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  1. I'd wait until his rework is live before making the decision.
  2. I'm not on an intentional break, but this morning I realized I haven't logged in for a few days now. I made the mistake of installing an Android emulator to try games before installing them on my tablet (limited space and slow downloads compared to PC). Why was it a mistake? For the past 3 days I've played mobile games on my PC without even thinking about playing anything else 😄 I thought it would be the big update for Division 2 that would grab my attention, but haven't even touched it yet... stupid mobile hero collectors, stealing my soul now -.-'
  3. Nothing bizzare about it, really. Chat bubbles = extra clutter on the screen and you are the first person I've ever seen actually wanting chat bubbles in a game. And yes, I play MMOs pretty much daily.
  4. Support most likely won't revert it if it has been days and they absolutely won't revert if you kept using / ranked up Dethcube after adding forma.
  5. I absolutely hate that message because I take breaks quite often, but the system doesn't know it unless I exit the game... I mean who closes a game every time they go afk for 10-15 minutes O.o So basically the game nags at me for no reason 😄 Also the part about this being a requirement in some regions; why is Warframe the only game that spams me about it? And why is there only one game I can think of that shows any sort of message about taking a break? I'm actually very tempted to switch regions just to get rid of this, but have no idea how will affect gameplay, my baility to chat with ppl etc.
  6. I don't understand... You bought platinum for an account you can't access and instead of asking support to help you with that problem you asked for a refund?
  7. Motion blur perhaps, can be turned off in the settings (can't remember where exactly). And there was some other setting that also added a blurry effect, but can't even remember the name for that one.
  8. Both Forma and Exilus Adapters can be obtained ingame and pre-built. Also I tend to build them as soon as I get a blueprint so I'll have them ready when I need them so.. and well I only use the upgrade stuff (potato, forma, exilus etc) on things I enjoy using so I rarely run out even tho I don't do Sorties, Arbitrations etc.
  9. I'm just hoping they add NEW challenging content instead of making the entire game more challenging. I, like many others, play Warframe because it is a power fantasy and relaxing, mindless shooter...
  10. Support is understaffed and overworked.. so it can take hour, days, weeks or even months. Unfortunately there is usually only one solution to negative plat; buy enough directly from DE (not through Steam for example) to get back to positive balance.
  11. Never liked or understood crossovers between games that have nothing to do with each other.
  12. Did you do a clean install of Win10 or did you just use the upgrade tool to install over Win7? Not doing a clean install can cause performance issues with many games.
  13. I don't put my headphones on until I'm past the login screen 😄
  14. Yup, seems to be working now, kinda slow tho.
  15. Seems to be major issues with Steam not working, espcially in Europe and US coast.
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