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  1. Why so many people saying no ? It would take next to no effort from the devs to implement, would not change anything to our current options. Yeah many months might go to waste, so what ? If people want to buy it, why would you petition against it ?
  2. I'm just wondering why everyone only talks about ivara for spy missions... she's clunky to move around with while invisible. Meanwhile loki has all the freedom of movement in the world, can switch teleport with his clone, and is much easier to obtain. And that's for regular stealth invisibility, wukong is also a thing.
  3. There are no such cycles, this is ridiculous. There should constantly be buffs and nerfs over the lifetime of a game, that is called fine tuning, narrowing stats toward a somewhat balanced state. But saying that buffs and nerfs happen just so that one thing becomes stronger then weaker then stronger etc is ridiculous. Just another nonsense argument from people that refuse to understand that nerfs are critical to a game's health.
  4. Or... you can just pay attention for half a second and realise that it's not the ayatan star icon... crazy I know.
  5. Yeah, as much as I despise the "everything is because Tencent" argument (saying this I really don't like Tencent as a business), xenophobia ? Are you for real ? Life is a bit more complicated than "twitter sjw vs maga biggots"
  6. Oh no poor you ! What in the world are you gonna do now that you can't collect 100% of a type of mechanically useless cosmetics ? It's there because DE, like any business out there, needs to make money. Putting stuff in packs is an age old techniq to incite people to spend more. The fact that you are complaining about it shows how good of a leverage this can be. Also it is a pretty decent item for those that support DE and buy the pack, rather than having yet another syandana/shoulder pad/sentinel wing/etc etc etc...
  7. I just sell my veiled rivens to riven junkies once in a while, it generally takes about 30 secs for one of those poor soul to answer. Now, if you're looking for bigger numbers, just get a job. It's gonna be way more usefull in the long run than spending all day cracking relics and roaming trade chat. Edit : and potentially slightly less soul crushing
  8. Bunch of random regular boring starchart missions, that would most of the time give nothing but perfectly useless ressources, and that would force us to camp the game for hours in the hope of getting any nitain... you're entitled to your opinion, but still I am curious of how you could think such a thing.
  9. Thing is, I see many people complain about Nora repeating her lines over and over... what about Lotus ? It's been more than 7 years that she's repeating the same mission briefings and I don't see anyone crying about it... people don't make any sense
  10. Being able to customize somewhat freely the camera ? Yes, yes, yes and yes everyday ! Solely the option to center it ? I mean if it makes some happy I won't fight it, but such an overwhelming meh imho. What I would be extatic to have would be the ability to push the camera MORE to the side, so that I can finally equip some shoulder pieces without having them covering my entire aiming reticule.
  11. "Take off all your gear", then goes on about how the meat of the game is to obtain new and better gear... yeah that has to be bait...
  12. Ooooh nooo, not the eidolons ! Imagine having other options to get arcanes than doing nothing but tricap after tricap after tricap for months, a gameplay so restrictive and repetitive that even the rest of warframe seems like an everchanging experience in comparison... DE surely got mad yes...
  13. Beat jackal for the first time, see a rhino part in the loot, look rhino on the market, find a blueprint for him, blueprint shows I need 2 other parts. So i went to fight jackal again a couple times, notice that I drop other parts. Put 2 and 2 together. Modding. Try placing a mod in my paris for the first time, see the numbers on the left change. Try different mods, see other numbers changing. Go to the mod consol, try out the different big icons at the top of the screen, easily end up trying the "rank up" option. Put 2 and 2 together. Don't know where to go next, check the star char
  14. If primes were anything more than what they are right now, due to the vaulting mechanic, there would be hordes of butthurt people complaining about content being gated, that it's a p2w mechanic and so on and so forth. Imagine excalibur prime having some uniqe ability/interaction/quirk, the overall complaining would be indescribable. Nah primes are perfectly fine where they are, generally cooler looking, with barely perceptible better stats, generally inconcequential.
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