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  1. i'm very good at it, and i'm not trying hard at all, so anyone can be good too. therefore i don't see anything needing fixing here.
  2. @(PSN)MarissaGNWalker Excavation fissure is perfect and my favorite mission type. Many people like for the speed of opening relics. Your criticism of this mission type doesn't rest on objective issues with it, but with you either playing with bad squads, or not knowing a good strategy yourself. I can usually recruit people for long excav fissure runs. I'd advise you to try the same. I wrote an excav fissure guide. With it, you can git gud.
  3. flexibility is not what everyone wants. some people want choices to matter.
  4. you can't tell me what to do. request denied. this is evidence that you want bleed to be mechanically the same as the toxin proc with a superficial difference that "bleed procs lower melee speed" that makes no sense whatsoever people wasting their time on reading this thread should know what it's about
  5. This is still a thread about how slash procs should be the same as toxin procs.
  6. yeah, they need to commit in advance and experience the full gravity of their decisions
  7. you have typed so much, but you need to understand that you are talking to someone who denies how the system is set up, only goes by feeling, not by facts, doesn't even care about the facts, thinks important mechanics are flavor, who hasn't shown any imagination or flexibility in their reasoning etc. there is no need to talk to people who are being like that and give them fuel. it only makes the situation more uncomfortable for everyone.
  8. you lack basic understanding of the damage system, you think the mechanical differences between procs are flavor for this reason you cannot criticize bleed first you need to learn to think to start criticizing anything because the damage system although far from perfect has it's logic and a design framework which you willfully refuse to understand as long as you stick to your idiotic concept of turning bleed to toxin proc while doing nothing to the toxin proc to make it unique again, you will only have wasted calories pressing buttons on your keyboard and will gain absolutely 0
  9. all procs will always be mechanically different because it's a design axiom] if you want slash to act the same as toxin (just worse, but nevermind that now), you need to somehow rethink toxin and make it different from everything else if you fail to do that, you fail to make anyone care about what you think about the game's systems because none of your "ideas" will ever come to fruition
  10. oh now you're complaining about how you're being treated? you are such an embarassment i'd have told you to stop until it's too late but it's too late 😞
  11. you want to make them mechanically the same, when all DoT procs are mechanically different in significant ways they can not be the same and will never be the same ´ýou may want it, but it will never ever happen and no one else wants it, because it's stupid thus your "idea" is dead in the water and this thread is pure junk Another absolutely useless, ridiculous post from you - - - @everyone reading this thread OP wants to make the slash proc be the same as the toxin proc so that there two mechanically identical procs in the game. - what do you think
  12. i comprehend what you've said perfectly your "ideas" have no merit DE will never make two procs mechanically the same, and your "thoughts" on that topic move nothing and no one. i'd call this a mental excercise but it's hardly even that as a mental excercise at least implies some thinking took place, and i see evidence of your feelings on the issue of balance and how the game works, but if you want change you need to bear out something cogent and not patently terrible therefore this thread is a big nothing now, keep talking about putting me in places and let's see how thi
  13. no one values what you have to say about the damage system as you don't have the needed level of understanding or even demonstrate that care to understand it's finer points indeed... why are you posting here again?
  14. no it's dead and done for everyone. you've wasted everyone's time with this "make bleed = toxin proc" junk thread also you've demonstrated how you don't know anything for you the mechanical differences between DoT procs are flavor you should contemplate how you failed on a fundamental level today by posting all this crap
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