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  1. Oh... Sorry. I've seen my mistake. Thank you!
  2. Hi DE, Thank you for this update and for balancing the melee with the others weapons types. And THANK YOU for the paranzon’s mechanic! Concernig Yareli, her powers are essentially offensive, and seems to be limited by mob’s level. So: -For her first power insteade dealing damages, why not implement an other mechanic like strip armor/shield over time like Vauban? -For her third abilitie, perhaps a synergi with her 1, more ennemis are under her control and more damage are deal by her 3. Or a scaling system like some Warframe, but instead the scaling be on melee mod, it should be on secondary mods to stay roleplay with her passive. -For her ultime, to be usefull even with high level enemies may the damage deal should be a combinaison of enemies number and a portion of their HP pool. Like Gara’s Mass Vitrify but in a Vulcan Blitz version. Thank you to keep growing the game :-)
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