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  1. Custom scopes would be pretty friggin cool, or if not custom, several different styles to choose from would be cool
  2. His 3, along with frozen enemies (i.e. Frost), will no longer be immune to status procs. DErebecca just made a post in feedback showing the new mechanic.
  3. ”force" Are you sure you understand this word?
  4. Very simple answer to your question: fun. I don't play this game for efficiency, I play it for fun. Sure I might seek efficiency at times, but overall I play the game because I enjoy playing with different weapon and warframe combinations. (There are so many!) More often than not I use less efficient weapons and warframes, because it is fun. The meta (defined by others to me as Most Effective/Efficient Tactic Available) is often extremely boring for me. This is why I tend to play Sortie exterminate solo, rather than be paired up with 2 Saryns and an Equinox all using Ignis Wraiths (I find the Ignis one of the most boring weapons in the game, and I don't play to be bored, obviously) And I enjoy using weapons of all different kinds (some trivialize the game too much for me so I tend to stay away from those, like the aforementioned Ignis) Matter of fact, it is funny you mention Scoliac and Atterax because I use neither. I find spin2win to not only be boring, but pretty funny to witness, in a ridiculous sort of way. So it seems to me the critique about "balance" and "competitiveness" has to do with a completely different approach to Warframe than I take. One I still don't understand. If people don't find exploring all the vast different Primaries, Secondaries, Melees, Archguns, Archwings, Warframes etc... fun, then what are they playing the game for? I don't mean this to be rhetorical either, I'm genuinely asking.
  5. You say words like "competitive" and "balancing" but... this is a PVE game. I can see concerns about those things being valid if we were talking about PVP game, and playing against each other, but we aren't. At least I am not. Again, I still fail to understand why certain people feel so passionately about how other people mod their weapons. And why would anyone feel bad for not using a riven for a non-meta weapon? Why would ANYONE feel bad about how they want to play the game at all? This is even harder for me to understand. The game is supposed to be fun, so everyone should be playing it the way that makes them enjoy it the most, within reason. (i.e. trolling, griefing = not ok) If you enjoy using rivens, then use them. If you don't enjoy them, then don't. They aren't necessary by any means. Again, mod your weapon how you like and I'll do the same. And when it comes to balancing rivens specifically, dispositions are now regularly being updated. So most of that will work out. Will it be perfect? No. Should anyone be demanding perfection? Also, no. Striving to improve things? Sure, and it looks like the company is always doing attempting to do that. At least that's how I feel.
  6. Yeah I understand that. But still, not sure what the problem is. There will always be better weapons and weaker weapons. And I disagree that they haven't functioned as designed. They DEFINITELY make weaker weapons stronger. Can a great riven make a weapon such as the kraken amazing? Unlikely. But some weapons are just low mr, early game weapons. Others fall off rapidly at higher levels and a great riven can extend how far that weapon can be taken. And I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. Taking weapons to their limit. So that's how rivens enhance my Warframe experience. If DE continues to do regular disposition changes, then the already powerful weapons will move to a .5 disposition. And rivens with that low of a disposition are rarely any better than a normal mod. They totally dropped the ball for a long time, but it seems they are rectifying that mistake. But all this is beside the question I asked. I still don't understand why people care so much. If you use them and like them, cool. If you don't like them and don't use them, that's fine too. Maybe if someone is trying to be DPS in an eidolon fight and they don't like or use rivens, I could see them being upset if they were tryin to join a group and got rejected because they didn't have a riven for the sniper they used. I can understand that. But that's fairly niche. Outside of premade groups, I just don't understand why anyone would care how others mod their weapons. I don't. I could care less how others mod their weapons. But that's me, and if someone could help me understand, I'd love to hear.
  7. Doesn't really answer my question, but yes, I know that.
  8. I've never understood why certain people hate rivens so much. Use em or don't. Why should anyone care what other people are using? Envy? Jealousy?
  9. I realize Ember was nerfed but I disagree that she can't survive in higher level content. I have a 2 forma Ember Prime build that handles sortie 3 and kuva floods just fine. She's not tanky by any means but with the right set up and weapons, coupled with smart gameplay, she's just fine. I would even go further and say she's fun. Could she be improved? Sure, but she's far from being terrible. That's just my opinion.
  10. I put 3 forma and a riven on the Mk1 Braton just so I could see how far I could take it. Honestly, I think it needs a 4th forma but it handles the star chart just fine and can hang in the lower sorties. Sortie 3 everything becomes the Wolf of Saturn Six lol
  11. I have liked the Falcor since it came out. I even purchased a riven and rolled it to get damage, status chance and negative impact. Try as I may thru multiple builds, I could not get it where I wanted it. Either it was too slow or it didn't kill enemies fast enough (curse of the Zaws, perhaps?). Anyways, I started playing with Glaive Prime and it has much better attack speed - .833 vs 1.25. So what they hey I'll purchase a riven for it and low and behold, roll number 9 gives me the holy Trinity with a great negative: damage, crit chance, crit damage and negative status duration. That thing with Primed Fury and a hybrid build is nasty. I mainly like it because of the stances for glaives. I love all the little spin throwey whoop de whoops in there. Wish I got to experience the glaive tornado glitch. The argonak and the quartakk I really like. I like the sound they both make and the amalgam mod for the argonak is fun to use. Both the Kohmak and it's twin variant. Love throwing status and slash everywhere.
  12. This is the second post I've made about doors not opening and I am doing it because I just had to abort out of a Kuva Flood. My kavat gave me the resource booster and I had to forfeit 5k Kuva because none of us in the mission could get thru a stuck door. This happens frequently on the Corpus tilesets on Neptune and Pluto. Specifically, this one happened on Psamanthe Neptune. Please fix this. It is pretty disappointing to have to forfeit a charm boosted Kuva Flood due to a door glitch that has been around for quite some time. Thank you. I do appreciate all that you do, I am just a little frustrated at the moment.
  13. If I could regularly play level 100 content I would be fine with that. As of now I only have a few options: Kuva Floods, which don't last long and only spawn about every 15-20 minutes. Sortie 3, only once a day. Arbitrations yet it takes about 20-30 minutes to get there. Mot or Taveuni (Kuva Survival) but that too can take 30-40 minutes. So my choices are basically endless runs or several missions an hour. If I had way to scale Kuva Siphons up to level 100, I would play those a lot. No need to award more Kuva than a normal Siphon. My other option is equipping an Extinguished Dragon Key, which I do. If we had a difficulty slider, I think that would be awesome. I would start nearly all of my missions in the level 80-100 range.
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