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  1. Sell excal and rhino, there, you have 2 more slots and same amount of plat. Now, for what frame, if you have to choose between those 4, pick saryn I'd say, so that's done.
  2. Lol, what a weak way of bailing out of a lost argument. Noob ain't an insult ya know, it's a faster way to say new player. Strawman much, read posts entirely
  3. Because you did not phrase that as an opinion but as a statement. And you're precisely trying to BS backpedal your statement into an opinion, classic... I don't care if you find it boring, you said IT IS boring, without anything to back it up, so I'm pointing out the BS. It's your job to write what you mean to say, not mine to read between the lines.
  4. No he didn't, you're description was much closer to today's state of things tho.
  5. I played WF 5 minutes, it's a boring pay2win game with slow and clunky mobility, and everything is locked behind plat. See ? That's how valid your criticism is. PS2 gets a lot of criticism for good reasons, but boring ? You only hear this one from noobs that can't position themselves or line up a shot. And don't you bs me, that was not an opinion (which would bave been perfectly fine), you made a statement about the game, without having any understanding of its mechanics, which is sad.
  6. Let me rephrase that for you : standing around at spawn like a sheep, after getting pushed back to said spawn, while you could spawn anywhere else on the open map, and still trying to run out the door you already know a bunch of guns are pointed at, this is indeed not very motivating for your teammates. It's not like if you could set up a spawn point anywhere to bring hundreds of player to the ennemy flank, oh wait... You can. Not counting all the other ways there are to counter spawn camp...
  7. A good game for the many WF players with OCD : From the depths ! A very small building/strategy game that I am floored to see getting updated regularly. Extremely hard to get a hold of, Warframe looks like a Nintendo game in comparaison. So very satisfying when you finally build your first functionning craft. A LOT of depths in the gameplay (pun intended), you like min maxing your builds ? Think you're good at crunshing numbers ? This game will put you in your place. Could spend hours writing about it, I won't, go check a youtube vid, you'll either instantly love it, or feel immediatly bored out of your mind.
  8. Lol, someone did not try to learn how to play the game properly I see ^^
  9. Polygon ? You mean those that said fallout 76 at launch was amongst the best games at the time ? Yeah, serves them well to talk about pretty colors, that much they can do.
  10. Healing stat : thumbs up Stat rewards : absolute dogsheet. You really wanna implement kill stealing in warframe ?
  11. Don't know it unfortunatly. I'm of those that never focused on getting any part in particular, upgrading relics mostly to farm dukats, and still ended up with ALL the prime stuff, so don't worry, it'll all drop eventually. As a rule of thumb, you could spend months farming for a single mod, only to see it drop the moment you gave up on getting it (CO, true story). But search a bit, you can't be the only one looking for that discord, can't be hiding very far
  12. Do you not want to understand ? "In a row" doesn't increase drop rate. All 10 of those relics could have been radiant, I still wouldn't be surprised if you got only common rewards. Put some real work in or let it go friend, before you awake all the void keys defender, praising the good old days of the 2% or nothing drop rate. (No opinion, just poking for fun)
  13. That's still no where near enough to start complaining about rng, it's expected. Be ready to do at least 10 runs per rare prime part, if you're lucky, that's how the game rolls. Later, you'll understand that the rarity of those rare rewards is actually pretty low. That more drop chance would make prime parts even more worthless. Enjoy the thrill of getting new parts while you still can, sooner than you think, it's all gonna turn into dukats and nothing else.
  14. You did... 2 runs ? Yeah... Not a big surprise that rare items take more than 5 minutes to acquire. How about you just try, a little more ?
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