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  1. ....alright, I’ll bite. Just this once. I’ll ignore the ‘political correctness!!!!!!’ bit because that’s just beaten to death at this point, and say that ‘X is good boy’ or ‘X is good girl’ isn’t a joke, it’s an expression. Just saying that without anything else around it isn’t inherently funny. Also, I fail to see how, even if it was a joke that was considered funny, somehow tacking on a ‘girl’ at the end makes it funnier. If anything it just causes it to make less sense. In conclusion, please don’t use six exclamation points in a row if you want to be taken seriously. Cya.
  2. Okay, so this is, like, REALLY minor, but Lavos is a 'he'. Just so you know. As for the topic at hand, I really don't think it'll be that game breaking to have them act as both health and energy orbs for most situations. After all, it's not like you're constantly going to be casting the ability as it has a cooldown and not an energy cost. Though then again, having it remember its previous state wouldn't really break anything either. I would say it could be one or the other, doesn't really matter to me at least.
  3. Didn’t DE fix punch through affecting Necramechs? Or did they just say they did yet it still works?
  4. Man, if I had a nickel for every single thread that was like this one, I’d have a friggin Yacht by now. Don’t try playing the victim, it never works out in your favor.
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