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  1. I dont know if it's broken but if you paid for the Larkspur with plat and are not Old mate the game refuses to let you use the weapon... I recall people could buy archwings prior to completing the requisite missions for it.
  2. The fight seems fun to me but I can see how people feel that it's dragged out. What if those rewards gave people temporary access to restricted content or helped them accelerate through other tedious content? There's a strong trend of invincibility waiting periods that needs revision or elevator music. The exploiter orb brings more of this. The issue is invincibility wait periods do not entice players to replay bosses. Blowing through bosses at the speed of light does not incentivize devs to ditch those periods of invincibility. Fast action paced game with lots of waiting. Invincibility does not challenge players to improve or try different ideas. If they were immune to status procs and negated auras many bosses would become challenging without wait periods.
  3. Bugs: Hildryn: Raksa Kubrows casting protect while Hildryn rolls during aegis storm creates a lockout. (Powers, weapons, exalted weapons, melee, rolling) Unstuck does not work. Areas test: Simulacrum, Venus-Fossa, Eris-Akkad Solution. Fall down a hole Update 24.2 Simulor cannot equip Firestorm mod Can equip Terminal Velocity mod. Loadouts for reference
  4. Did you check the link on warframe's side? Mine is linked but doesn't point to the account name on Warframe's side. Looks okay from Twitch.
  5. Assuming this was a 7 day event (168 hours). One drop represents 1 hour of viewing. 2986 drops i.e. 2986 hours in one week. You had 18 streams simultaneously? I had three to four open and they didnt get that count.
  6. Reward drop Received Drop % Earned Credit Caches 53 53.54% 397,500 credits Grand Finale 16 16.16% Glyph 19 19.19% Lith C3 Relic 1 1.01% Axi C3 Relic 1 1.01% Neo K2 Relic 0 0% Meso T3 Relic 2 2.02% Rifle Riven 0 0.00% Oxium 2 2.02% 200 oxium total Cetus Wisp 3 3.03% Nitain Extract 2 2.02% Ambulus Noggle 0 0.00% Khora Delphi Helmet Blueprint 0 0.00% Khora 0 0.00% Nidus 0 0.00% TOTAL DROPS: 99 I don't see much value. They should've taken the opportunity to have streamers discuss topics of interest for improvement while people play and explore content. The issue is they used bait again and the hopes that a new system of delivery would be reliable but they put rng on our time. Reinforces the tone that time limited events should be ignored. Almost everything that was event driven and limited then was re-released for the community so apparently complaining does result in getting what you want. In this case what people want are better designed events. The idea in today's primetime of a drop monster is okay but streamers are concerned about being pigeon-holed to one activity over enjoying the game as a whole. That's a valid concern. Warframe twitch partners and viewers are getting burned. Giving streamers exclusive content, leaks, and limited stream only content/deals would help their streamers and open up variety.
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