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  1. I agree that melee needs to be much more dangerous to use than currently in Warframe. Right now, it's not only the strongest weapon class in the game but the safest as well. Melee should be the strongest but it should also be the riskiest way to fight - melee enemies should do high damage (the infested can hit pretty hard) and removing the perma cc from a melee hit would help. Also, "follow through" is a stat that I believe needs to be looked at. With ~6m range on a melee weapon it's not uncommon to hit a dozen enemies with one swing. That seems absurd. But to remove that completely would fund
  2. Whips definitely need to be addressed - Sheldon even mentioned that in a stream toward the end of last year. Hopefully we'll get a rework of whips this year when they address the ranged/melee disparity.
  3. Cash money on the spot. I've played nearly 3k hours in Warframe. More time than any other game by a mile. I've been entertained far more than I would have expected when I first started playing.
  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure they still die super easy. Whatever you did keep doing it cuz it would be nice to be able to rely on sentinels in missions above level 30.
  5. I agree. I've been hoping they would address this since they released it. It looks pretty awesome all the way opened but looks like a Star Trek backpack closed. I main Garuda and this syandana is supposed to open when the player takes damage. I was hoping it would open with her 3rd ability that sacrifices health for energy but even that doesn't trigger it. I guess there isn't enough of us that care. Too bad, cuz it's a pretty awesome syandana when it is opened up.
  6. Wow that's funny. Never played Anthem and now I'm happy I didn't.
  7. Twice I have had jumping break mid-mission since the Star Days update rolled out. I also have Firewalker subsumed on my main and when activated I can no longer roll as well. I play as Garuda with Firewalker subsumed for her 2nd ability. I haven't figured out what triggers it i.e. spoiler mode, getting damaged while parkour, etc... but both times it happened roughly halfway through a mobile mission (like exterminate). If I can get more detail I will come back and post what was happening right before it quit working. This last time I was only carrying a rifle, no secondary, no equipped mele
  8. Doesn't anybody here know the the helminth vaccine causes autism? I know it's true cuz Jenny McCarthy told me in game.
  9. As a person who has riven for both the Cortege and the Larkspur, and I've used the extensively, I would have to say the Cortege by hair. Solely because it has a life steal mechanic that shoots 3 explosive grenades. Automatic Trigger is a must on the Cortege, however, because the alt-fire has such an abysmal fire rate it takes far too long for a follow up shot after the alt-fire without Automatic Trigger. After the Mausolaun meta, I would highly recommend the Morgha. That is an awesome gun for atmospheric fighting. I've taken into Steel Path Archwing runs and it's great as well (as well as
  10. I never knew that but it makes sense why the slash damage would do eff all damage against an armored enemy but the bleed procs starting draining their health like crazy. It seems like the initial bleed proc calculation should be reduced by armor, then the actual bleed ticks ignore it. That would be much more thematically consistent. I've heard Scott @[DE]Grineeer grumble about how some of the status calculations are made and I would bet this would be near the top of his list for things to change. It would also likely precede another overhaul of status calculations in general.
  11. Garuda would disagree about Hydroid having the best passive.
  12. Fyi, Baza/Baza Prime is not an assault rifle. It's a silenced SMG. Baza made a lot of sense for Ivara because it's the only rifle that has innate silencing on it.
  13. I completely understand. It seems some of thr 'Mech animations need to be cleaned up a bit. DE should be getting back from vacation this week do hopefully we'll see some of these fixes roll out. Along with Neverending Nightwave actually ending.
  14. Not really. Here and there I'll randomly run a Steel Path Survival for 20 minutes or so just to go on a murdering spree. The only time I would ever run longer would be for a specific farm, not really because it is what I like to do.
  15. Oh derp, i missed the difference in exponential vs multiplicative. I was reading while working and I genuinely paused to see if I was blind. I think your right, however. Do we know what the wording is for his 4th? Does it say it doubles in damage for every status effect? Edit: the wiki says its 2^n where n=unique status effects Thanks for the help Lex
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