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  1. Clan Name: United Unicorns Clan Tier: Ghost Platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord The dojo was decorated by me (ODeusBaco) and Selcis.Satis I present you our main hall, dressed to be a chilly mountain peak, complete with a hiking path leading to its top! And it has a whole system of mystical caves! To oversee it all, we have a meeting room with a spectacular view! This is our second hall, or 'The Valley' wich leads to our mountain peak in the main hall! It also has its own set of secret caves! This is our ascension room, wich extracts energy from a contained oroking infestation, redirecting it towards our benefit! On the other side of our spaceship is where our chinese autumn hallway is found! This was our first real attempt at bringing life to our dojo, this room is the heart of the ship. At the head of our massive spacecruiser is the bridge, where, with help of some orokin technology, we're able to move ourselves through space And finally, connecting everything, we have our main garden, where cherry blossom season has no end! We hope you found our Dojo interesting, and hope to see you walking among us soon! - United Unicorns
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