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  1. Yeah I got 2 forma into this thing and shelved it. I was looking forward to this rifle and it seriously underwhelmed. It could definitely use some pronounced buffs. Please buff the Ambassador rifle.
  2. I agree. This was the first weapon I was eager to try Secondary Deadhead on and after I slapped it on there.... meh... doesn't work. Pretty lame for sure.
  3. When I mind control a Nox and get >1000% damage increase he will murder his fellow Grineer with that Stug.
  4. So I finally got my hands on an RTX 3070ti by going to Best Buy at 430am and waiting for ~4.5 hrs to pick that bad boy up. After realizing I bought the wrong motherboard for my new pc build I popped that 3070ti in my current build, turned on the enhanced renderer for Warframe and wow... Holy crap. With the capability now to make use of Warframe's enhanced renderer, this game is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Hats off bigtime to the team at DE. I mean the level of detail is purely astonishing. It's like a whole new game. I just wanted to share my appreciation for DE. They created a game that I could play on my first pc, a potato gaming laptop. And now I can enjoy all of the beauty with this new GPU - even more so when my new mobo arrives. I think it's killer that they make this game not only accessible to everyone, from potato to perfect gaming pc. Much appreciated DE.
  5. Nah, I don't think she'll get even remotely as popular as Limbo was for Scarlet Spear. Plus, Banshee is about as tough as wet paper. So why'll she can dish out damage like no other, she gets one-shot easily. Overall, it makes for a fun fight.
  6. Silence will stop the dog and sister from activating their abilities. But sonar will shred thru any defenses they have. I was struggling hard with Garuda to just get one of the sister's shield down, at level 4. Once I switched to Banshee any weapon modded fairly well will shred thru them. I was taking them down with new weapons that weren't even fully modded, with ease.
  7. Do you remember what her resistances and immunities were? My 3rd lich was the invincible one shot horror show. She had 2 resistances and one immunity and I don't remember what they were. I know that the kuva liches were a pain when they got corrosive immunity but they never were that gnarly. Also, I just read the part in the patch notes that talks about lich/sister damage mitigation. Makes more sense now that I checked that out.
  8. I really hope they don't dilute the drop tables with these. But seeing as we only need one of each Galvanized mod, I would be very surprised if they weren't rotational drops. It would be very nice if they were in the Arbi Shop but I doubt they will do that. Putting them there would significantly reduce the amount of required gameplay to get them.
  9. Thank you. I figured it had to be test cluster and that they aren't releasing until SoP update.
  10. I've read several posts about people testing these Galvanized mods, changes to Berserker, Blood Rush etc.... Are these live? I was under the impression all this stuff was coming with the Sisters of Parvos...
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