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  1. You're missing the point again. Candidate/larvling hunt is one of, if not the only activity where you are at a straight deficit by not doing it solo. Even if everyone does their job perfectly, you're still dividing your chances of getting the weapon you want by 4, on top of the already very present rng of this process. I'm all for going on pugs, even spy can be objectively more efficient when nobody screws up (still not giving it a shot, but that's just me), but larvling hunt ? Pure deficit. Why do you even quote me there ? To say that there is an infinitely small chance that you won't get screwed over by random people ? My suggestion is more efficient (since no waiting at extract for some slow poke) and has a 0% chance to get screwed by others. You're not disproving anything, you're not even making a point. Start making a point. And I know it's easy to read my message with an angry voice, but don't. It's not the aim here. I'm still just digging to figure out if you're a troll or an alien.
  2. Why would you even hunt candidates with others ? So that you can punish yourself with a 3/4 chance of having done the run for nothing ? Also chill buddy, it's just a sheety ephemera.
  3. OP maybe shouldn't have mentionned bloodborne, sure, but he wasn't asking for that playstyle to be brought to WF in the slightest. But his point, even if this horse has already been beaten into a bloody pulp by now, still stands : warframe is ridiculously and undeniably easy. I don't think there's much the devs can do at this point, we're just way too far gone on this route. But the excuses like "take off your mods" or "don't take good frames" and such are shameful, lazy and dishonest cop outs. Do you not realise how completely idiotic it is that we should NOT use all the shiny stuff that the entire game is based around collecting ? Also you might want to reconsider, soulsborne aren't hard at all, they're just mildly challenging compared to the overwhelming majority of games nowadays that are braindead piss easy. Those are not games for sweaty tryhards that like to be hurt, not in the slightest. Those are simple games that don't treat their players like braindeas amputated toddlers. You're free to not like what kind of game those are, but if you came out of bloodborne thinking that it was such an impossibly difficult experience, I would suggest you reconsider the way you approach games as a whole.
  4. 1 : because it doesn't make any sense 2 : I don't know, I always said "he" for everyone until told otherwise, but nowaday you can't dare to assume anyone's gender without pissing off an army of sjw
  5. Yeah I know, and know they came back recently (allegedly)
  6. I mean it doesn't stop me from wondering why
  7. So 90% of the game is bad then ? You're free to feel this way, I'm just amazed that you consistently spit on almost everything in the game, yet keep playing it for some reason.
  8. Random is random because random is random
  9. Only bad things can come out of stressing about it. You'll be disappointed if there's any delay, DE will rush it even more if other threads like this appear... just let it be. Exactly like when we're farming that one low droprate item, don't ask yourself if it's gonna drop at the next round, just do your thing without thinking about it, and at some point, it'll fall onto your lap. Tldr : it'll be ready when it's ready, don't stress about it.
  10. If you wanna pvp, just go play tf2 or paladins (for free options off the top of my head) or any other game made to be pvp with an actual active playerbase.
  11. DE (allegedly) don't read general discussion. Also, just throw this suggestion onto the humongous pile of fanfictions that are never going to happen.
  12. Well, this was a truly entertaining thread to read, but this right there seals the deal. I don't see how op could ever come back from this. That's a plothole if I've ever seen one XD
  13. Yes it do Well, at least it did a month ago or so when I was doing nw. Worked for all elements and, as much as I can remember, for all his abilities (was just completing it with a few infused 4, didn't pay much attention to the rest)
  14. Oh yeah, thank god you didn't spend a cent on this game that entertained you up to there for free because of one bug... that's a totally reasonnable reaction. You're not paying the guy that mops the street either, and one day you notice this one piece of gum on the floor that he can't seem to get rid off, and you exclaim "thank god I have never given you any tips !"... yeah... I'm not saying that people SHOULD give their money to DE, everyone is free to enjoy the entirety of the game without spending a dime. But when you have had free enjoyment from the work of others for a substancial amount of time, the least you can do is to not act like the worst entitled child that never worked a day in his life whenever something doesn't go your way.
