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  1. I eventually got that to work, but i had to verify my cache. That being said I never had to select those before, I was able to just just leave it on auto and native, and it be perfectly capable of knowing what resolution it was set to. Also, 32:9 is a bit wonky sometimes it works, sometimes it comes back stretched still. 😕 SO, its still a problem. . .
  2. I have a super ultra wide monitor, I took a break, and when I come back to play, the game is stretched out and isn't fitting the size it is supposed to. I have messed with the settings to even change it to 1920x1080 and all it does is crop it whilst still retaining the stretch. No idea what ya'll did, but I can't play warframe now. 😕
  3. Ohh I see what your saying, I get you now. Well, I hope they read eveyones suggestions, whatever they do, I just hope it helps make them work a bit nicer, and allow for more variety on what we choose. I'm still for them including our current archwings in the modular creation. I think it is better to have "one thing" that does many things for sure. Customized archwings I just love that. (I lowkey wish that they'd somehow do that with weapons also, but that would never happen, it wouldn't make sense to just trash all the weapons and turn them into parts at this point in time, but man just imagine the combinations, and how different everyone's stuff would be. I would love that, they should make Warframe 2. 😛 )
  4. Sorry, I might have led you to believe that I actually used Amesha. I haven't, I have just been making assumptions based on what people say, which is probably dumb of me. But a lot of my idea would obviously change a lot of what we have now. At any rate, I am far too tired currently to discuss my thoughts further right now, I will get back to it when I have the energy. Been working all day.
  5. Well i was just throwing out an idea as people keep saying they want archwings to stay as space warframes. I still don't think its as crazy as your making it out to be. Use the idea inconjection with what others have said, or with what I have been saying in my original post. Or don't. It is an idea, and we should be open to larger projects anyways, because thats how things grow, if people keep playing safe with how things work or are made there isn't much room for growth. No matter what at the end of the day if they keep making things follow a specific pattern, there will always be that one weapon/archwing that will be the meta. I still stand by making abilities more offensive, or supportive anyways, but this is an idea to incorporate the other players ideas as them still wanting those "nuke all the things" abilties. Yes my idea isn't perfect, and sure it could take long depending how they do it, but its an idea. I would still much rather them function as support vehicles with support abbilities, and having the weapons function with different modes or alt fires so they can do the large damage, rather than the jetpack that is nearly glued to our butts. Weapons for damage, and Archwings for flight/support. Its extremely easy to keep it simple this way, half of the work is done already with frames, and pets. Its just a matter of implenting the mods or making custom parts.
  6. I mean they did all that work for the melee weapons. Big project? Sure. But they could make it even simpler by going purely based on what the closest damage type is for that warframe. Also they could always release as they go, maybe there is a default setting that they can use for the frames that aren't compatable yet. Another example of them doing lots of work like this is conclaive, not all the weapons were available for that. It doesn't have to be an all at once process.
  7. I agree with you, though, I do think the current trend of them being space warframes is silly; a warframe getting plugged into another "warframe", just sounds funny. While its cool to have powers and be omega with it all, I'd rather just something a bit more more practical, if needs be just make the archwing's abilities focus around what warframes we have equipped. So for Saryn, maybe we get some sort of toxin ability that eats away at the enemy ships. Or for frost we get a globe shield that follows us around. Instead of them having their own driving power like a warframe, maybe the archwings just use the warframe power as a source of energy, thus converting it's abilities into something similar to the warframe that is using it.
  8. Let me be clear I dont think the current archwing is bad per say, and im not making this suggestion as a way to say its a fix or that its better. . . I am just suggesting something new that I think would make a lot of sense for something that is mostly a vehicle. The current system is fine, but it does need lots of fleshing out, and as stated by (ps4)robotwars7 modulars could become a simple mastery fodder. Mainly if we keep them the way they are, not saying thats bad, but it definitely isnt memorable, I mean unless someone find the god teir modular one and make Amesha no longer the best that is. Which is why my idea relies on them "starting from scratch," when they introduce the modular archwings. This way we arent clustard towards one thing, and everyone doesnt have to worry about what it better, because again, survivability is so much easier to balance. I am not saying however downright destroy whatever we have, I think what abilities we have would be better seen on our weapons than on our archwings, which is why I suggested swaping modes, or using alt fires.
