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  1. Wait, let's try, I think my glyph represents perfectly what I think of this change... Yeah, perfect, f this rocket
  2. I'm sure it's another nonsense change made to protect people's sensibility. First we lost the ahah emote, now we lose our like counter, next time we'll lose the ability to write in this forum at all, so no one has to feel inferior in any way. That was useless but still, having the little like counter was at least a small display of how long you've been here, a kick in the nuts of all the long time dwellers here...
  3. ... I can't take those "in my opinion" anymore. Do you wanna flash your opinion ? Or do you wanna have an actual discussion ? Because you generally can't construct a point about technical topics such as this one, and also benefit from the shielding of it being your personnal opinion. Because then, not a single thing you said holds any water, since it's all your subjective opinion, why care ? But hey, it's my opinion.
  4. My my my... people are in a heavier than usual crying mood lately, but dang is this one thread wrong in soooo many ways... so entitled, nonsense arguments, backward comparisons... it _ has _ everything.
  5. Not sure where you're going, the first page is almost entirely filled with people praising SP for how rewarding and overall better it is compared to how they describe arbi, suposedly such a dreadful and unrewarding experience. I feel you're being sarcastic of course, but not sure how exactly. If you're saying that SP junkies don't exist, well that's just false. If you're taking a shot at how much SP is praised, well you're preaching to the choir with me buddy ^^
  6. My god... feels like people are crying so much more lately... I'm wondering, are all those leaps of logic and mental gymnastics made because all those people are completely unable to aim at slow moving targets and thus afraid they might have to learn one day ? What happened to the time when games decided the conditions in which we'd take on challenges ? As opposed to crying whenever the slightest thing changes the playing field in the slightest of ways...
  7. Yeah... a all bunch of SP junkies crying because they have to do something else for once, that's all I can see here. As always, there will be people to cry about every single thing in the game, no matter what it is.
  8. "The weapons are just reskin with better stats"... Not only that, but most have different firing modes, soooooooo not at all simple reskins. Maybe OP if you actually tried to ingage with the content, you'd have figured out what people find in it, instead of avoiding it out of spite and/or because you saw a vocal minority complain about it. For every single aspect of this game, you will find a vocal minority telling you it's the worst thing on earth. If you listen to those guys rather than actually trying stuff for yourself, you'd better stop playing all together, since everything sucks, DE lazy, too much grind in this looter shooter, and so on and so forth...
  9. Soooooo, if you went mining during a bounty, you only got what you deserve. If you just went mining in a public instance of free roam, well... why would you ever do that ?
  10. Because we weren't already strong enough as it is...
  11. Are people still crying for a weapon that is already farmable in several places ? Damn... No I mean, yeah of course, please DE while you're at it, put every single piece of gear in the game in the dojo, so that way nobody has to play the game anymore.
  12. Fighting many ennemies in a horde shooter ? Heresy ! Brother, get the flamer... the heavy flamer !
  13. Quest is not bugged, your playstation must be tired or your internet slow. Did this quest back in the day when I was playing on a potato computer and did not encounter a single bug, not exactly close to what I'd call "bugged as heck".
  14. The point is to jam as many different things during this grind, so however many hours spent there are not solely toward getting ash, you know, multitasking. Check my answers to Aldain for the long version
  15. Yo, this thread is about the ash grind, stop acting as if I said that RJ defense is the best defense of the game, I'm just giving ways of making the time spent grinding ash more worthwhile. If you're mr30, full intrinsics and only need a spare ash for helminth, then you can only bite the bullet and do nothing but this grind. But no matter what it is, you won't be able to multitask for the very last item of your todo list, it's not really a counter argument. If you already have ash, then no you better not go to this defense, it'd be suboptimal and I never claimed otherwise.
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