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  1. My favorite spots are Zeugma (Phobos) and Assur (Uranus). Both are infested survival missions and I do 5-20min runs. Sometimes I get 0 plastids and sometimes I get about 50-100 per 5 minutes spent. My general rule / advice for farming any resources is to pick the mission type you like instead of the most popular / efficient node to avoid getting bored or buned out.
  2. I don't play Conclave because I'm not into PvP, but I think adding bots could benefit both PvP and PvE players. I mean I'd try Conclave if it offered a player + AI vs AI option (with reduced rewards) and who knows maybe people would give the real thing a try if they could check it out without getting their butt handed to them when they finally get into a match.
  3. @Dcive Thank you for the pics, those show the syandana much better than the ingame method I tried. Ty for embadding the links Dcive posted^^ P.S. Time to go shopping in the morning.
  4. A good way to keep track of what you have mastered and what is missing is http://framedex.net/ Takes a moment to manually go through all the lists, but after that I found it faster and easier to navigate than the ingame profile and there is the ability to hide mastered items from the lists so I can see what I'm missing at a glance.
  5. Thank you, had no idea we could link things in chat 😄 Have to give it a try when I login.
  6. Only way to disable it is to not equip a melee weapon at all, fun times.
  7. Since I can't preview the syandana ingame and I don't want to blindy buy something I'm turning to the community for a small task; I'd really appreciate it if someone could post screenshots (front & back) that meet the following conditions - Saryn or Saryn Prime wearing the Immortal skin - default colors including secondary energy color Stuff that would be great if shown, but not as important; use Ignis / Ignis Wraith, Embolist and Lesion so I can see any possible clipping issues.
  8. Did you check the other categories for the items? They are all separate items if I'm not mistaken.
  9. The only ones I want removed are the "play with clan / friends", but it has nothing to do with me preferring solo play. I just simply loathe the fake friends and friend services it promotes.. maybe I'm old fashioned, but to me friend is someone I want to be around for fun, not for rewards or other benefits.
  10. I got mine through the forum not so long ago so yes, it is still a thing. Just gotta get lucky with someone who has access to the bp to notice the request.
  11. I have arthritis so I'm not great when it comes to precise movement or well timed jumps. I solved the jumping puzzle issue by simply not doing them. Every resource you get from the weekly can be found in other missions, even the Ayatan thingies can randomly show up. And there is always the option to build Titania and just cheese the weekly by flying through the puzzles.
  12. I haven't used Captura much, but enemies, lighting and all that can be changed in the settings once you are in Captura mode (note that some tileset don't allow enemy spawns). And I think the shortcut for taking a screenshot without HUD elements showing is shift+F6. This is a very basic guide about what different options do, but I found it helpful to get started and then just went with trial and error to see what happens https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899439083
  13. I kinda liked her abilities, but at the same time they seem to require too much management for me to enjoy the frame. I could be totally wrong tho, there have been several frames that I've loved as a concept and then disliked the gameplay and vice versa. Anyway it might be too early to judge before we know how mods affect her abilities.
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