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  1. Em, i mean game breaking bug to the point that it has the state of an unfinished game, sorry... . 😂
  2. If u want to generalized towards the all rounder WF, there are lot of options. It ended up with what style of gameplay that u comfortable at? Im a Rhino main on 100+ level content, but many are not... .
  3. I want it to have various gameplay instead of just exterminate with a touch of sabotage and assasinate... . If it's expensive, im slightly consider towards the not to buy list. 😂
  4. Tbh every anger to WF nowadays has started since the game breaking unfinished bugs on newer contents... . But the core game is still good. My suggestion is just take it ez. It's your life, you can do whatever you want with it. I'm not the type that i have to defend or attack a game for its content, if the game is still enjoyable to play at, i play nonetheless... . Unless when it's dead, oc... .
  5. But a nerf that's bc of the event that doesn't last long? Come on, man... . Buff it back when SS is gone... .
  6. I'm maybe old, but not that old... . I saw it first in 2 youtube videos, then Warframe wiki, and tbh i don't see any further source beside on Reddit. There is this mysterious mod called Ancient Retribution. It is said that it spawned at endless defense or interception mission, as a reward tier. But, whoever choose to exit and claim the prize will have the game crashed instantly... . I read and watch these and basically what i understand is this is resemble that missingno. In Pokemon and Ermac (Error Macro) in Mortal Kombat. But all of the sources are old stuff, without me knowing whether it is still appear today. And i was literally scared a bit cause the sources are too few for this, to the point that it makes me think it's an urban legend, or some sht... . I wanna witness it. Do you? Is it still there? This mod. (It has really little source so i nitpicking it quite in detail... . Lil hard to find the pic.)
  7. Man, i want the dominion skin so bad, but it comes with a bundle, so saving mooney... . This, is perfection... . * @[DE]RebeccaeccaRebRebecRebeccaeccaRebRebeRRebeccaeccaRebRebecca voice. Add me.
  8. Nah, ic too much of Octavia in almost every mission, and if u don't check the players' loadout, u'll find out if the bgm are changed... . And, tbh, her default skin looks really expensive. 1 new player asks me whether i applied any additional accessories, or costume pack in terms of other games, While i have nothing else to wear but the default and re-coloring... . 😂
  9. Maybe considering extended SS event time bc of this @[DE]Rebecca? Because too much fixing on a 1 month event surely time and energy consuming... .
  10. My lich name, is Pepuh Egg. Very nice.
  11. #nowplaying MCR - I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Nah, im okay, man... . 😂
  12. Make devstream with your face on, Mama Lotus... . 👌
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