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  1. Quick question: why are you going on a thread that discusses the power of Slash to talk about anything but Slash? If you agree that Slash builds outdamage competitors, what even is the argument you want to have here, besides trying to play gotcha with people over not having discussed Slash on the Slash thread?
  2. I'm personally of the same opinion, which is also why I'm ambivalent about making abilities scale: despite being a staple in games with progression systems, enemy levels have never really worked in Warframe as a means of scaling up the game's challenge, and even though our own power scaling was matched up against enemy scaling initially, enemies have lost the arms race long ago. The only components that have lost out are our damage abilities, which either have some sort of special scaling to stay relevant, or don't deal meaningful damage past a certain level: technically, we could give damage
  3. The problem with that allegory is that in chess, players start out with the same pieces. The only time you choose which pieces you have are when you let your pieces get captured, or when you take a pawn to the other side of the board. If players were given the option to choose the pieces with which they'd start the game, and could choose from all pieces equally, it is likely most players would just fill their side with queens, and no pawns. At that point, that version of "chess" would absolutely be poorly-balanced, plus far more repetitive and less deep to boot. If we are to carry this al
  4. You mean, unlike the 30-50 Corpus on the map who do in fact pump "actual projectiles" without so much as slowing the game down? The problem with the "optimization" argument that gets trotted about whenever hitscan gets discussed is that it's bogus: on one hand, the game has no problem rendering projectiles from a faction whose weapons are almost entirely either beam- or projectile-based, and on the other, DE clearly hasn't made a meaningful effort to optimize the game's technical load when multishot still exists as a stat, and is used on pretty much every gun. As both the games I cited an
  5. This suggestion pops up every now and again, and tends to not go down well for a few major reasons: for one, as mentioned above, the proposal sounds simple, but would be a combinatorial nightmare in practice, as there'd be literal thousands of synergies to implement (and only implementing some of them would make the system inconsistent). The other, potentially even deeper problem is that specially-implemented synergies can be deceptively reductive to gameplay: the moment you have a mechanic that says you get a specific effect from combining two things together, that effect encourages players t
  6. I support this as well. For a game that expects us to use our mobility to evade enemy hits, it's pretty silly for Warframe to feature so much hitscan weaponry, especially on enemies. Meanwhile, games like Doom: Eternal, Hades, and Returnal don't even need half the complexity to their movement systems to let players dodge, because enemy attacks there are telegraphed and able to be evaded, not just soaked up. Even Devil May Cry, from which the devs pilfered the juggling system, has this, so I see no reason not to update enemies to attack us in ways we can truly dodge.
  7. Locking Riven stats I think is one of those many aspects of Riven mods that highlights the conflict of interest they represent for players and developers: on the player side, being able to lock stats would be very convenient, as we'd get a measure of control over our rolls, and so wouldn't be doomed to getting crap stat combinations virtually all of the time, just most of the time. On the developer side, however, the scarcity of good Rivens is important because that's what allows them to sell for the highest possible amount of Platinum, and if players were allowed to have more good or even jus
  8. On one hand, I very much agree with the criticism: for all the power he's gained since his last rework, Limbo remains a fundamentally broken frame whose gameplay relies on shutting down interaction between enemies and himself (plus his team if they're around). Ideally, he ought to change in such a way that he loses his troll potential completely, and operates by enabling himself and his allies, instead of blocking everyone from one another. On the other hand, for this same reason I feel like the rework doesn't fully address Limbo's core problems: I think it's excellent, even essential to
  9. This is something I'd very much support as well. I tend to dislike discussions of "endgame" content, because "endgame" is a nebulous concept in Warframe that keeps changing as the game evolves, and always fails to give us long-lasting content whenever DE try their hand at it. On the flipside, the game also has a problem of stagnation, in that the in-game world remains almost completely static until DE starts its heartbeat again via an injection of new content. What we need, and what many players talk about when they bring up endgame content, is some sort of evergreen content that always gives
  10. If we are to compare the two, Life Strike only happens on a very specific type of melee attack, and isn't an Exilus mod. whereas Life Siphon as you present it would apply to all kills and fit in the Exilus slot. The former requires the player to use a melee weapon and heavy attack, whereas the mod you're proposing is always on. Killing enemies is a trivial requirement in the near-totality of the game, and so in most cases your proposed mod would amount to constant, massive health regeneration, with the added benefit of not taking up an important mod slot. With its 9% chance of regenerating 6%
  11. Thank you! I think when it comes to which stat to plug in where, that shouldn't be too difficult (Strength for the damage, both base and absorbed, Duration for the stun+aura duration, and Range for the aura range), though the numbers would certainly be trickier. I purposefully didn't list any, because I think that often leads to people quibbling on specifics at the expense of the bigger picture, but one potential take could be this: Duration: 7 / 9 / 10 / 12s Range: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8m Damage per second: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 + 5% of total damage dealt to target Which would effec
  12. I think a lot of people seem to be missing the point: the problem with information in Warframe isn't simply that the game fails to convey crucial information to the player (though there's certainly that), but that the information it does provide is often done so through incredibly abstruse and ineffective means. Most games do not need a codex just to tell players how to move or where to shoot, and when tutorials do exist, in modern times they often feature mini-levels designed to educate the player through play, something Warframe only does very infrequently. There's the added complication of
  13. I think anti-ability enemies are more a symptom of the real problem than the source: the reason why Nullifiers and Parasitic Eximus units were created in the first place is because our abilities let us win at the press of a button, yet are also frequently spammable ad nauseam. The end result is gameplay that boils down to pressing the same button all the time to eliminate any and all challenge the game may throw at us, something that's particularly prevalent on nuke frames like Mesa. Anti-ability enemies try to fix this by essentially removing our agency, creating an unpleasant situation where
  14. I have to agree, Slash status was always a bit nuts, and still is now even in an environment where Heat status now instantly strips half of an opponent's armor, and Viral status more than quadruples damage against their health. The latter probably need adjustments as well, as they're light years ahead of virtually any other status effect, but I think the easy fix to Slash would be to change its proc to Slash damage, rather than True damage: Slash is meant to be the damage type that's good against raw health, but bad against armor and shields, yet for the longest time it's been one of the best
  15. How about this: 1 - Well of Death: Trinity lifts the target enemy into the air and stuns them. While stunned, the target is immune to damage and emanates an aura that damages nearby enemies, with the damage increased by a portion of the damage dealt to the target. This damage is dealt to the main target when the ability ends or is reactivated. Augment - Walking Death: Well of Death can be cast on allies to give them its damage aura, healing the target for a portion of the damage dealt. Can be self-cast. You'd have an ability distinct from the rest of Trinity's kit, with both a m
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