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  1. I know. I just don’t want to have grey hair, sitting down and watching my grandchildren play it in front of me. It’s hard...
  2. Need more augment ideas from you guys/gals. I saw a few that seemed really good so far.
  3. Come on guys/gals, we are almost there! Just keep up the discussions!
  4. But how would Fire Blast becoming her fourth ability change anything about the power itself? You didn’t really give us any concrete details on what changes you would want done to the ability either. Actually, your Rework could use more detail in general for anyone to know how you would like to see Ember redone properly.
  5. Yeah... We don’t have much of a choice 😭🤧
  6. If anyone finds out the date for the Ember Rework, let me know ASAP.
  7. No, I did get the joke. That’s why I have a laughing smiley and me talking from the artist’s prospective.
  8. Not necessarily. I kind of like this look the way it is. Ember doesn’t have to have her signature Mohawk in every design. 😂
  9. I know. I’m scared too, but I really hope they are looking at certain people’s Rework ideas and using it for Ember. We have to stay positive and pray that Ember gets everything we want her to get.
  10. You mean like this? If so, this is what Ember’s Deluxe skin was supposed to originally look like.
  11. Is that MUSTANG! The King of Snapping those fingers! I love it lol. But in all seriousness, this is a very unique and thought out kit. I’m actually really curious of how it would look in action just to see how I would build Ember as I continued to play around with it. I hope they get to reworking Ember as soon as possible.
  12. I see. Welp, that is a letdown to the Ember players.
  13. Scorching Blight is the closest thing to the original Overheat to be honest. And Accelerant is good for self buff and CC. Plus, the way I have it would help to also make synergies between abilities.
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