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  1. Oh, I think it is, it would just involve designing abilities with different principles: you shouldn't be able to just press a button to kill an enemy any time, for example (that's what weapons are for anyway), but you could instead make enemies more vulnerable, execute them if they're low on health, or deploy this thing you can only have around at one location at a time that could help with the killing. Instead of just giving yourself steroids at-will, you might instead gain power from killing enemies or engaging in some other form of interaction with the environment. Basically, the underlying
  2. I completely agree. Mag and Volt are also victims of old ability design, in that frames were originally deliberately made to scale in such a way that you could only build for a subset of a frame's abilities. With the addition of Corrupted mods especially, making one ability useful makes another ability under this design useless. The intent was likely to enable build diversity (e.g. Invisibility Loki vs. Disarm Loki here), but often that just doesn't really hold up to more modern frames, which are more functional. On the other end, though, as you said, you have frames who basically just ne
  3. I would in fact prefer no difficulty over cheap and shallow difficulty, as the latter does not in fact make for enjoyable or stimulating gameplay. In both cases, the game is completely unchallenging, it's just that one method's honest about it and the other just makes it more tedious. Yes, and with those gimmicks, it's just a matter of players parking themselves at the boss and waiting for their weakspot to be made available before taking them to their next damage gate instantly. I don't know about you, but I don't think that makes those bosses any more enjoyable than if one could one-
  4. I have mixed feelings about the suggestions: on one hand, I agree that Loki needs changes, I do think Rad procs as a means of confusing enemies into attacking each other is a sound idea, and I can somewhat understand the desire to add downtime to Invisibility, due to how it removes interaction with enemies. However, I also feel this sort of goes in the wrong direction, focusing too much on making Loki apply lots of Radiation procs, and not enough on making his kit gel better with itself, which is currently its main issue. Right now, I'd say the biggest problem with Loki is that he suffers
  5. Putting aside the fact that designing enemies to be invulnerable outside of weak points makes for cheap and shallow difficulty, I think it's also a terrible idea in a game where a) those enemies can move around quickly and turn on a dime (e.g. Vay Hek and Necramechs), and b) we play multiplayer, and those janky hitboxes become even less reliable when paired with P2P connections and dated, flaky netcode. I too would like to get rid of that sort of design entirely, and for all the layers of artificial difficulty DE have layered onto Warframe's enemies, in the end none of it really makes up for o
  6. Becoming? Power creep has been a problem for pretty much the majority of the game's lifespan, and I also agree with the OP: prior to Melee 3.0, Acolyte mods were banned from Exalted weapons because those mods were band-aids to generally deficient melee weapons, with Exalted melee being balanced differently. After the rework, though, those mods are no longer band-aids, and there is no longer a need to prevent Exalted weapons from equipping them. I also agree that there is a far larger problem of there being no real benchmark for weapon balance, hence why we keep getting runaway power creep
  7. After maxing out Lavos and trying out a few different builds, I feel like I can stop giving him the benefit of the doubt. "Clunky" describes most of his unique features, from his cooldowns to his largely two-dimensional abilities in a 3D game. My main criticism: His cooldowns make using his abilities painfully awkward to use, even when factoring his 3. Given that most of his kit doesn't feel especially strong compared to what most other frames can do at no real cost, they don't feel justified either. If it weren't for Lavos's generous stats, I don't think he'd be a truly functional
  8. I agree with the OP: with the Helminth system we were promised a rich new layer of warframe customization, but in the end only a tiny handful of abilities are worth infusing on any given frame, which is why we see tons of players running around with Roar. In the end, it's only served as a means of power creeping us further by letting us exchange our frames' weakest abilities for something stronger. It hasn't even really promoted the emergence of niche builds, because ultimately Warframe is a game that incentivizes stacking damage on top of damage, and little else.
  9. Agreed, given the different schemes we'd been having already, and the preferences people have, giving each frame its own individual tap/hold scheme should satisfy everyone. I still don't think this should mean DE should avoid standardizing default schemes on frames, as there currently isn't much consistency, but at least now players can configure them to their preference.
  10. And how exactly were the conditions under which they reached 36? Because I'm willing to bet that the score wasn't as good as if people were to use the Arquebex. There's an emphasis on Exalted weapons precisely because the Arquebex's damage is so massive that it's the main factor in clearing Orphixes quickly, especially at later levels. Bonewidow can never even remotely approach that amount of damage, and just because you can still do a full run while handicapping yourself does not mean that picking the better option won't net you an easier mission and a higher score. That is why Voidrig is the
  11. I think even you are implicitly admitting that Voidrig is the better choice, as you yourself acknowledge that Bonewidow only really works at lower levels (when it can even reach the Orphix at all), and further admit that at higher levels you're just expecting the players with the Voidrig to do the work. If the best thing Bonewidow has going for it is that it's not too awful relative to Voidrig under certain very specific conditions (which I'd question, again because of Orphixes spawning out of melee range, and because you do actually need all the Voidrigs you can have to handle Orphixes effect
  12. I literally stated within the first sentence of my initial paragraph that I made this post after getting all the rewards. I'm not asking for a handout here, I'm just pointing out that Skinner boxes don't benefit games in the long run when pushed past a certain limit. It really, really isn't, and I invite you to play games like Doom, Hades, Half-Life, God of War... well, the list goes on. It seems you've fallen into the trap of believing that live service games based on Skinner boxes, themselves a relatively recent development in gaming that have caused significant backlash (among othe
  13. This completely misses the point, as my post makes it very clear that I am in fact aware that the central purpose of this event is to make us use our Necramechs in regular tilesets. My criticism was directed at the specifics of the implementation, i.e. having the event mission disable our Warframes entirely instead of just having segments where we have to use our mechs. Using loot as compensation for unenjoyable gameplay is also not really a good justification in a video game, where the key intent is to have fun.
  14. TL;DR: It's a great idea to complement loot tables with a reliable currency one can use to purchase that same loot. Other than that, though, the event is grindy, gimmicky, and awkwardly structured, and could benefit from some adjustments to make players spend less time waiting, and maybe even let them use more than just one type of Necramech. Figured I'd write this after running the event to the point of obtaining all of its new rewards. Let's start on a positive note: I think it's a brilliant idea to have items on a drop table also be purchaseable through a reliably-earned backup currenc
  15. I think there are two levels of brokenness with Energy in this discussion that are potentially getting mixed up: Our Energy economy at higher levels looks nothing like when we start, because our baseline Energy system is incredibly deficient, yet propped up by power-ups powerful enough to remove constraints almost entirely once equipped. Energy as a system is broken because its model fundamentally doesn't work for the way we want to use our abilities. Spamming abilities without limit trivializes the game, yet when we're prevented from using our abilities when we want to, it feels a
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