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  1. Off the top of my head, the reasons I've seen for Frost needing a rework, which I largely agree with: Much of his kit is redundant, in that his 1 and 2 serve no unique purpose when his 4 exists. Snow Globe has been largely overtaken by Limbo's Cataclysm for defense, and beyond that doesn't make for terribly exciting gameplay, as it just encourages the player to park themselves in a spot, spam the ability until they run out, and then do something else, making Frost not as survivable as the ability would suggest. Personally, I'd like to see Frost's abilities each given a unique f
  2. With the right build, Nekros actually becomes pretty tanky, and can contribute rather notably to his team thanks to Desecrate. However, I agree with the OP that he needs a rework, because said build is heavily dependent on augments, most of his abilities aren't too useful, and ultimately his key contribution is probably not even something that should exist in Warframe. Aside from Desecrate, none of his abilities are that amazing on their own: Soul Punch is just generally awful, Terrify can be outright counterproductive due to how it makes enemies run away, and Shadows of the Dead are useless a
  3. I largely have to agree with the criticism. I do think there are worse bits of gameplay than Iso-Vaults, but that does not stop those missions from having some pretty glaring issues. For me, the lowlights are: The padding is obvious: overall, Isolation Vaults largely break down to a Mobile Defense mission with a little bit of Survival thrown in, the common thread to these subtypes being that the player is made to wait while doing stuff. The initial section about crafting a key and surviving the toxicity has nothing at all to do with the Isolation Vaults themselves, and is clearly there t
  4. It is worth noting that the version of Roar available from Helminth is already significantly nerfed compared to the original frame's, down to 60% of its original damage boost. Even so, it's the most popular ability, simply because the selection isn't otherwise amazing. If it were nerfed any further, another damage boost would be likely to take its place, as there are several of those in Helminth's selection. Any further nerfs after that would likely just be a race to the bottom until none of the resulting options end up being especially appealing, which may not be ideal in an environment where
  5. Spoilers ahead, but it wouldn't be our first time -- we already fought him in the Chains of Harrow quest, and given his mystical nature he seems like the kind of entity that could spawn over and over again without defeat ever really getting in his way. He also has many forms, so we could fight him in a variety of configurations without truly understanding who or what he is.
  6. I would probably formulate it differently, but I agree that the abilities on offer are, shall we say... not great. For me, it's the double whammy of A) most of the Helminth abilities being highly situational to begin with, and B) them underperforming at the one thing they're made to do. Rebuild Shields has no business having a cooldown, for example, when other abilities exist that do the same thing, don't have a cooldown, and do other powerful things on top. It's this disappointing selection, coupled with a whole bunch of other mediocre or nerfed abilities, that make the Helminth System feel a
  7. I agree with this, though I think the spirit of the request still could have some validity. A straight-up demonic ritual would make no sense within the universe of Warframe, but something like, say, summoning the Man in the Wall using the arcane Void knowledge of the Entrati would absolutely fit, including in Deimos.
  8. Highly structured schedules, variable access to internet, and extended periods of limited free time are common aspects of people's lives that I think clash particularly hard with the artificial scarcity of limited-time events in live service games. Inducing FOMO may be an effective way to get some players to return to the game urgently, but that presumes those players have the ability to do so, which isn't the case for everyone. Not everyone can dedicate the same amount of time either, and I don't think it's really fair to ask those people to wait a year or longer for certain events to return,
  9. If the only way to make a frame worth using is to give it another frame's ability, then that frame is not worth using, and one may as well use that other frame instead. As it stands, I fully agree with the OP: Hydroid is perfectly-suited for a rework, as he is neither strong nor fun for most to play. In terms of balance, there is absolutely nothing he does that other frames don't do better, particularly after Khora's Strangledome augment stole the one role in the game that he had (which arguably shouldn't even be a role, but let's not get into that here). In terms of design, he is visibly old,
  10. There are quite a few threads like these blaming "the community" for not knowing what it wants, by saying one thing and its contrary at the same time. The explanation is pretty simple: the community isn't a hive mind with a singular opinion, it's a group of people with lots of different, often completely opposite opinions. You'll find threads arguing diametrically opposite positions on the same forum, but if you were to look at the people posting in them, you'll usually see that those individuals are pretty consistent on most topics. The only reason it feels like there's whiplash is because th
  11. Except I mentioned it's not great on more than just one tileset, but I suppose for the sake of the argument you'd like them to be spelled out for you. Besides cramped tilesets in which speed buffs tend to be actively detrimental to navigation, such as the Infested Ship, Corpus Ice Planet, Grineer Sealab, and Kuva Fortress, many tilesets aren't big enough for such speed buffs to really matter, e.g. the Grineer Asteroid or Grineer Galleon. Your best bet would be the open levels... but that's what Archwing's for, so tell me... where and when exactly does Infested Mobility provide a substantial be
  12. But all of those options are niche, is the issue. Infested Mobility is awful for more constrained tilesets like the Infested Corpus Ship and inconsequential in most others, Energized Munitions can be replaced by an Ammo Mutation mod on the very few guns it has some use for, and Empower benefits... whom, exactly? If you want to reach those Strength breakpoints, why not build for Strength? By contrast, more damage is always desirable because the game will always scale to a point where more damage becomes relevant. That is why Roar gets picked far more than the ones you mentioned. As comp
  13. Compared to what? If you have a dead ability on your warframe, perhaps, but why equip those when you could have Roar instead?
  14. I think one of the most basic problems with the Helminth system is that it's running up against tiered ability design -- 1 abilities are meant to be distinctly less powerful than 4 abilities, yet subsuming frames can give us 1, 2, and 3 abilities to choose from, so one can already power creep one's frames by swapping out our crappiest ability with a much stronger option. Thus, I suspect DE wanted to mitigate this by making Helminth abilities less powerful overall -- the base Helminth options at the very least are all awful, with the exception of Marked for Death until very recently. It's likel
  15. I think whatever DE said about the system informing reworks was likely just fluff, as it's rather easy to tell which abilities are bad already, and DE could already have collected data on how frequently each ability gets used in order to spot outliers, like Mesa's 1. Moreover, I think one of the unfortunate side effects of the Helminth system is that it merely adds an argument against reworking kits: if one points out that a warframe has a terrible ability that needs a rework, others can now just as easily reply that one could just replace it with another, even though that wouldn't actually ad
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