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  1. Umm, I pretty much explained how I do it :D I go to where the first life support spawns and stay near it. Might be in the same room or a room / area nearby, I prefer rooms / areas with multiple entry points so the enemies aren't all clogged up in one narrow hallway for example. And then I just kill everything that moves until I get one of the rewards and move to a new area. If the spawns seem low I move again, but that rarely happens and is usually because the tileset / layout is bad. I don't do overly long runs tho, so not sure how my tactic would work if your are looking to spend hours in solo survival.
  2. I play solo survival 99% of the time and never had an issue with spawns. I usually just go near one of those life support thingies and stay there for 5mins, use it and then move to the next and repeat. Usually I'm using a melee weapon so I'm moving around a lot to get the kills... however I feel like kills with primary weapon drop more life support so I sometimes switch if running low.
  3. I've never really done proper Preservation so idk if this would work while tracking, but I always just jump on my archwing, equip the tranq gun and shoot the animals while flying. Both animals and enemies seem to ignore me because I'm not on the ground.
  4. Nope and I honestly don't see Warframe fitting in my phone's storage even if I wanted to. I use my phone for calls and text messages so I chose a cheap one with very little storage and I have no data plan. My tablet might have enough space, but only if I deleted all other games, audio books etc. and I really don't see myself doing that either
  5. I've pretty much stopped using Youtube, not that I've ever spent much time on it anyway. I have never logged in to watch anything and would never give Google my ID or payment details.
  6. You can't play on your old account on a different platform yet. DE is working on crossplay etc and are hoping it will be available some time this year, but it is not guaranteed.
  7. This is no different to how online trading works irl. You post an item for X price and usually the first person to contact you or to comment on your post is someone saying that the item cost Y somewhere else. And this is when you either adjust your price or leave it as is. No point complaining or arguing about it.
  8. When was Loki teleport disabled? The only thing I've seen about it is that they fixed the exploit, no word on completely disabling it.
  9. You have 3 options; 1. Accept the fact that public missions / inviting random people will yield random results and people are going to play whatever they want. 2. Play with friends / clan and agree on "no Saryns or other nuke frames". 3. Play solo. I don't like how other people play (speed / nuke meta) so I play solo to not annoy myself with the gottagofast style and to not annoy them with my slowpoke style.
  10. Oh really? There was actually a thread recently where someone was complaining about how forma is going to destroy Warframe because we keep needing more and more every time a frame or weapon is added it takes 24h to craft one. Why didn't the guy have forma? Because he only crafted it when needed. And the sad part is I know a lot of people who are exactly like that; only crafting when they need something instead of trying to keep a buffer / stock. And yes, I am basically saying "deal with it" for two reasons; I doubt anything will be done about any of the timers in the game and because we can farm plat to either buy the item or skip the timer. Imo the timers here are nothing compared to many MMOs where we might not see the actual timers, but are time gated on literally everything from how often we can do content to a quest taking a minimum of 20 days to complete even if you already have all the items for it because you can only turn in 1 item at a time.
  11. How to deal with crafting times; don't craft things only when you need them, keep your foundry busy and move on to farm other things while you wait. For example I have needed forma in a long time because I only use it on stuff I like playing, but I still keep crafting more as soon as I get a blueprint. For weapons and frames I start them asap and start farming for the next one already so that I'm not just idly waiting for the timers. The worst thing you can do is "oh no it takes 72 hours to craft", that will make it feel much longer than it really is.
  12. It is printed in the chat box every time you enter an area. So if I'm doing short missions the message is sent when I enter the mission and when I get back to orbiter. Not sure how you can ignore the chat window opening every couple of minutes or if you'd like your conversation with someone be like Friend: What are you up to? Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Me: Opening relics. Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Game: You have been playing for over an hour Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Friend: Wanna do some rad shares or bouties? Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Game: You have been playing for over an hour. Repeat this every couple of minutes until you restart the game and it gets annoying no matter how hard you try to ignore it.
  13. Well obviously. The point is that most online games do track when you aren't pressing buttons for certain amount of time and flag you as afk. Besides Warframe already has the code to track activity in missions so it does actively observe the players in real space and the same system could be used to improve the timer so it doesn't spam the message for no reason. Pretty sure this doesn't mean "spam the player constantly after an hour unless they restart the game". Getting the message once per hour is fine, getting it at the start of every mission (which can be less than 2 minutes apart) is a bit excessive.
  14. Apparently it is there because of some law.. so far I haven't been able to find that law and can't think of any other online game that does this. But the thing that bothers me the most about the message is that it is so inaccurate. My gameplay loop is often 15-45 minutes of gaming and then I go afk for 10-15 minutes so the game starts telling me to take a break around the time I come back from one -.-
  15. Have you tried uninstalling another game instead? This really sounds like your console is running out of space more than anything else.
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