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  1. Am I a maggot? Not really. Am I a fan? Not really. Do I like their music and own all their albums? Yes. Favorite songs would be Spit It Out, Prosthetics, People = ????, Duality, Vermillion + Vermillion pt2, Psychosocial, Snuff and Killpop. If I had to pick just one it would be Prosthetics. Honestly give me anything that has Corey Taylor's voice and I'll listen to it, Stone Sour, solo stuff etc. Just saw a couple of days ago that his books are available as audiobooks and he is the narrator, first time I'm interested in an audiobook. New album coming August 9th, they have a couple of new songs with videos out. All Out Life(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLoYIBEZEfw) which won't be on the upcoming album and Unsainted (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpATBBRajP8) which is the first single off the new album.
  2. Every time I changed job or got a new co-worker I would intentionally leave some gaming related stuff on my desk or have them stick out from my bag so I could find out if my co-workers were gamers without having to ask them 😄 I used to have an instrumental heavy metal version of Silverfang (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin for those who are into anime) as a ringtone to find out if my date was a) into heavy metal b) if he knew what the song was and c) if he was into anime... I like Silverfang and Dragon Ball, but I don't like anime. I have tons of hand written notes and currently 3 full notebooks for games. You know stuff like builds, gear, crafting recipes, puzzle solutions... stuff that I could just look up using google and bookmarking a page. I remember a ridiculous amount of information and trivia about games without trying to learn it on purpose and most of the time I'm not even aware how, when or where I picked up the information.
  3. I think it would be nice for those who need the basic stuff from Nightwave while giving those who don't a little breather before next season starts.
  4. You took time off of work to catch up on a video game? You really need to take a hard look on your priorities in life.
  5. Currently is a bit difficult term, but I'll just go with what I play or at least try to play once or twice a week. Highlighted games are the ones that take up most of my time atm. MMOs: WoW, FFXIV and Black Desert Online Other online games: Path of Exile, Risk of Rain 2, Monster Hunter World Single player: Forager, Ni no Kuni II, Book of Demons Mobile: King's Raid and Epic 7 when at home, Crashlands, Stardew Valley and Grimvalor when on trips so I don't need to worry about internet connection Guilty pleasures: idle / clicker games to fill those moments of boredom when I can't decide what to play or I have just a couple of minutes to spare or I'm in a 3 hour dungeon queue in an MMO... I'll be completely honest; sometimes Leyvonne.exe stops working and I stare at an idle game for hours completely mezmerized while it is doing it's thing. Bonus round! Most recent purchase: Nier: Automata (haven't started playing it yet) Games that I'm looking forward to: Code Vein Games that I want to grab as soon as I get a PS4 later this summer: Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and Caravan Stories Games that I have finished or stopped playing recently: Dragon Quest XI, Blade & Soul, FFXV, Destiny 2 and Sdorica Sunrise (mobile) Games that I want to start playing from the start: Witcher 3 on PC, Red Dead Redemption and GTA V on Xbox360 Might seem like a lot of games, but I have a lot of time to play 😄
  6. I don't care how other people get things in games or irl,what matters is how I got it and I don't need someone to pat me on the back for it.
  7. You could try http://framedex.net/ if you haven't already. It might be able to tell you what the difference is.. just make sure you have "Founders" and "Beta" selected to see all the items. Basically what you do on that site is move sliders to match you mission and juction progress and then click on everything you have already mastered to hide them from the list. I'd recommend this site to anyone who wants to easily keep track of their collection.
  8. The default is "sort by date", but if the thread is old or has a marked solution it shows poular / solution post first.
  9. As much as I enjoy the open areas in Warframe I wouldn't play it as an actual MMO. I'm waaaaay past the time when I was willing to marry my PC, play according to other people's schedule or progression, report to someone I've never met if I'm not able to be online and plan my life around a video game... And that is why I love Warframe the way it is now; I'm not limited in what I can do if I play alone and I'm not limited by gear or other types of progression when I want to play with other people.
  10. Well there is nothing anyone here on the forums can do about it beyond the advice you have been given multiple times now.
  11. Did you kinda go through this yesterday? 1. Contact support and WAIT. 2. Contact your bank while you wait and see if everything is ok on their end. 3. Contact Steam while you wait and see if everything is ok on their end.
  12. https://www.deviantart.com/asturisk
  13. Finally the Khroa skin got accepted ❤️
  14. In addition to the ticket you made there are a couple of things you can try. 1. Contact your bank and make sure there was no charge back or other issues. 2. Contact Steam support to ask if something went wrong with the payment. Usually bank and Steam reply faster than DE and they might provide useful info to add to your ticket while you are waiting.
  15. That would still count as account sharing since you'd know his login details. If both of you use Steam you could buy him a digital gift card on Steam and then he could buy the pack.
  16. DE has already said they might remove the friend / clan requirement for future Nightwave seasons. I think it was already mentioned in the first dev stream they had after Nightwave was added to the game. They also have plans to possibly rework other objectives for future seasons based on feedback and data collected from what we have now.
  17. If he is using Thunderbird, Outlook or other programs to check his email he needs to allow linked / external content.
  18. If you are talking about the voting system on Steam; it has nothing to do with what gets picked to be ingame.
  19. I'd really need autoblocking to be a toggle. Yes, I said need and that is because the constant autoblocking effects can trigger my migraine in less than 5 minutes. That means up to 72 hours of excrusiating pain, nausea and no sleep. I used to play mainly melee and I loved it, now I have to avoid it as much as I can. Didn't have any issues with this until melee 2.9 and I like most of the changes so it really annoys me that this one thing had reduced my enojyment of the game by a significant amount.
  20. My favorite spots are Zeugma (Phobos) and Assur (Uranus). Both are infested survival missions and I do 5-20min runs. Sometimes I get 0 plastids and sometimes I get about 50-100 per 5 minutes spent. My general rule / advice for farming any resources is to pick the mission type you like instead of the most popular / efficient node to avoid getting bored or buned out.
  21. I don't play Conclave because I'm not into PvP, but I think adding bots could benefit both PvP and PvE players. I mean I'd try Conclave if it offered a player + AI vs AI option (with reduced rewards) and who knows maybe people would give the real thing a try if they could check it out without getting their butt handed to them when they finally get into a match.
  22. I'll start by not burning myself out on Nightwave :)
  23. @Dcive Thank you for the pics, those show the syandana much better than the ingame method I tried. Ty for embadding the links Dcive posted^^ P.S. Time to go shopping in the morning.
  24. A good way to keep track of what you have mastered and what is missing is http://framedex.net/ Takes a moment to manually go through all the lists, but after that I found it faster and easier to navigate than the ingame profile and there is the ability to hide mastered items from the lists so I can see what I'm missing at a glance.
  25. Thank you, had no idea we could link things in chat 😄 Have to give it a try when I login.
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