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  1. I don't mind if the rewards ended the same or slightly higher, i love the challenge and it's potential to be an in game ability and weapon testing, instead of spending time in Simulacrum, all day... . But, if it ended up you have to clear the star chart twice so that u can only unlock Arbitration bc of it? DE, i will kill you... .
  2. Tbh i ended up writing game tips here and there in message board all over the dojo rooms... . I have these 3 simple rules if i make a guideline for newbies in this game: 1. Clear the Star Chart. 2. Explain how the actual levelling system works in this game. 3. "If ur stuck, call me. So many contents and i don't wanna make u dizzy... ."
  3. It's still balanced. But bc of the drastic ability change of in Conclave, i find these two to be the meta on this gamemode... . 😂
  4. Loki and Mag are the shinebox in this gamemode here... . Enter a match and u'll see an endless parkouring Mag everywhere... .
  5. Nah, don't change Rhino, mate. I'm a Rhino main myself although i agree with you of actually my Rhino is built to withstand any high level content solo and in a team, in which it's actually not team oriented, unless it's a 'this mofo is the last person standing' in a team... . But, you don't need to change anything for team purpose. Nidus solo mains are out there, too... .
  6. My lich name, is Pepuh Egg. Very nice.
  7. #nowplaying MCR - I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Nah, im okay, man... . 😂
  8. Make devstream with your face on, Mama Lotus... . 👌
  9. Im on the Florida, I mean Flotilla with few ground teams once, it takes an hour to get 4 kill codes... . #savetheground2020
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