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  1. ... Because if one thing can one shot X ennemy and another can't (or quasi one-shot for automatics), then the later is just worst compared to the former, don't see what's so strange about this... For seeker volley, it barelly tickles veil ennemies, while whormhole combo rolls over them. So if there exist something so much stronger, than volley objectively sucks. And don't compare to saturn, it's like saying that the mk1 braton is very strong because it rolls over Eprime. For the record, I'd love seeker to be of any use, but that just doesn't cut it right now. (I know some people used it to grind intransics around earth, but that's nowhere close intended gameplay, which I'm basing my reasonning around)
  2. What is your problem ? People are giving you tips to solve the issue, but you're just "no I asked if you had it too, not how to solve it, learn to read lol"... Either you're a troll or an idiot.
  3. That just reminds me that kaszas (the scythe), shouldn't even need a gravimag, it's freacking smaller than most two handed regular melee
  4. Lol, I'm sorry but just lol. Screw any idea of making a balanced and enjoyable game experience, I don't wanna ever see my toys change in any way, that's what matters.
  5. No, just no. Stop watering down everything. At some point it's gonna be possible to clear 100% of any update in a week of casual play... The only driving force, for me, right now is that there will still be weapons to grind at for a long time, I always have a little something yet to be completed. That or maxing primed mods for the last 5% of something, or stockpiling ressources and credits in the hope that it'll serve a point next update, rivetting. With how much time it takes to get a single of those weapons, the game is clearly telling you he doesn't want you to get them all like pokemons in a day.
  6. One railjack easilly kills 90 fichiers and 6 crewships => why are crewships so much stronger than railjack ? You wot mate ?
  7. Objectively, this is so easy to acquire and OP is quite a crybaby.
  8. I'd juste want the exact opposite of what we have now. I don't want to wait almost a full second to throw the ability my life depends on, nor do I care to have instant reaction when I'm calmly choosing what ball to throw or what flower to plant... Ivara, imho, should work like Hanzo. Hold to cycle the useless arrows, press once to apply it to the bow, ready to be shot by clicking. That would pull out her exalted bow until the arrow is shot, but its model is already out while we hold now, so I don't see much issue.
  9. Your suggestion is nothing more than that, a suggestion. I was talking by " you" about the people that are actively complaining in chat any time I kill their lich to make room for mine before mission ends. Those actually exists, you can suggest whatever you want to ME, it won't change the current reality of things. And for playing with friends and recruits, it's always gonna be faster to just click the node rather than waiting 10 minutes for people to finish their stuff and rally up. Unless the lich spawns right near you and you one shot it right away, which is pretty rare, it'll always have time to spawn one or two thralls. That seemed obvious to me. I was against the stab right away people at the start, because at the start, low mr could get stuck with a high level lich without much warning. But now, it's your fault for getting into a high level content that you don't have the stuff for, because you cant get a lich by mistake now. That's for the argument of people not wanting to level up their lich. Now, only talking about pub matchmaking ofc, what do you think is the most logical behaviour awaited from your squadmates ? Doing the fastest, simplest and most straight forward strat of just stabing ? Or doing the one strat that has many extra steps and can potentially hinder one or more of your mates's progression ? It's generally accepted that the one that wants to do the most specific strat is the one that has the burden of not complaining and/or going to clan/recruit chat. If you go public, you are expected to stab because it's the simplest thing to do, with the less moving parts, and that can't stop anyone from spawning his own lich. I certainly don't care about what people do, I'll kill the lich right away anyway, and ignore the many crybabies that wanted to apply a convoluted strat in pub. But that doesn't change my opinion of them. OK let's be clear : I said that my method is just as efficient if not more than yours. I'll backpedal on that. I'm willing to believe the opposite, that yours is just as efficient if not more than mine. That said, I don't have enough experience with your method to say for sure, BUT at face value, with my personnal experience of the lich system, if yours is faster, it's really not that big of a difference. No, it's not personnal. Thralls/minute is an objectiv value you can measure stuff with. Your own personnal view of what makes a mission confortable, not stressful or whatever is the definition of subjectiv. You can't measure anything with that, it's all only personnal value. What is fun, interesting, stressful, has nothing to do in a debate. You can't refute an argument about the fastest way to do one thing by saying "I like this better". You may very well like it, you do you, but efficiency is not subjectiv, it's not a matter of taste, it's a fact. And I even already admited your methode might be faster overall. If you gave an undisputable proof that it indeed is faster, I wouldn't say " no because I like my way better". I'd instead admit you are right on that front, regardless of what I like to do. Secondly, already covered that one up there. You don't go into blackrock mountain with a lvl 30 rogue, well, you don't start a lich if you can't deal with sortie lvl ennemies. Thirdly, I'm sorry but WTF are you going on about there ? Requiem combinations ? That has nothing, and I mean Nothing to do with the matter at hand. Also, no matter how you go about it, there's very little wiggle room to optimize anything. It's down to chance, that's all. Finally, already covered it. Efficiency refers to a very specific concept. You can't just say "it's more efficient because I'm less stressed". That's just pure wrong. If being calm could help you finish quicker, it would work only... We're not playing professor Layton here. I covered some of this already. I get what YOU said don't worry ;), but for the record I'll still give MY two cents : I don't mind people doing whatever strat they do, and never screamed at someone to stab because : -at first noobs could legit get stuck with a lich -after that, because I can just shut down anyone that tries to do your method and be on my way, bit annoying but nothing to warrant writing in chat. All that to say, I never tried forcing my way onto others, weither ingame or in this thread. Mostly because the game is built so that I can avoid most of the hurdles the other side presents. Other side that does try to make me apply convoluted strats in pubgames, wasting much more time crying in chat than they would have supposidely saved by doing their method. I won't dwell on that, respect for admitting a fault. Now I can't be bothered to check back everything right now, so I'll apologize if I've been a bit rough in my posts, as people often tell me. Now, we still disagree on some things, so naturally I still despise you like the worst scum on earth 😉
