spots release a blue flame of "exhaust" when they are vulnerable. That's when you light him up, but it isn't vulnerable for very long so what the others are saying about high damage single shot weapons is spot on.
  5. z3us32610

    Largest Amp Beam

    The Lega prism from Vox Solaris has the best AoE. It is a Void flamethrower.
  6. z3us32610

    Why tf does formas take 24 hours to craft ?!

    I find those rare crates once about every 30 to 40 hrs of gameplay; rare indeed. However, I definitely have not gotten a Forma every time I've broken one open. I have gotten one a couple of times, that's it. As for the Lua mission, it's another rare occurrence. First you need the music room to spawn, which it always doesn't. Then you need the Forma to drop - it has a low percentage from my experience. I ran the Lua mission almost exclusively for several nights and never got one. I have gotten a Forma or two from it, but the drop rate is low to be sure. Usually, it drops about 1300 credits As per the post above, DE relies on Forma purchases so we can have a game to play, and keep playing. It is a free to play game, after all...
  7. z3us32610

    I need help with Mag

    Her augment is called Counter Pulse and it's the key to survivability when it comes to Mag - at least for me.
  8. z3us32610

    Astilla Riven price

    I have an astilla riven that has crit chance and crit damage andI built a hybrid and it murders level 80-100 content with ease
  9. z3us32610

    Gaze chamber not considered beam weapon

    Same issue here
  10. z3us32610

    Orb Vallis Mining Bugged ?

    I've run into this a handful of times, in POE too. Almost everytime if I pop into operator and back into the warframe the ore spots spawn. Try that to see if it works for you.
  11. z3us32610

    chromatic blade

    Titania with a corrosive build on her dex pixia simply murders lephantis.
  12. z3us32610

    Sneaky Heavy Gunners

    I believe they are called "hard animations." Im not entirely positive about that but once they begin the animation it can't be interrupted.
  13. z3us32610

    Magus Lock down not locking down

    So DERP. I just went to swap out Magus Lockdown with a different arcane and..... I guess I didn't hit equip. Ugh. The whole time it was Zenurik's Lightning Dash. LOL. Should've double checked before making this thread....
  14. z3us32610

    Amprex Build for lvl 125 Corpus (OV)

    It's base damage element is electric, actually. Which is really good against the moas and robotic enemies.
  15. Edit: I derped and didn't have it equipped. Brilliant! My bad. Am I missing something here? Everytime I do a void dash with this arcane equipped it emits a light mine and electricity hits nearby enemies but they aren't locked down at all. They just continue to run around. Doesn't matter if there's one or five. I have a rank 3 one equipped too. Here and there, one enemy might be locked down for an extremely short duration, but a large majority are not locked down at all, even though there is a visual tether to them.