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  1. Just a heads up, I ended up watching thru Steam instead and got it that way. For whatever reason, Twitch drops aren't reliable for me. That's after un-linking and linking my accounts again.
  2. Thanks for the info, I suspected the script was sent out preemptively.
  3. Perfectly calm, just asking a question.
  4. Yeah, at this point its a dice roll. Last year I didnt get anything and I watched the entire day. I'm expecting the same again this year. Too bad
  5. Anybody know when the drops for twitch are sent out? Just curious cuz after last year I feel I need to keep checking my account every 30.minutes to see if it worked. I cant remember if they are sent to the account after 30 minutes or after the whole event. Thanks
  6. Holy crap, the amount of stuff people find to whine and cry about never ceases to amaze me. WTF
  7. I've done several hour+ farms in steel path survival. A few using baruuk where I received on average about 24 steel essence and 12 riven slivers. I did a 1hr 40min survival with a pilfering Khora yesterday and got 58 steel essence and 8 riven slivers. The key is eximus spawns ramp up and max out at the 1 hour mark. At 1 hour, each enemy has a 20% chance of spawning as an eximus unit.
  8. I agree. Two years ago I got the twitch drop but last year it didn't work. And I didn't qualify for the script they ran since I didn't get either of the drops. It's just the Lotus Ephemera that I wanted but was one of the reasons I made sure to tune in. I'm very skeptical about the twitch drops this year, unfortunately.
  9. Yeah ever since update 28 dropped the acolyte mods don't work on Garuda's Talons. They can be equipped, but they don't function. Incidentally, that's when they buffed the crit chance on her Talons yo 20% as well.
  10. Yes please. Much more useful than the stance forma. Even a weapon exilus forma would be more useful than a stance forma.
  11. Specifcally, beefier enemies that don't go down in three bullets from a 0 forma Braton Prime and the higher spawn rates. Generally, finally getting able to test builds in mission rather than the Simulacrum. Taking a crappy loadout to Steel Path could make for a longer mission than most of us are used to i.e. not 36 seconds lol.
  12. When are the acolyte mods getting fixed for Garuda's talons? We're able to equip them but they don't do anything.
  13. Yeah I love you too. So many ways to build her and I just spam her abilities like crazy. So much so that I want as much casting speed as possible so I can spam more abilities lol
  14. Agreed. Catchmoon primary is a bit rough as it is right now, imo. Recoil coupled with a small projectile already makes it a difficult weapon to use. Add to that the lacking damage makes it pretty bad. We can always hope some changes will be made.
  15. I disagree. Garuda is in a great place and her 3rd allows for a lot of build diversity and synergy for the rest of her abilities.
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