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  1. That proves nothing because he could have left something out or there could have been a previous communications that aren't shown. These matters should only be discussed between the banned player and DE instead of trying to stir up the community over something they don't (and most likely never will) know the full truth about.
  2. I have no idea who the player is, but how do you or the playerbase know he wasn't told to change his name or that he didn't have his name changed and then he just renamed it back to whatever it was originally? How does anyone that is not the player in question or DE employee know what really happened?
  3. Consoles get discounts on items bought with plat like frames, weapons etc while PC get discounts for buying plat.
  4. It doesn't matter if it was your friend or cousin or the dog that eats everyone's homework because YOU are responsible for YOUR account. If you leave the game running while you are away and someone else does stupid things it is 100% your fault.
  5. Warframe isn't really a skill based game tho. Fancy, rewarding combos have a place in a game like Nioh or Sekiro, but in Warframe they'd just feel off and I think majority of players wouldn't bother with them at all.
  6. I would hit the ignore button for anyone using it tbh. Just imagine what the chat would look like with everyone just spamming the same message automatically. I would rather get a recruitment board and market board where we could post stuff like "LFG relic X, Y or Z, kuva farm or endurance runs", "WTS Prime Junk" or "WTB Saryn Prime Chasis". And then others could search the board or automatically see matching players when posting their message. Trading would still happen face to face, but we wouldn't need 3rd party sites or sit around doing nothing while reading trade chat.
  7. Before deleting the file and having to redo all settings I'd try running the game as admin and / or checking that the file Krc473 mentioned isn't set to "read only".
  8. It really depends on the name and whether they have a history of bad names. For example someone in my WoW guild named their character Coronaviruz, got reported and had to rename. They chose to name their character Coronaviruzz and again reported and had to rename. They chose Coronaviiruz and got banned for a month. Somehow they were shocked about the result.
  9. Even after 100000000 hours you should check what you are saying "ok" or "yes" to. If you don't then you'll end up with a problem like the one you are having now. Also how would an additional confirmation solve anything if you just hit "yes" without looking?
  10. No, I'm not a creator. I'm just someone who thinks the creators deserve to get paid for their work. However if I was a creator I would have to stop making TennoGen if all I got out of it was plat because I can't turn plat into food, electricity, medicine, house upkeep money etc.
  11. Where is the TennoGen creator in this scenario? Player pays the plat for DE and then what, the creator gets nothing or is paid with plat that can't pay their bills or put food on their table?
  12. I find the message highly annoying tbh. I play the game for 45minutes, go afk to do laundry or get food, come back and get greeted by "Take a break". Umm, I was just taking a break ty very much. And the whole "it is a law" claim; why is this the only online game I play that sends this message every hour? All I've seen are random loading screen tips about taking a break in WoW and some other MMO, but no ingame messages.
  13. I don't care one way or another about the wings because I play solo, but an option to hide cosmetics and other non-essential visuals from other players would still be very welcome for performance reasons. Path of Exile is already in a situation where public areas are laggy just because everyone and their mother has massive wings, pets, character effects (similar to ephemera) etc. With the cosmetics in Warframe getting bigger and fancier we aren't far from going down that same rabbit hole. Idk about other people, but I buy cosmetics because I like the way they look so I really don't care if
  14. Usually it is "could this person have traveled from location A to location B between logins" doesn't even have to be different countries. Also if an account is accessed via unreasonable amount of different IP or MAC addresses it will look suspicious. Then there are the people who write on the forums or make a ticket saying "I share my account with my little brother and he did X and I want my stuff back". And people who do it on stream / video and get reported. Some games even track how we play so if that drastically changes between logins it is very likely that there is more than one person pl
  15. How is that more user friendly? And what happens if I forget to claim it from inventory? Does it just sit there waiting or does it expire? The streams are in the middle of the night for me and a lot of European players so it is really easy to fall asleep and forget to claim the reward in the morning.
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