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  1. Some other people have made posts stating this, but I thought I would give my own, possibly more fleshed out point of view, as I've taken companions to a wide array of missions since the update dropped. The bug in question, is that the second your companion spots an enemy, even if its completely unalerted, will attack that unit and will not cease attacking that target or teleport to the owner until the target dies or despawns, and even if the companion dies, it will often not teleport to the player to be revived. This results in your companion going off, attacking an enemy it is unable to
  2. The drop rates for Arcanes are awful. I do Eidolons semi-casually, and as a duo, can take down a Hydrolyst in 12-15 minutes, for a 5% chance at a legendary arcane This Orphix Venom change is a 22 minute for a C rotation at a similar skill level, for ONE arcane instead of 3, and a 1.4% chance at a legendary arcane. Adjust the drop tables to have arcanes in all rotations, and make the drop chances for Arcanes not pitifully low, please. As is, this is not a viable alternative for farming arcanes, not even if you compare doing Orphix 24/7, to Eidolon hunting for 50m every 2.5 hours. This is
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