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  1. I didn't really quit in a "I have decided to quit playing way".. I just haven't logged in for idk 2 months now. Why? Never liked the Nemesis system in the MIddle-earth games so the Lich update was a complete miss for me.. then came Railjack and it doesn't have the Command intrinsic for solo players like me so it was another update that was a complete miss. And then I found out I need Paracesis for a quest and it requires materials I am unable to get (Eidolon shards). Well ok I'll just buy it with plat then.. oh wait for some reason that weapon can't be bought with plat. Then PoE had a new league and Monster Hunter got an expansion and WoW got a new patch and Black Desert Mobile turned out to be more fun to play & watch than most of my PC games... and now I'm playing WoW Classic with my husband 😄 So I guess I just found more interesting games to play for now.
  2. The only migrations allowed have been from PC to consoles and only for a limited when the game was released for that console. Also DE can't offer us something the console companies have not agreed to.
  3. Nah, not just this game.. pretty much all of them are dying because they lack story or the story is bad 😄
  4. The ephemera was never a PC exclusive, it was said from the beginning it would be available on consoles at a later date (aka once they figure out how/when/where they want the players to get it). And for the future; you don't speak for the PC playerbase so don't go around saying things like
  5. You can check this thread for the glyphs that aren't available. It might not list the most recent ones, but I'm sure you can figure out if they belong to the same / similar group (for example Wukong Prime glyphs don't work on the forum so it is safe to assume any prime released after him is in the same boat).
  6. The offical Warframe app allows you to choose what notificaions you want.. or atleast it used to. Haven't used the app myself in a long time.
  7. 1. You use http://framedex.net/ to keep track of frames, weapons etc that you have mastered (or you can just use it to track what you have and ignore the MR calculator part) 2. Wiki tells you pretty much everything you need to know from best places to farm X resource to mod drop locations and rates. For relic farming I'd recommend https://tenno.zone/ 3. This is already available on multiple websites and the Warframe moile app. 4. Use recruit chat or Discord.
  8. Yes, really. I can't do the spider fight due to health reasons anyway and I don't do endurance runs. Sigh. I have, wasn't worth it. Getting knocked down is just minor inconvenience for me aka not an issue that is worth spending forma on. If knockdown was something that bothered me I'd just play Inaros or Atlas and be immune to it.
  9. Knockdown has never been an issue for me so Handsrping isn't worth extra forma. I know how to mod things to suit my playstyle and all the mods that are now weapon exilus I have never used on any build. Giving them an extra slot that requires me to use additional forma on a weapon doesn't make them any more appealing to use than they were before. I have no idea hat you are trying to say...
  10. I doubt support is going to help with that now that the offical stance is "use 3rd party software at your own risk". They wouldn't even tell me if my mouse software is safe to have running in the background or not.
  11. Exilus slots & mods for both weapons and frames. I never use those in my own builds and when I try a build someone else made and use exilus I realize that I was doing just fine without it so fitting it in was a waste of resources. Rivens. Nightmare missions. I haven't been able to figure out what they are for other than getting a few mods (that are cheap to buy from other players anyway) and what is the point of having them in the game when they are just like regular missions with a "challenge" that can be trivialized by picking the right frame / build for the job. I like the isea of missions having different modifiers to change how they play, but the current implementation is just meh.
  12. It is the eye icon above the text filed.
  13. This isn't true at all unless the player has a hoarding problem. I started playing during Talisman League (December 2015) and didn't buy stash tabs until Abyss League (December 2017). Path of Exile is a great game, but it currently has a major memoryleak issue that has made it unplayable for a lot of the players. So if you use Win7 and/or have only 8GB RAM I'd suggest not playing it to avoid getting the wrong impression of the game. For other games idk, Warframe has been such a unique experience for me. I guess Black Desert Online comes to mind, but it isn't a looter and the rng can make you feel like you spent a month farming stuff for nothing. I still enjoy the combat and casually grinding towards better gear. Then there is Division 2, I play it when I feel like shooting things while not feeling like playing Warframe.. but it still is nothing like Warframe so I wouldn't recommend buying it without watching a ton of gameplay videos or streams. Hades is a very good roguelike and I highly recommend checking it out. Pagan Online is fun and a bit different from the usual hack&slash / ARPG, but it is pretty much dead (about 150 players online) and I'm worried that it will get shutdown soon so I haven't bought it for myself (played it at my cousin's house). So there is a potential risk of losing money and access to the game if it gets shutdown. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is actually quite nice when it comes to build variety and loot + the combat is decent. This is the game that I play the most when I'm bored with both Warframe and Path of Exile.
  14. I think it is tied to missions completed. When I rank up frames doing 5min survival runs their usage % seems to go up a lot faster than it does for frames that I do longer runs on. But I might just be crazy and feel like this because my Saryn Prime is going up so slowly -.-
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