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  1. Instant death still invalidates quite a few Warframe passives and augments, should just keep the revive state and if they're not picked up, give them perma-death on top of this new Resurgence system. You could even halve the time given to pick someone up. Beyond this, the main reasons I don't play Arbitrations as a veteran are the drones being fully immune to proc DoT damage/all abilities, and the reward intervals are twice the normal amount. I'll never support full immunity to every ability, it's just lazy artificial difficulty. Titania for example is unplayable in Arbitrations, because outside of Razorwing she dies instantly, yet the drones are immune to her Exalted weapons. Even giving them 99% DR to abilities/CC instead would make a huge difference. While the reward intervals just give the feeling of not making much progress. I'd take making Arbitrations even harder (not artificially) for the reward intervals to be the same amount as now, but at the normal five waves/minutes as the rest of the game. This is an aside, but until air combos are put in, the drones are also awful to face for melee players. If the only way to play Arbitrations will just be with AoE weapons on top of a tank frame, then I'll just keep avoiding it. Not my play-style.
  2. Just wanted to use this thread to bug report something with Melee 2.9 When using any combo with a right-click requirement, even when pulled off correctly (by holding right click mid-swing on a left-click swing) you automatically switch back to your weapon at the end of the combo even though you're not even holding right-click anymore. And if you have no guns equipped, you bug out and can't swing your melee anymore. It really ruined the Tatsu's experience with its stance for my friends after waiting for it for so long.
  3. Also since blocking is all automatic now, you really need to make all the block animations look cooler, and be more unique for each weapon type.
  4. But will my questions actually be asked this year ;^)
  5. As it's the final stream of the year, I have to ask my usual. Are Scythes finally large in Melee 3.0? I want a concrete answer to show to others. Then there's my other often asked question, can we get a X/Y/Z axis slider for syandanas? Also, any plans on letting us use Captura scenes in the Simulacrum to test in different areas? Eggnog? Enjoy the holidays, everybody.
  6. Going to offer some thoughts for this from a veteran perspective. Nyx: New passive is interesting, always wished Banshee's Silence had a secondary effect like this. Wonder if they'll be able to hit the Absorb bubble though. Mind Control: The damage amplification will have to be extremely high for this to pay off. This one relies entirely on the numbers. Psychic Bolts: Great idea. Especially when it comes to turning off Ancient Auras. It would be even better if this ability could turn off Eximus auras as well. Absorb: This could be interesting if it would proc the status effects of all the damage types fed in at once when it "feeds out". Since usually, reflecting enemy damage is almost never good. Only Octavia really does it well, and that's because it combines, amplifies, and ticks out the built up damage. The "aggro" pulling while using Absorb needs to be much more aggressive if you will, regardless of the other changes. -- Tit: Not changing her passive just comes across as very strange. She's constantly, at all times, in Razorwing. It's her thing. Can't exactly utilize her passive while in Razorwing. Spellbind: The targeting on this is still wonky, overall a decent 1st ability. Tribute: Good step forward, but the buffs are still the weakness. For Dust, it would be better to "dodge" an instance of damage at 50%. Dodge as in basically ignoring the damage completely. This would help against AoE's greatly, whereas just being less likely to be hit still has the chance of a Bombard one shotting you. Thorns is probably the worst buff in the ability. As I stated earlier, reflecting enemy damage does not matter at all unless it's in an enormous amount. Tit herself doesn't benefit from this either, she's not a tank after all. It also clashes with the point of the Dust buff. Since this ability's buffs can be almost anything, replacing Thorns with anything else would be a net positive. Entangle being able to also root enemies would be nice as well. Fullmoon is in a good enough state. Lantern: Great changes. Razorwing being able to replenish its Razorflies from the Lanterns would offer some great synergy. Razorwing: Since you're giving her innate vacuum while in Razorwing like how Archwings have it, how about giving her innate energy regen as well? You know, since Archwings also have that. They also have the ability to boost with Shift. Would be greatly appreciated to have that, especially since we now have two open worlds. Razorflies are a bit underwhelming. Having them proc slash at 100% would help them out a bit. Or buffing them in some way based on how many Tribute buffs you have active. Having more than six active at a time would also be a nice change. Her Diwata being weak is more the fault of it not having combos/multipliers, and puncture itself being weak proc wise. Slash is still king and all that. Even if the base %s were increased, it would just end up being only usable. Thanks for reading, if you took the time. Ended up being a bit long due to Tribute.
  7. Someone assumed that further attacks on the targets would force slash procs, looking at the wording Reb used.
  8. Her talons are equipped when she has no other melee weapon equipped. Confirmed by Rebecca. I barely use the forums nowadays, hell I barely played the game itself this year due to the content drought. In the video I thought I saw her send out the blades first, then recast to rip it out of enemies. Unfortunately it seems like it's only the former. There can be things that look good visually, but are bland as far as game design goes. Pablo changed the ultimate in the first place for just being a shorter-ranged Revenant ultimate. My ideal choice would be the visuals of the first ultimate she had, but as an Exalted, attacking from a distance with her hovering blades. Seeing as Fortuna is most likely releasing today though, this is what we get. We just have to deal with it like with every other time a frame released in an odd state.
  9. Having a shield on a frame like this is still jarringly out of place, having some sort of blood spiral around her body to give damage reduction instead would make more sense. Or you could even keep the mechanics of a shield, and just change it visually to the blood swirling around her being said shield. The ult looks at least a bit more interesting now, but since this doesn't show much I'll just have to wait and see.
  10. So still nothing about 10 wave Defenses for Arbitrations being literally not worth doing?
  11. Those Rivens better come with their own slots as hell, or else it's a sham reward to force slot purchases.
  12. On devstreams, Reb has to use a controller. When she actually plays using a mouse she is better than most. As for the game mode, I personally will just have to wait for release and hope it doesn't end up like ESO.
  13. How about naming the new mode Entropy Endurance, or Entropy Endeavors 👀
  14. Could try out my "Avant" or "Vanta" loadout. Or Deusin. Doesn't matter really.
  15. You could make Thurible give 800 energy per kill and it still wouldn't matter. Allies just kill everything anyway LMAO. You're not getting that energy back Harrow my boy, just play Trinity and put 2 on a macro. Most selfish support I've ever seen in a game ;^)
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