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  1. You know, platinum doesn't just come out of thin air. And just because it's a 'free' market doesn't make it good when there was (or still is) a literal Riven Mafia dictating the market on Rivens.
  2. As much as this discussion is...interesting...I would like to formally request that this thread be closed before it's too late. I'm trying my hardest right now not to go on a tirade about how the people that are arguing over and stroking each others ego's over dumb politics are derailing this thread.
  3. Well, I saw it in the background of a video once, asked myself “the heck’s a ‘warframe’?”, and I kinda just went from there. This was around update 9 btw. Don’t know if that makes me an OG veteran, but whatever.
  4. Well, I’m not saying the Emissary suit is the only well-designed Operator suit and has actual color patterns that make sense, thus making any other suit jarring when used with it... ...but the the Emissary suit is the only well-designed Operator suit and has actual color patterns that make sense, thus making any other suit jarring when used with it. In my opinion, of course.
  5. Well, I mean, this seems more like a complaint about transmutation itself rather than its presence as a Nightwave challenge. I don’t really see why you named it such, especially since it’s a daily challenge.
  6. 1. That’s an opinion, why is it considered a downside 2. The cosmetics are developed separately from gameplay mechanics, how is this evidence of prioritizing new content 3. Why the heck is this the only thing you brought up when there are other perfectly good examples of them prioritizing new content
  7. Well...I mean...it’s been known pretty much since syndicates have even been introduced, so...I don’t really know what to tell you.
  8. Mag was my first frame, and my first prime, so she obviously holds a special place in my collection. However, after using Khora for a while, I realized she was the only frame that I actively wanted to play aside from just variety of gameplay. And for that, she’s probably more special to me than Mag is.
  9. But seriously, if the Profit Taker is easier without adds, make the Profit Taker itself harder. It’s not rocket science.
  10. Wait, we’re these two weapons planned to be released at some point? From what I read, they’re currently exclusive to the Chinese Build.
  11. Okay...I’ve stood on the sidelines for far too long... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE STOP USING THAT FRACKING STRAW-MAN EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s seriously getting on my nerves, and I’m pretty sure it’s getting on a bunch of other people’s nerves. Disagree with their statement, fine. Exercise your frustration, fine. But for the sake of everyone, STOP USING THAT STATEMENT. Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you. I just hate seeing that dumb straw-man used every other post about Nightwave...
  12. You know...you can be stealthy without having to be invisible all the time. Kinda irritates me in a few ways how the only way you can be considered stealthy is through invisibility.
  13. Okay...I know you're probably trying to make a point or something, but... ...that is not true. Like, at all.
  14. Funny, that’s the exact same feeling I get with the Exploiter. Maybe ‘cause I’m not a masochist, I dunno.
  15. Okay...first off... What do you mean by ‘primary targets’, exactly? Do you mean assassination targets? Heavy units? And second...ad-hominem attack dude. Not cool.
  16. So...is it strange that I actually quite like Ember Vermillion? I dunno, with the right armor pieces her color balance actually isn’t that bad. I certainly get why some don’t like it, but having her in my color scheme I can’t honestly say I share that view. Anyway, PB deluxe is probably Nidus (really the only deluxe I actually planned on getting ASAP). PW is...I dunno. If I were forced to pick something, the upcoming Khora deluxe; too much going on, has some strange proportions and design elements. But again, that’s only if I was forced to, it’s not that I hate it and think it’s far inferior to her Mithra skin in every way. I think.
  17. Let me see them. Now. I’m not taking no for an answer ;]
  18. Okay...so, regarding the ‘mysterious screenshot’...
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