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  1. I don't understand what it is about Arbitrations that causes DE to be completely tone-deaf to feedback.
  2. My main concern as a solo player is that these missions will be harder for no apparent gain, since there will be no reviving happening at all. As far as I'm concerned having the burden to revive teammates is even more reason to not play in a group.
  3. I think the community's complaints about the Nova skip vs. DE's stance on the Exploiter fight is emblematic of one of the core issues of Warframe in its current state, (in my opinion). Many players want their Warframe to feel powerful and integral to enemy encounters, but DE finds ways to nerf them and make Warframe abilities basically pointless. Basically there's no point right now in Eidolons/Profit Taker to pick anything other than standard meta frames which all involve damage mitigation and weapon buffs and nothing else, so Nova being able to contribute to the fight with a Warframe Ability (!) was a pleasant surprise. The phase 1 skip wasn't how you intended it to be done, so you fixed it, that's understandable. Though in the future, continue working hard with the knowledge that we WANT to use our Warframe abilities to overcome challenges. Please DE, we have a wonderful cast of Warframes with unique abilities, but we never get to use them on anything outside of trash mobs.
  4. Windows 7, I use a Dualshock 4 connected wirelessly to my physical Steam Link (not the app), and everything seems to work fine except the melee button. I can melee once to go into melee, and I can shoot my gun to change to firearms, but I can't continue meleeing. If I only have a melee weapon equipped, the melee attack button does nothing. I've reset my controller settings to default, that didn't solve it. Restarting Steam and rebooting my PC did nothing.
  5. Hiding stats behind hover seems really unintuitive in my opinion. 3/4 of the screen isn't even being used. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to see a simple information. It's going to make creating builds a real hassle if I have to go to this menu and hover over each and every ability, and not be able to compare them to each other in a direct way. I really hope this doesn't see the light of day.
  6. Can Titania get some way to regain Razorflies in case they die, while still remaining in Razorwing? I know they heal when you deal damage, but they have so little health that it becomes redundant at certain high levels. That would be a great QOL for her.
  7. DE, can you make the turrets not target her while in the Plains? It's incredibly annoying when just get one-shot out of nowhere.
  8. Titania is my favorite Warframe, concept wise. So I appreciate the changes. However, I still feel that these proposed changes aren't enough. She has a very low energy pool for such an energy-hungry frame. If you want her abilities to be worth casting at all we need more energy to play around with. Squishy Razorflies. We need a way of refreshing Razorflies without deactivating Razorwing. Titania is a squishy frame. Going out of Razorwing can be dangerous. Her melee weapon is still underpowered. No sentinel/pet benefits while in Razorwing. Clunky controls. Razorwing, and by extension, Archwing, needs an overhaul. Besides that, the biggest issue I have with Titania is that I don't really find her kit outside of her 4 that interesting. The changes are decent, yes, but the spells weren't that fun or visually pleasing to begin with, and they all sort of do the same thing: ragdoll enemies.
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