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  1. Im looking for a little shared experiences. I've been farming for the Vidar and Zetki versions of Predator for about a week and have yet to have either of them drop. From the tables it would appear they have about a 1% drop rate, and that two Saturn Fighters and one Veil Fighter drops them. To increase my chances, I've been running mainly Saturn missions to get the drop from Gyre Taktis or Elite Gyre Flak. Most of the time I've been playing Kasios Rest(?). My question is for those of you that have successfully received this mod from a mission, where did you run it? Do you remember which node? Understanding how random number generators work I fully recognize that my luck could just not be that good. I think I would just like a little feedback that I'm not missing something that could make it a bit easier to earn i.e. a specific node in Saturn, etc... Thanks y'all
  2. So I have a few questions regarding the rare containers in Railjack. From what I found so far online, they can spawn in any POI in Railjack missions. Then I've read the ones that spawn in the Derelict ship in the veil can drop umbral forma. First off, is this true? And second, do they make a ringing sound like the rare containers found in the star chart? I'm asking just to know what to look out for. Your help is appreciated!
  3. Wouldn't something like this be applicable to Grendel as well? I ask because I would've thought this would be implemented on Grendel from the start. Don't get me wrong, I really like both frames because they are so much fun to play - engaging. The main counter argument I can come up with is that Grendel's toxin buff might have to be toned down since Titania doesn't have a damage buff like that.
  4. I need to scan some of them for the simulacrum, gotta remember to bring helios on rj missions
  5. Curious as to what people have experienced vs theorizing. I have been using a lot of viral builds versus "ground" or humanoid enemies (as opposed to the ships). Viral seems to work best due to their high hp. Obviously viral paired with slash makes short work of them. I haven't tried toxin or gas much. But like I said, just curious about how people feel about the elemental status effects (because slash is still king). Thanks y'all
  6. Thank you for posting these links!
  7. Yes please!! Omfg I bought Zephyr prime access but not the top one and it after I just started playing so I didn't care too much about cosmetics then. Now I completely regret not getting the full shebang cuz this operator suit is by far my favorite out of all I've seen. Yes please. Please bring it back asap!
  8. This happens when the player is a client. If hosting it does work. But apparently this has been reported for some time by many players including myself. It has even been acknowledged by a DE staff member that it is a "known issue." Hopefully if we keep up the chatter it wi finally get fixed.
  9. Ahh gotcha, well I was able to farm it shortly after this thread. So thanks to everyone, I appreciate it!
  10. Awesome, thank you! Yeah those probabilities can seem pretty gnarly, but when all ya gotta do is play the game to get it, it doesn't seem too bad. At least for me, because I'm not in a hurry to have my RJ fully decked out. Matter of fact, these drops are keeping me playing. Otherwise I'd probably just buy them off someone else lol
  11. Found it. No wiki tho. The Elite Gyre Cutter drops it. Thanks y'all Hyperstrike Enemy Name Mod Drop Chance Chance Elite Kosma Flak 10.00% Rare (2.01%) Elite Kosma Cutter 10.00% Uncommon (11.06%) Elite Gyre Cutter 10.00% Ultra Rare (1.01%)
  12. Unknown.png is also unconfirmed.
  13. This is a forum post, not wiki. So basically hearsay, unconfirmed.
  14. Oh well eff me then cuz I didn't see any wiki for it pop up when I googled it. So let me make my post perfectly specific for yall
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