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  1. I know you're only talking about hydroid in your post, but the title alone is complete nonsense. Because X frame is allegedly in a bad state, we should be looking at Y frame ? Because of some vague water theme ? Bruh... gameplay balancing and theming have nothing to do with one another... If you wanna ask for a hydroid rework, just ask for a hydroid rework, you don't need to convince anyone that he needs one. Now, the issue is that the time and money invested in reworking him might not be worth it for DE. I think that's the main issue. No new skin to sell, his prime is pretty old now, all that...
  2. Go read the wiki on how to do this, there is only one way to get a railjack, there's no easy way, there's no shortcut.
  3. By playing. Where are you in the game ? Have you done all the quests ? You need to have completed the second dream, you can't access RJ before. In case that's what you're trying to do : don't rush toward RJ. Enemies are pretty high level in RJ, unless you have fully moded weapons with max rank mods, don't even try.
  4. Seriously guys... it's nice of you to answer php, but at least read the patchnotes to not feed false infos to those in help... Lich and sisters now have adaptive resistances. The more you hit, the less damage you do. You can try to wait a little to let the resistance go down. People have been advising nyx to remove all defenses. And generally look into damage buffing frames.
  5. I disagree, it is very fun seeing that thread appear in my feed over and over again, don't change anything DE !
  6. People... come on... just go to deimos and stomp the small larva thingys that are spewed by that one enemy, no priming, no headshot, no nothing, and you have an unlimited dispenser once you've found one
  7. Aaaah, consoles... Hang in there guys, xbox series xxs ++ platinum premium slim double dash will solve the problem I'm sure ! Nah but really I know your pain, was on console for a long time. Witcher 3 on the latest xbox at the time, whatever it's name was, awful aliasing and awful framerate... the true next gen experience they said... it'll be fun they said...
  8. Yes, I'm very sure, there are hordes of enemies in all those modes. And frames nowadays are designed to take on multiple enemies. Not saying I am straight up against the idea, but I'd like the devs to spend their limited time on something else than yet another starchart node. And I can see it from miles away, if those less numerous but beefier enemies are too weak, people are gonna complain "it doesn't make any difference, they die in one hit, I just have less things to keep my combo going", and if they're too beefy, people are gonna complain "bullet sponge again ? DE lazy with their lazy game design".
  9. Meh, the entire game is built around fighting hordes now, not sure it'd be the best investment of dev time.
  10. I alternate between roar, xata's whisper and breach surge. Breach surge on hyldrin and mag are my favorite things
  11. Lol, galvanized diffusion is a straight upgrade to regular diffusion, gun arcanes are straight upgrades to not having arcanes. What kind of idiotic mental gymnastic must you do to come to this conclusion ? Most guns could get kills before the update, so the "on-kill" condition is perfectly fine. Outside of some weapons made for early players and some outliers like the stug, it just makes everything undeniably better. Sounds like you're just incapable of modding correctly to get kills, and are complaining that they did not give you a brainless "delete everything I look at" tool.
  12. Lol you for real ? Sure, next time I have trouble dropping a specific item, I won't think like a sensible person "ah rng... bad luck lately", no no no, of course I'll say "it's a conspiracy against my account, DE has targeted me in order to make me spend money !" like a total crybaby. Because that makes so much more sense right ?
  13. You are the one complaining that someone else is voicing their opinion, you're the one trying to turn this into an echo chamber. If you wanna sass me with my own words, make sure it applies. We're not moving on, you're not having your little safe space thread, it's a public forum. If I feel (like many others) that it's a terrible idea to ever waste precious dev time on a multiplayer experience that has nothing to do with the base game concept, I will voice it. And if there have been thousands upon thousands of other people that said the same thing as me in the past, that's just no reason to stop, because you guys are not letting go either. Something having been said before doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be said again. It's your right to ask for whatever you feel, it's our right to protest against those ideas. Imagine someone saying "oh come on, let it go, you guys have been saying that 1+1=2 for years now. Can we move on ? Can you let us have 1+1=3 now ?"... buddy, if you've been hearing the exact same thing for years and from different people... maybe there is a reason for that don't you think ?
  14. It do be random, and you can't predict it, and even if you could predict it, that'd be through third party software, and that'd get you banned. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.
  15. I mean, do you want to play the game or not ? You can stay on regular starchart and pretend that no updates came out after 2018 for sure, no one is gonna stop you. A colossal waste if you'd ask me, but no one is gonna stop you. Just don't come back later to complain that you don't have access to the newest stuff because you refused to play the game pass a certain point.
  16. That's unbelievable right ? Finding people arguing for the game to stay PVE... in warframe of all place ! It's not like the game is a strictly coop pve looter shooter to the core, in which the pvp implementation was such a fail that it became a meme right ? Oh wait... it is. What even is this argument "ah jee... another of those pesky pve player in my warframe forum" ? Great way to open, by devaluating the other person, now I know you are making a rock solid argument. I like how you say that "we insert ourselves into those discussions", like if it was a private club. Sorry, it's a forum, not an echo chamber. And sorry we always say the same thing, it's almost as if there wasn't many things to say when people ask for pvp to be force jammed into a pve game with a pve audience.
  17. My "short" version is (really wasn't short in the end but whatever) : It is griefing. To me it's the same as people going into RJ, then sitting around not helping with anything, not boarding stations or crewships and not dealing with boarding teams because "lol no, I can't deal the damage to those guys". Those people are perfectly contempt with profiting from other's efforts, without putting any of the leg work themselves. Same in lich, they are ok with earning other people's lich stabings, but will actively deprive others from their lich potential stabing murmurs. Even if you advocate for creating as many thralls as possible, you're still wasting whatever the lich would have granted, should it have been stabbed by a better person after your thrall farm. And in both cases, it's the person not wanting to deal with an opponent too strong for them, or should I say, having started a mission they have no business being in in the first place, trying to scrape some """endgame""" content without having done the work to be there... It could even be comparable to people mining/fishing while others do bounties. There is no avoiding a strong ennemy here (in most cases), but it's still selfishely profiting from other's work, at the cost of the others. Tldr : If you can't handle x content, just don't do it and go do something else until you actually can, should be common sense but apparently it's not that obvious for many people.
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