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  1. update on the Ticket front: I've just been told that what happened to me was unintended, but they won't fix it because it's intended to be irreversible, and locked me from replying to my own ticket. lovely.
  2. except the result of those actions are unintentional. it's not broken code per se, but it results in a broken experience. also that's still not the point of this topic, but to make them aware of the problem (and the rather unsupportive reaction of the support)
  3. there is. the bug that prevented me from seeing anything about what "Press X for Helminth" will lead to before i clicked it. if hiding the menu that asks you to cure the cyst is intended, then the button should still be called "cure cyst" before you get the segment.
  4. and even if *you* don't care, that doesn't mean the bug shouldn't be addressed. if you're just here to go "yeah but *I* don't like the thing anyway" you could've just not bothered joining the topic to begin with, because that's not what this is about.
  5. i do on *that frame*. with no way of knowing beforehand because the menu didn't show. that *is* a problem. so you're agreeing with support to "just" throw away my valk prime and buy a new one and invest all the time and money i've spent on her AGAIN because of a UI #*!%up? yeah no, i'd call that a problem.
  6. pretty sure the menu just not showing then is a bug though. and another reason why support going "nah just buy more stuff" is a bit .... unsupportive. and another reason to report this feedback to the devs so they're aware. and i mean, at least "cure cyst" says what it does.
  7. i did not yet. it didn't do that for me. and loads of other tenno who complained about it in regionchat at the time. i can only assume the game went "hey that menu i'm supposed to show only has one option, let's assume the user wanted that"
  8. i thought exactly the same. it's just logical to think "[X] Some Name" means "Press X to talk to Some Name". but the thing is, there's no menu. i pressed that button that says "Helminth" and immediately got the "cyst getting violently ripped out of my throat" animation. and support says: We know that as a player, these changes can sometimes be both surprising and frustrating however, your specific request to undo the action of an intended game mechanic is not possible as it circumvents the finality of such action. (which is BS because you can't tell me that's intended)
  9. Before the update: After the update: Given that the button has now the exact same UI as talking to any other NPC the Deimos upgrade did a bunch of helminth related stuff this change isn't mentioned at all in the patchnotes I, as well as other tenno (at least according to the complains in region chat), fell for the "hey lemme see what this dialog is" idea, and, since this is pretty much the ONLY thing in the whole game not requiring a confirmation dialog (hell even equipping one of my 80 duplicate relics asks me a bunch of times over), accident
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