  9. Yeah, I don't think that's being fair at all, as the basis to my idea includes the idea of all the archwings we have currently to be included with the modular archwings? This is a discussion on how we can change them to better stand on their own, and possibly making it so we don't have to worry about having an odd ball archwing that everyone uses. It's why I'm suggesting the change, this way they can focus more on maneuvers, or the weapons themselves. Keeping them simple, but allowing for customization. Support + Unique gameplay over these are you abilities, this is your melee, this is your gun. They should have a different meaning, and not be just another warframe. That's the way I see it, and that's my idea. This way, people aren't tied to going all out nuke with archwing. Survivability is much easier to balance. Let the weapons do the talking, give them alt fires, or different modes, I just think they make more sense to work that way than relying on archwing abilities to destroy things. (not that it really matters much in railjack or archwing game mode now anyways, or at least for me, cuz I have hardly used the abilities as is, probably more in the default archwing mission, but still.)
  10. I updated it, a friend had a unique idea. Please note that when I say "parts" it doesnt necessarily mean specific parts of the archwing, I just meant parts as in anything, it could be a system like the avionic for railjack or something or simply options in our settings. EDIT: The new thing I added is towards the bottom, also fixed some presentation of the ideas, im at work so I can only write so well.
  11. I mean I get were ya'll are coming from, but I mean it is a vehicle, and we already have warframes with intense power, and for me it makes a lot more sense now for railjack to have that kind of stuff. I understand that the Archwings are more tactical and battlefield friendly, but I feel like warframes should keep that trend for themselves, and why I am asking for something a bit different. I am just looking for a unique experience with archwings. I believe that the Modular Archwings they plan would be the perfect time to try something new. It would be far more easier to balance out combat, and create vast more combat options, had the nukes and what not relied on the weapons for damage instead. Maybe an alt fire for the archwing weapons that borrows from our current ability set. (Obviously only available in space, like you can use that stuff on ground.) I think it just makes sense for traversing space having something support you, rather than a thing that gives you different abilities and nukes all kingdom come.
  12. K-Drives are just for fun, there doesn't need to be a point. . .? But there is an obvious point to Archwing, they are how we get around in space; I don't get your "what for" statement. Would you rather we just fly without them and use our abilities freely? That's not very expansive, nor feels as epic as having a giant jetpack that turns you from warframe to mobile warship. EDIT: Yeah I don't understand? You are dismissiveness towards archwings, on one hand you agree that they need a rework, on the other you seem to not care, and then on the third hand? - You kinda are glued to the current idea? I'm tired. Edit 2: oka yI understand it now, I didn't read ur first sentence you are simply saying archwing is fine where it is, and just need focus on fixing the issues, and you don't understand the need for modular archwings. The need is simple, more customization, allows players to play how they want, rather than being tied to specific move set, sure you can argue that can be done with just adding more archwings, but sometimes people want the ability of controlling stats, or having more choices for fashion. Also depending on how the modular ones work, possibilities of swapping out abilities, or selecting your own. Just being in more control. It's always nice to be in control of how you play.
  13. They already have modular archwings on the way, and they plan a rework with them anyways.
  14. This is a great idea. Please do it. All the archwings we have now include them, just refund what we spent on them. I am all for it. The more modular the better. Would be cool also to have them work more like pets. Or like Attack on Titan, with utility support. Maybe they help with defense, or have abilities focused around what you build. Im thinking strictly things that help rather than do damage with like missles and stuff, since we have weapons for that. ___________________ Some ideas for abilities: Shield Bubble - A shield forms around you for x ammount of time. Enemy Link - Links damage inflicted on one target to another; for sharing damage delt to enemies linked with eachother. Sneak - Turn invisable for a split second to evade an attack, (Much like the operators Void Walk) or use it for stealth. Tractor Beam - a beam the locks onto an enemy and pulls them closer to you. Mosquito - Latch onto an enemy and drain their shields or health and give it to you team mates, or yourself. Sacrifice - Link to a team member, if he takes damage you sacrifice your shields, or health to replenish him. EMP: Discharges all your energy to immobilize enemies in the area, last for x ammount of time. Hacker: Like mosquito, but instead when you latch onto an enemy you can hack their systems, and take control of the enemie for a short time. _____________ I know its a bit out of the way for what we have now, but Ive always thought that our archwings were way to much like warframes. I feel like it would make more sense for them to be more geard towards survivability. Since we are flying around space. _________________ Edit 1: So a friend of mine suggested a cool idea, since movement is almost always a personal prefference for some people, maybe a way to choose what moveset you have. Going back to attack on Titan for a second but what if one of the ways we could move around was like that, where we shoot out hooks that latch on to nearby objects to swing us around? Probably not exactly like that but you get the idea. Or possibly make it so we can choose between the moveset we have now, and the ones from the past. Or a combination of the two? So parts that will allow us to roll like before, and parts that allow us to boost like before, or have it always boost, parts that can either have us blink or parts that can have us dash, or ect. Just allowing for more unique play styles. _________ Idk just some ideas.
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