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  1. Are you sure? Last I heard it was a Shotgun/Hand Cannon meta. Though then again, I tend to avoid PvP whenever possible, so I could be wrong about that.
  2. Okay, just so that there is something different in this trash heap of a reply section, I decided to explain why I USED to love Warframe, and then explain why I eventually tapered off. So, why I USED to love Warframe is two-fold: 1, because it was free and my garbage PC could run it, and 2, I found the concept interesting. And as such, I obsessed over it for nearly 5 and a half years. Warframe has honestly left a bigger impression on me than many other games I would consider superior to it. I can’t even say that about Borderlands, and that is basically my favorite game series of all time at this point. Of course, I found stuff that I would have like improved/changed even back in 2013 when I was barely a teenager, but I was more forgiving since everything was still in it’s infancy. However, nowadays, I just feel like Warframe is going through the motions at this point. It’s like even though it seemingly has changed quite a lot over the years, I feel as if basically nothing has changed whatsoever at the same time. I mean, the overt focus on new content and essential ignoring of older content certainly didn’t help, but at it’s core, Warframe hasn’t really evolved in a meaningful way since it’s inception in any way besides storytelling. Of course, Kuva Liches and Railjack definitely was the tipping point for me when it came to my disinterest, as it was for a lot of people. At this point I’m just waiting for the Command intrinsic of Railjack so I can actually have SOME motivation for returning. I guess I just have to accept that I won’t feel the same way I felt about it a few years ago. I dunno.
  3. You know, if people are so hell-bent on rejecting this because other sources in the game refer to your account name, then why not just change that? Remove all subtitle instances of your account name being called besides your inbox and you’re golden. Though really I’m more confused as to why people are so against it. It seems like a simple suggestion that wouldn’t affect the game negatively at all. This isn’t like asking for opposite gender Warframes is what I’m saying.
  4. No, IT isn’t. Honestly not sure why it was referred to as such, there’s no indication that the Archwings are sentient, or are referred to by non-neutral pronouns.
  5. Well, I mean, I read it as such when I saw it. It’s probably not intentional, just a case of reading/writing something and misspelling/misreading it through your brain being an idiot.
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