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  1. Well, don't call the cat if the area is not clear. As I have not read the entire thread, the following is not fully aimed at OP : People seem to lose all form of common sense around conservation, wether its mechs disturbing or mobs killing target... like yes, what did you expect ? That the game would stop working as usual when you pull your tranq gun out ? How is it not the most common of sense to make sure the place is clear before playing the trumpet ?
  2. I'm pretty sure the level at which you finish your lich doesn't change the result. Tho, if you're new to lich hunting, you might wanna make sure you know the following : As it stands, capturing a lich only means that it'll have a chance to spawn briefly in missions where you've died once. Generally doesn't do much to help you and you don't get its weapon. But if you kill it, you simply get its weapon. Just so you don't get any bad surprise.
  3. Rhino prime, gold incrustings ftw
  4. Just did it with a rhino and a soma... nothing fancy, just running, jumping and shooting
  5. Of course I'm posting at work, not wasting my free time down here XD
  6. I have a full time job as an accountant, friends, a family to take care of and all that jazz, I am absolutly not the kind of person to spend hours upon hours on the game. At absolute most nowadays (same during deimos launch), I can maybe hope to get 1h30 of playtime per day at most, and certainly not everyday. It's not about how much time you sink into the game, it's about how you use this time. Yes, fishing, mining, hunting WERE side activities in previous OW. But in deimos, and it's supported by the entire thing's design, those are NOW integral parts of the experience. I don't care
  7. Ooooooh, that would explain a LOT about the many outrageous things I've seen here over the years XD
  8. The flaw in your argument is that you assumed, coming from online to solo, that all the bugs you encountered online were originating from the p2p system and not from your sh...ty internet. And just in case you were still wondering, it was because of your sh...ty internet, OBVIOUSLY. What other games ? Could you be specific in any way ? DE is a small studio with a huge amount of players for its size. Off the top of my head, out of the games using servers, you have generally either huge studios with accordingly huge population, or small studios with accordingly small population. Not our cas
  9. If you play the system, seriglass is really not hard to obtain. While buying every single decorations, I still naturaly got all 4 needed seriglass before hitting max entrati rank. Didn't even do anything special, just did bounties, mining, fishing and conservation, went around all the vendors everytime I was in necralisk and managed my tokens halfway efficiently. I don't know you exactly, but it seems to me that most people complaining about seriglass just don't engage with all the mechanics and surprised pikachu face when it turns out that : Not engaging with all the activ
  10. Could you : _ stop whinning like a spoiled child ? It's what DE has set as a task to do. Either you enjoy grinding for stuff, or just quit the game. _start having some respect ? Maybe you're not impacted much by the GLOBAL PANDEMIC, but many are. How about YOU "get it together". If I had to make a guess, I'd day you just dislike fortuna (for some reason) and would rather make a thread about this than farming the (p.ss easy to obtain) components for like 2 hours at the absolute most.
  11. Soooo, because you haven't had any bug playing solo (basically OFFLINE), that means servers would fix any problem that people with slow internet encounter ? Flawless logic. People don't want servers because : _the efficiency of those is a fairy tail that few double check. At best it won't change much, at worst it will add more latency to people that before could find each other in remote locations, but now have to go through a further away centralised server. _it would cost so much more that it would very likely impact the way DE monetizes the game. _servers have a all lot
  12. God this thread again... Can people ever stop complaining about non-issues ? Warframe is about grinding stuff, once you have nothing left to grind for, the game is pretty much over, you can only make your own fun past this point. And don't get me the idiotic "you don't play the game solely for the fun of the gameplay ?", past 1.3k inmission hours, it just doesn't stick. Deimos is the grindiest ? GOOD ! Means I got more out of it. I only WISH that there was more to grind for, so that I could have a proper reason to go back to these beautiful landscapes. Do you guys do that w
  13. Convenience has a price, logically such a mod would be less powerful than building "manually" the right element. So when you go to levels high enough that building the right element makes any difference, why would you ever shoot yourself in the foot ? Just to save a few seconds in the arsenal at the price of optimal damage ? And if such a thing was ever made to be as strong or stronger than classic elemental mods, well it would be unbelievably OP.
  14. Really ? You want to buff regulators ? Sure, it's not like it's among the most damaging things in the entire game right ? Oh wait...
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