  15. I don't know, good luck with that. I'm just here to spread what little knowledge I have because... why the f not ? Purely stereo sound, even coming out of two crappy speakers in front of you, is totally able to convey when a sound is coming from in front or behind you. As a matter of fact, us humans function solely via stereo reception to identify where the sound is coming from. Our ears are akin to 2 simple mics. What helps us distinguish the direction of the sound is the shape of our earlobs. It distorts the sound in different ways depending of its source, that is what helps us tell if it's coming from in front or behind. If we had a perfectly spherical head with 2 holes for ears, we would not be able to tell. And these small distortions can be reproduced via certain filters. This makes it so that, even if the sound is coming from front facing speakers, the game can still filter it in a way to make your brain understand where it's coming from in game. I'm not saying that the game does that (it's very possible it does, it's a pretty basic plugin), I have never really paid attention to it. This was all just to feel better about my useless diploma, and now you know that, if the game you're playing has done the basic legwork to spacialize its sound, and you're paying attention to it, you should not ever confuse sound coming from the front or the back.
  16. Well, if people were to engage with the game, look up what's available into the many stores, instead of deciding ahead of time that they're not even gonna touch X Y and Z content, we'd have a all lot less threads like this. It's not something that should have to be explained, it's just something that any player worthy of that name should naturally discover by themselves as they go through the game. What was it here ? A nightwave challenge ? Maybe, if instead of complaining that he hasn't been told how to do it, they just told themselves "eh, guess I'll unlock this at some point". Doesn't that sound like a better way to go about it ? Or if people really wanna avoid some parts of the game without even having touched it, at least they could expect that some mechanics are gonna stay obscure to them, because you know... it should be obvious. I'm not saying that everything is pitch perfect in the game, but in that case, it's op's fault for not even checking the stores of an entire OW he decided to avoid, so that he'd at least know what he'd be inevitably missing in the future.
  17. There is quite a large difference between "hey, I'm having trouble with this part of the game that I've already engaged with, am I missing something ? Any advice ?" and "hey, can I be spoonfed every detail about content I haven't yet touched at all ? God forbid I have a proper gaming experience." I am helping the best way I know, I've said it in the past and will keep on saying it, people should always try to figure out things on their own at first, so that they can get the satisfaction and personnal growth that comes with overcoming hurdles. Not that I don't also enjoy pointing out how this 2k hours player can't even try to start a simple quest on his own, but I'll say the same thing to any shy noob in a similar situation, minus the malice.
  18. Yeah, but the tenno died... Is it an unformad unpotatoed corinth used against lvl2 sentients ? Or is it actually a minmaf build that was used by a complete scrub ? The plot thickens...
  19. Just go and do it, discover the game like a normal player, don't ask to be spoonfed the solution to any potential hurdle in your way. Just watch a playthrough if you don't want to engage with the game that bad. I can't even remember a single quest segment that would even come close to warrant a warning, and that is the same here. As always in warframe, the game will give you more than enough pointers. Even with one eye closed and a hand behind your back, you'll be fine.
  20. For frames, Hildryn and Lavos are solid choices, since your railjack abilities will either drain your regenerating shield, or will cost nothing and be put on a short cooldown instead. Aka, no need to leave your seat to recharge energy once in a while. And since those frames are tanky enough, you can also walk through void storms without a care in the world during on-foot sections.
  21. Poor guy has been waiting for an answer for 7 years, he can finally play the game again !
  22. Index solo is easy, especially the low rank one. The more tokens you bank at once, the more bonus points you get (caps at 20). Just make sure to bank a couple ones at the start to get ahead one the clock, and to not let ennemies bank high amounts at once to keep the clock at bay. Ideally, you should just be able to run around the map, killing everything, picking up every points you see and that should be largely enough to get you through without any special setup. (Careful, the more points you have on you, the less health you have and the more your energy is drained, so maybe don't go for the 20 points at once if your frame can't deal with that. Tho a rhino can easily ignore this issue) It'd be a shame, because index is simply the absolute most efficient way to gain credits. Tho there are other slightly lower payout places, but that drop other things as well, where index will only ever grant you credits and a handful of duplicate mods.
  23. Daaaamn... how have we not thought about that for all those years ? Thank you op, you trully are a genius ! Ok you can go sit in the corner now. Never get tired of those "I have a genius idea" threads.
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