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  1. The term "credit card" is often used for any type of bank card. For example I don't have an actual credit card and yet the card I have has been accepted without issues for anything that has said "credit card required". So I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case with this age checking thing too.
  2. How is a credit card suitable for determining age? In Finland a 7-year-old can have one :D Unless they literally mean a credit card instead of any type of bank card. This just means I will be spending less time watching videos on Youtube because Google is the last place I'd give my credit card info or ID to.
  3. DE can see the entire conversation through chat logs and that is all the information they need. Meanwhile we here in the forums will never get more than one side of the story and that side might not even be true at all. Also posting multiple threads and trying to hijack other ppl's threads for their support issue is not the right way to go about this.
  4. DE can see everything you and the other player discussed from the chat logs so they have all the proof they need.
  5. There are some online games that allow this and you know what is truly hurtful and will upset someone? Finding out that you actually are online and playing, but wanted to avoid your friends instead of being honest and saying "Sorry, want to play solo tonight". All it takes is you forgetting to hide your activity on Steam or Discord or just one person knowing you are online and they might tell someone else etc.
  6. As long as your accounts don't interact with each other in any way you can as many as you want.
  7. Sounds like 99% of the story is missing. And there is nothing players can do o help you anyway.
  8. The way I did it was to login to https://gaming.amazon.com/intro, click "Enjoy Your Benefits", navigate to the Warframe loot, click claim and then the Amazon page told me to link accounts so I followed the link there to login my Warframe account, accept the linking and then was able to claim. Trying to login to Warframe first and link through that didn't work.
  9. Is it? I thought the topic was about allowing us to change the controller binds freely and in the SS I see buttons that aren't assigned to anything, not just one specific combination that absolutely has to be used together. It doesn't because I don't see controller binds anywhere near as limited as you do if we were given the option to actually bind them as we please. Which again is what I thought this topic was about.
  10. I still don't get it. Why are you hung up on using that specific COMBINATION when you could bind them so you'll never have to touch those two buttons at the same time? And this is what my comparison was aiming at. We have a ton of button combinations on PC that are extremely uncomfortable or hard to reach at the same time (for me crtl + shift is the hardest), but we aren't forced to use them that way. Thus saying RT doesn't count unless using specific finger = saying shift doesn't count unless using specific finger.
  11. Can you explain this logic? Because to me as a controller user this statement is as stupid as saying shift doesn't count unless you use your ring finger to play because shift and ctrl are on the same side of the keyboard.
  12. Well we aren't allowed to trade between accounts on the same platform so I don't see DE allowing us to do it cross platform either.
  13. Other online games have this status message system and in my experience most people don't use it.
  14. And here I was getting all excited about finally getting proper 2FA.. oh well
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