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  1. I was good at the game when it was much much harder. Now it's impossible to even be good at it, because the level of challenge is trivial.
  2. These are not real issues. Enemies should be tougher Long and elaborate tutorials are often tiring for players and have a countereffect There is a sheer lack of weapons NOT capable of extremely high level content. You simply don't know what you're talking about.
  3. synoid simulor is extremely strong. it's one of the best guns. it doesn't need a buff.
  4. You need to build Sancti Tigris with Hunter Munitions, and generally for Tigris, a Riven is desired. That's the only way in which Tigris family can be good in Steel Path.
  5. You are correct. Heavy blades are not that good compared to some other melees, because of the lack of forced bleed procs (what you call "0 slash in the stance"). If you want an optimal melee, you should stay away from heavy blades. There is one thing you are wrong about however - you imply that would only use Weeping Wounds on a melee that doesn't force bleed, but the correct building technique would be always using Weeping Wounds on slash-based melees, even on those with the most forced bleed procs in their combos.
  6. Excavation is the best mission type. You need to become good at it as it's one of the basic mission types. I wrote a guide that can help you. It's a little outdated and too narrow in terms of which frames are recommended but the basic flow is the same.
  7. Correction: Faction mods still double dip. The change addressed some very particular, irregular, scenarios, and not the general double dipping mechanic.
  8. I maxed out my Railjack before the update, but I had to re-max it after the update, by spending, what is to a majority of players, an inordinate amount of endo and credits. People were asking for a reduction in cost, and/or a refund at that time. DE did the right thing, and didn't make those changes.
  9. Cryotic costs will never be lowered. This is settled matter now, since they weren't lowered after the post-Helminth release outcry. The underlying reason for this is that only minor farming is required for all of the cryotic needs, since people can make like 9k in an hour, all while cracking relics. The only precondition is having a decent team for excavation.
  10. galvanized mods should be randomized in terms of variance and ratio between the fixed and scaling bonus. they don't all have to be unique but they should be medium/long-term grindable, and they should only drop from certain enemies (edit: and not be found in stores at all). they should also have random polarities (like rivens).
  11. Despite Tenora having an average disposition, among assault rifles it's one of better liked by players, and one of the few which you can actually see used in missions. Tenora is more than Steel Path capable, like all hybrid rifles with the standard HM Viral build. Tenora Prime has absurdly good stats, and the only reason why it isn't *the* single very best assault rifle is that it lacks the innate elemental damage of the Kuva assault rifles.
  12. rivens weren't made for relatively popular weapons like tenora. the fact that tenora gets to have rivens too is just a side effect.
  13. kronen prime wasn't nerfed. the disposition of kronen prime rivens was lowered. the weapon is the same as it ever was
  14. disposition and the random variation factor are two independent multiplicative modifiers
  15. it aged perfectly, but DE keeps offending against Logos
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