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  1. Warframede bi sıkıntımı var oyuna giriyorum 5-10 dakika sonra bilgisayar kapanıyor diger oyunlarda sıkıntım yok sıkıntım sadece warframede bu ilk degil en azından 10 kere olmuştur.
  2. the only thing I'm curious about is Natah(lotus)😄
  3. I've collected all the necessary stuff in 12 hours and I've never had a hard time.
  4. my predictions Monday, October 8:the next uptade 22 October:Fortuna October November December:open world updates and The New War Update
  5. "This means the Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set - they are married to day 800 / 1000 respectively." I think it's going to be exhausting to wait for cosmetics I think it would have been nice if there were other ways for these cosmetics.
  6. do you think you can do something like that 1-) 2-) 3-)
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