  10. As I said, " you" was in general and not you in particular. I specified that I can't know what you do, and whatever you in particular do is beside the point. It should be easy to make the difference between you YOU when adressing something you directly said, and you for "your side of the argument in general" when depicting two different behaviours for example. As YOU said, lich create more thralls when they just spawn, that's what I'm calling his escort. But thank you for enlightening me to the earthshattering truth that lichs don't spawn right away with a dedicated escort. After all the lichs I've been through, I still didn't notice. Thank god you did not try to read between the lines, or I never would have got that info. So you get 1-2 thralls when it spawns + murmur from the lich (because decent people stab everytime), all that potentially times 4 since you free time for more lichs to spawn. In your 3-4 minutes dancing and kiting lancers around the lich, I've either gotten the murmur of several lich stabs and immediate thrall escort, or I'm already halfway through the next mission and whatever how many thralls comes with it. The point is thralls/minute, not thralls/mission. Unless you're running out of good mission and want to milk a specific one, you're stressing over nothing. Also thank you for enlightening me to the fact that lich don't create thralls once they're no longer on the map, never would have figured that out. And no, you are indeed slowing it down. Either you stab as soon as it's down and we move on, or (only starting from now) I have to wait out its regen and repeat the process twice again. You got sh*t in your eyes or something ? How can you say that it doesn't waste time ? Every second counting from the moment you refuse to stab is wasted time, wasted time that might stop the next guy's lich from spawning this mission. And "you can just wait for it to spawn anyway" is BS. Like yeah, I'll wait around with barely any regular nor thrall spawn, just to draw my lich at the 10 minute mark. That makes sense right ? That's not at all ignoring how the game plays nor how its player behave right ? Again, you completely ignore the time invested in this. Your way of doing it is not even bad at all, as long as you have a team on board with it. This is the fact that you called those quick killing the lichs "stupid" (or whatever you said exactly, that was the spirit) is completely ignorant and ludicrous.
  11. A is a no brainer, but b is much more nuanced than that. If solo, then yes killing asap is a waste. BUT, in a full squad, it's another story. Taking your time to down your lich stops other people's lichs from spawning, and as lich missions are rather short, you're actively hindering your teammates. Lich will still create thralls even if you kill it right away, and you'll get at least even, if not more, by rushing and killing potentially more lichs and their escort. You're only taking number of thralls killed into account, but you're completely ignoring the time factor. Yes you might get a bit less murmur than by juicing every drop of every lich, but that takes time. I might very well have gotten as much, if not more murmur than you in the next mission, while you are still begging in squadchat to not kill the lich. (Idk about YOU, just a figure of speech) Finally, some people are just trying to draw their lich for the final kill, and have no reason to juice it dry.
  12. Yeah no sorry but MR farm is useless. You can do it if you want, but you certainly don't need 1 more base mod capacity and a little bit of traces storage to clear all content in the game, thus, optionnal, I'm not letting go of that. Now, if Mr is so important to you, sorry but that's on you. By unique, I meant like "oh look, this guy got the kuva ogris, that I don't have. But I have the kuva khom, that he doesn't have". Not the weapon itself being unique in a vacuum. Because yes, most kuva guns are the mother of all basic b#tches. We agree there. I don't mind any form of crankyness, it's the internet after all, we're spending way enough time honeying everthing we say IRL, no need to blow flowers and sunshine up every single internet stranger's rear. But damn girl, go get that coffee ! I'm feeling more tired just thinking about it !
  13. Says he finds the grind dull => proceeds to do that optionnal grind and complains that he had a bad time... (People really have to understand that kuva weapons were supposed to be unique, you were not supposed to rush them all like a lemming on crack.) Stabs a larvling without knowing what it'll drop => complains that he didn't get what he wants... (Please, use that brain thingy, it's 100% your fault. Maybe you'll be more carefull next time you're dealing with a potential 3h farm trigger)
  14. You double the amount of mods you drop, thus doubling the amount of endo from mods (and heard rumors that it affects endo drops too). Unless you've maxed out every single mod in the game, and don't care about rivens, it's a very strong booster, not anywhere close to useless
  15. You feeling better ? Now, nobody forces you to play the game. You obviously decided that you don't like the game at this point, go play something else, for your own health. What did you even expect out of a single update ? That the entire game would have change completely ? It's not like if you're a long gone veteran coming back after years, you're just making a thread to tell everyone "I'm quitting facebook again !" 2 months after you quit the game because it's not going the way you'd want it to
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