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  1. Thats exactly why I suggested that they be a package deal and argue with eachother. They would never agree on what to do with the ship and ultimately end with the choice being yours. It would be hillarious.
  2. Excuse me, but uhhh... what bout them cephalons from the conclaives? Please and thanks, they should be a dual package though, and just argue with each other.
  3. OFF TOPIC REAL QUICK: soooo many synapses 😧 favorite gun? whats the story witht hat? they all got focus marks on em sooo... i dunno if thats just cuz they are good with focus or what... but like damn. that being said, I've noticed these slight things also, but wassn't 100% sure if it was a bug. Nice to see that it wasn't just my imagination.
  4. that just sounds like an awesome bug, you should stack it with other fx while it is here, and get the craziest combo'd ephemera ever. 😮 lucky dog you.
  5. Happened with my dojo also. MAde me sad cuz i had spent forever placing things down and then couldn't see it... 😕
  6. yeah but a normal streamline at low rank isn't the same as a flawed at halfway rank... :/ Oh well, hopefully they make vors prize replayable somebday so i can go back and get missed mods.
  7. dang I really needa mod to fit in my small spot, okay doke ty for help. :D Also is Vigorous Swap an overall damage buff? So does it effect abilities and such?
  8. I know there are some Flawed mods for new players? is there a such a thing as flawed streamline? And can I replay Vors Prize to try to get it?
  9. Sooo is this okay to use? Like... it sounds sketch, yes its harmless, but it's still taking advantage of macros.... I know limited macro use is okay... but... I feel like this is soemthing that would be caught on tehir software, wish we could get a confirmation for sure from DE about this thing. . . i know that will prolly nto happen, I'm just gunna avoid this. I'll find someones shawzin song and jsut play it via load form memory. (would be nice to save songs)
  10. Not sure the price, thinking 175 plat. Or two veiled primary rivens for trade.
  11. I was pretty tired when i did this, so I'll come back to this post when I have more time to draw and ect.
  12. Well I dont know what that is, but i just got home now. Anyways the sketch i did was just a face, but i did Another one more towards the idea. But I changed it from them not being able to close their mouths, to just removing their necks and making them into a walking stomache with a mouth. Anyways hers the sketch. The top left face was my original sketch, then it gave me the idea of the infested creature. The other sketch is my idea of the walking stomache thing... I just had another idea though so I will prolly draw that. This one is still a little much for warframe. But just so you get an idea. https://imgur.com/gallery/P7iPRLs
  13. I was drawing some sketches at work and came up with something that I think is right up Warframe's Alley . Long story short: Basically it's an infested that eats other infested to grow larger. This enemy is slow unlike other infested because he just eats all day erry' day. He is heavy set, but he packs a punch(Bite? Blend?). The creature's gums on the upper part of his mouth, is just a giant glump, and the "teeth" just poke out in random spots and are extremely sharp. It basically forms into a blender type astetic, it is rather large and it forces the creature to have to have its mouth open, because its to damn large for it to close its mouth. It just looks like he has a giant wad of gewy gum with a bunch of knives sticking out, idk how else to explain it. The creature has some sort of contrapion inside which allows him to control that gum wad to rotate, like stated previously, a blender. So as he sucks things into his mouth they just get ripped into piecs, this way he can swallow them easy. Or rather fill his pit of a stomache without needing to do anything. I am thinking this guy can appear in missions simular to how the juggernaut appears. Though maybe it'd rely on how many juggernauts you have killed in the game instead. Just something to make it hard to come by. Hell Im even thinking you could do little baby ones that eat the little maggots running around that can eventually turn into a larger sized one. These are deffinately big boys, not lephantis big, just super heavy, their legs should be pretty thick. They should be about average hieght first starting then maybe grow to be almost or a little taller than the ancients. Also, its be cool if they had a super despressed look to there face, and they should have super saggy skin, because of the mouth being open the entire time. . . - maybe their facial expression changes depending on if they atack or not, but just slightly. As he doesnt have to much control because of all the sag. Anyways, its pretty late for me and I still got work, on break, maybe If I have time I can upload what I drew so you can get a better idea of what Im talkin about. Im so flippin tired my guys and gals... 😞
  14. Awhhhh man I was really hoping this would be out now. ; _ ;
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